Sunday 24 February 2013

International Call Services Reviews

International Phonecard Services
One of the latest categories of products and services we have reviewed is International Call Services, exploring the various ways in which users can make cheap and easy international calls. These days, the global community is larger than ever – almost everyone knows someone (for example a friend or family member) that lives or works abroad and the wide swathe of new technology (most of which is fuelled by the internet) makes it easier than ever to get in touch with them. Although sending an email or message on Facebook or Twitter provides people with instant messaging capabilities, you can’t beat the connection you can make with someone when you talk to them on the telephone. With this in mind, a wide range of services have sprung up to cater to this market and we were excited to get the low-down on exactly what they all have to offer.

The International Call Services we have reviewed in this category span a number of different sectors, but all of them provide users with some of the lowest per-minute call rates available anywhere on the market. Many services these days operate using voip-calling (voice over internet protocol), meaning an internet connection would be necessary to make calls. Not all of the services we have considered in this category work in this way however, with others being based on ‘callback’ services or ‘access numbers’ (both of which working as a ‘middle man’ to connect the user to their intended recipient at a reduced rate). Most of these services are simple and easy to use but, as always, No.1 Reviews has considered all of the pitfalls and potential problems so you don’t have to, giving you all of the information you need to choose the right service in this competitive market.

Clearly one of the most important considerations when assessing services in this category is the price-per-minute of calls to specific countries. In order to help our readers find the best deal, we have included in our reviews the per-minute costs of calls to a range of commonly called countries (thereby helping our users compare like-for-like). Our Number 1 Choice award in this category goes to Rebtel, an excellent service that allows users to access low-cost international calling through a range of methods. We were particularly impressed that users of Rebtel could make calls through wifi, 3G and through calling local access numbers, making the service not only great value, but versatile too. A range of other features including SMS messaging, remote access calling cards and collect calling makes Rebtel a clear winner in this category, so we definitely recommend that our readers check out what it has to offer.

That said, there were a range of other services that also impressed us, finding their way into the top ten in this category. JaJah, a Telefonica brand (part of the same group as communications giant, O2) and the ever popular Lebara Mobile, Vopium and EvaPhone all made it into our top five in this category. We were also impressed by the cost-saving features on offer with LycaMobile, a service that has seen a boost in advertising presence recently and so may already be fairly well known amongst our readers. All in all, we had fun checking out exactly how callers save so much money with these services and suggest that everyone gives them a try!

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