Sunday 24 February 2013

Audiobook Websites Reviews

Audiobook Websites
With the growth in popularity of computer tablets, personal MP3 players (including iPods) and laptop computers, its not much of surprise that Audiobook Websites have also seen a considerable boost in their popularity. Alongside downloading music and other digital content from a range of online sources, web users have taken to downloading audiobooks in their droves for a wide variety of reasons. Users of these services report that not only are audiobooks a great way of consuming literature, the flexibility of these services (in that books downloaded can be listened to on a number of different devices and by more than one user) makes them ideal for use by families and individuals alike.

Audiobooks themselves have been popular for a number of years, although it’s only in the past few years (with the liberalisation of digital media and the growth of services such as iTunes which have come to define a new age in downloadable media) that their popularity has really taken off. A new generation of readers is now discovering the true joy of having a book read to them, and audiobook websites give users access to wide libraries of books to download – perfect for avid readers (and listeners!) everywhere.

Coming in first in this category is industry power-house,, a subsidiary of Providing audibooks, e-books and other forms of digital media, is a wildly impressive service that gives users access to up to two books per month by way of monthly or annual subscriptions. As users download the books to their own devices (instead of borrowing them from a lending library) they have access to them at any time for as many times as they would like to listen to them. One of the key attractions of is the sheer scale of the library of books on offer for download – more than 100,000 books in total – meaning there will always be something perfect for you regardless of what your particular tastes are.

While did take the top spot in this category with some ease, that’s not to say there wasn’t serious competition. Other big hitters include iTunes Audiobooks (from one of the most recognisable brands in the digital media industry), leading audibooks site Simply Audiobooks and the free services LibriVox and Books Free. We enjoyed using all of these services to pick up our favourite books online and would urge our readers to check out all of the sites we have reviewed in this category to find audiobook versions of their favourite books.

All in all, our book-loving expert reviewers had a great time checking out the services on offer in this category. If you’re a bit of a book-worm too, or even if you are looking to discover (or re-discover) a love for literature in a slightly different way, audiobooks could well be a great way for you to do so. Head over to No.1 Reviews to find out everything you need to know about the Audiobook Websites in this category and make a decision about which one is right for you! Enjoy!

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