Sunday 24 February 2013

US Cashback Websites Reviews

US Cashback Websites
In parallel to our reviews of UK Cashback Websites, we have also taken the time to undertake a thorough review of the major players when it comes to USA Cashback Websites. Although this category is relatively small, totalling only six in number, we’re sure that our readers will find a service in our listings that suits their needs helps them save money. In these cash-strapped times households need to find every way they can of saving money and, indeed, generating even more cash, so these websites really help stretch the household budget and make it go that little bit further. Although far more developed in the UK than it presently is in the USA, we’re sure this market will take off as Americans everywhere tighten their belts and embrace being thrifty!

Most Cashback Websites that operate in the USA generate money by encouraging shoppers to undertake their online shopping using a number of affiliate links to specific brands or outlets. The money generated is then returned, in proportion to the customer’s purchase, to the end user. This isn’t the only way in which these sites generate income however, and prospective users should take care to find a service that permits them to generate cashback in as many ways as possible. Common methods include: searching the web (using a dedicated search bar), carrying out surveys and quizzes for partner organizations, shopping in the site’s dedicated online store, reading sponsored emails, watching videos, inviting friends to join and even playing games online! Depending on the site, and how much spare time you have, you can earn a small amount each month by making minor changes to your online shopping and browsing habits.

Our top-rated service in this category is Swagbucks, picking up our No.1 Choice Award in this category simply for being a brilliant service that helps users up and down the USA save money and generate a small additional income. At this site, users generate Swagbucks or “SB’s” through their online activity and can exchange them for a wide range of prizes, coupons, gift certificates or simply cash (via a PayPal transfer). Earning Swagbucks is also a fun, and occasionally addictive, pastime and many users report whiling away the hours on the site out of choice, irrespective of the money they earn doing so. Simply put, if you’re looking for new ways to pay for things you’ve always wanted, whilst also benefiting in new ways from purchases you already make or intend to make, Swagbucks is for you.

Even though this category is one of the smallest we have reviewed in a while, there’s still a lot going on here that got us excited. MyPoints, the service that took the number 2 spot in this category is a great points based rewards system that gives members a little something back when they shop online, while eBates is a great service that has already allowed members to cash out more than $100m in rebates from their online purchases.

If you’re looking for a way to generate additional income from your existing purchases, perhaps even to pay for something new that you really want, give the sites we have reviewed in this category a go – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. What’s more, most of them are free, so you really have nothing to lose!

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