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Filipino Dating Website Reviews

Filipino Dating

Variety is the spice of life, so they say! It’s easy to be caught in the same routine day in, day out, meeting the same people from the same places, saying (pretty much) the same things. Why not make a movement away from familiarity, towards making diverse and interesting decisions in life, using the increasingly-popular medium of internet dating? The great thing about internet dating is that it can introduce you to people from all walks of life, from new and exotic places. You can meet new friends, discover a new romance or potentially even find love! And there are plenty of sites willing to help you find those fresh and exciting relationships. Some of the most exciting of these sorts of websites are those which focus on Filipino dating because they not only offer you the change to talk with (and hopefully meet with) attractive Filipina ladies, they also offer you a glimpse into another way of living and maybe even the opportunity to travel to the Philippines for yourself.

How do these sites work? Well essentially you create a ‘profile’, a unique page all about yourself, what you like doing and what you want in life. You can upload photos and really make it your own. Other people (most notably women in the Philippines), do the same. You can each search for the sort of person you’re looking for based on their personality, outlook on life, age and more, and the website will show you everyone who meets your criteria. From there you simply send them a message and get chatting! All of the sites we’ve reviewed will allow you to chat via a sort of ‘email’ system, some even offering live chats using microphones and webcams. There’s often no initial financial commitment with these sites, you’re free to create a profile and check out other profiles with no cost, although extra services will require you to pay a fee (the prices and terms are specific to each site so please check out our review pages).

Our Filipino dating websites reviews will help to guide you through the ins and outs of online dating. They compare important aspects of each site to help you decide which site will best suit your personality and what you’re looking for. Consider our number 1 Filipino dating site, Filipino Cupid: we felt that your “chances of getting a date” were higher on this site than any other, giving it 5 out of 5 stars because it has over 20 million users through its Cupid Media Network. It gains an outstanding review for the “features” it offers its users too. “Features” are often important because they’re generally concerned with how you are able to communicate with the other members on a site. Are you able to find who you’re looking for quickly, for example? Can you send them presents to show you’re interested, or add them to a list of your favourite members? These can all be important factors in helping you get in touch with the people you’re interested in. is our second highest-rated Filipino dating site because as well as offering a great service, it also offers superb value for money (by which we mean the service is worth the money you pay, not that it’s ‘cheap’.)

There are so many exciting opportunities brought to you through dating websites. If you’re looking for a new zest for life, perhaps even if you’re looking for love, then let the people of the Philippines take you by the hand and lead you into a new and colourful world.

USA Babysitting Website Reviews

Babysitting Websites USA
Aren’t kids great? Those little bundles of energy, running, jumping, vomiting... Okay so despite their many pleasures kids can also be a bit of a handful at times. Well luckily help is at hand! We have put together a comprehensive set of reviews for USA babysitting websites to help with any teething troubles.

Actually ‘babysitting websites’ is a little misleading because although a number of the sites we review do primarily provide babysitting services, most of them offer other avenues for domestic bliss. These range from nannying services, pet care, elderly care, housekeeping, tutors, cooks and more. You can even combine elements of each, requesting, for example, a part time nanny who is willing to cook for the kids, do a bit of housework and help with their homework! These USA babysitting websites reviews consider each site on its own merit and in comparison with other sites. Whilst some may specialise in short notice babysitting needs, others may be focused on long-term live-in au pair services. Our star rating system reflects this diversity by assessing each site’s “variety of services” , how well those services are described and how many families and carers it has to offer. It also takes into account the testimonials of previous customers to try and gain some sense of the quality of the service provided.

You may decide to use a babysitting website for a variety of reasons, and we have not forgotten or ignored the employment possibilities raised through using such sites. If you are looking to move abroad and work with children, for example, we have reviewed a number of au pair websites with you in mind. These reviews will identify the support networks in place prior to moving and after having moved. It will highlight whether or not the site informs you about issues such as potential costs to you as an employee or your rights on a working visa. Equally it considers the site’s usefulness if you’re a family looking to hire someone for care around the home by discussing their customer care services and charges for membership, as well as how easy the site is to use and understand.

Our standout winner was because it offered a huge range of services but also had large enough employee numbers to offer you some choice in who you employ. Its history / success rate (over 1 million people were provided with jobs and care) was also a big factor in its accomplishment. Similarly, offered a strong variety of services. 3rd place went to, which had a real international feel and offers very good value for money for anyone considering a caring career abroad.

The care services provided by a number of these websites are very exciting. Whilst some act as companies who you pay to provide a babysitting service now and then, others simply allow you to find individuals whom you hire privately. Either way, if you’re looking for some help around the home then take a look at our reviews, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what’s available.

UK Babysitting Website Reviews

UK Babysitting Websites
Every parent needs a bit of help now and then, whether it’s someone to look after the kids for a night out or a person to offer a hand with picking them up from school and doing a bit of cleaning around the house. Although we use the phrase UK Babysitting Websites, this category actually covers a greater variety of services which are available to UK families who are looking to hire someone to help with every day family life.

A “babysitter” is generally considered someone above the age of 16 who comes to your house and takes care of your children whilst you’re out (and maybe eats all the food in your fridge!). Their work is short term (a few hours, perhaps every week or so) and often paid at an hourly rate. Many of the sites we’ve reviewed in this category will allow families to post jobs for babysitters or allow babysitters to advertise their services using a personal profile, which a family can respond to. But these reviews aren’t focused on just babysitting, we also scoured the internet for websites that offer long-term contracts, live-in positions and more. Take, for example, our au pair website reviews: some sites are set up to link employees with families who are looking for someone to take a more active and intrinsic role in their family. Au pairs are often live-in employees (meaning they live in your house and are provided with a private room and a personal wage) who will spend a lot of their time looking after your children and home or running errands. There are also other sites which offer tutoring, nannying, cooking and cleaning services, so it’s worth checking out what exactly those entail before signing up with any one in particular.

There are great benefits to using our UK babysitting website reviews over, say, the classifieds in the local newspaper. One of the key benefits is that we have compared the top sites used in the UK to discern which qualities and pitfalls they have. You won’t have this sort of competitive comparison in a newspaper advert. Secondly, because the internet is interactive, you may be able to read feedback from customers who have hired individuals previously. A number of the better websites we review will also provide good customer support, meaning that you can contact them if you have any issues along the way. We’ve used a star system, as well as a written report, to tell you what we think of each website and to help you decide if it meets your individual needs. In this category we have focused on the “volume of registered users” and the “quality & content of ads/listings” because we feel that these two qualities are vital in offering you choice and quality. If a site has very few registered users then the choice of employees available is limited. Equally, if the quality of their adverts is substandard, then you won’t be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not they would suit your family dynamic.

Our top babysitting website for the UK market was because it offered babysitting, housekeeping and elderly care. We also felt that its strong emphasis on child safety and very competitive rates made it reliable and excellent value for money. In second place is Childcare, for its high volume of users and informative, personalised advertisement options. Easy Aupair takes the bronze medal because it offers a professionally run and extensive database, matching for families who are looking for au pairs from around the world. These websites, and many others that we have reviewed, offer a great service to ease some of life’s daily stresses and to help you enjoy your family life.

US Roommate Websites Reviews

Find a Roommate Websites
Finding a roommate online or a new place to stay can be hard work. There are plenty of roommate websites to choose from, each promising to unveil the secret to domestic harmony. So how do you choose? We’ve put together a list of USA roommate website reviews after having researched the big hitters and some of the lesser-known sites available to you. Some of them have a particular focus (such as finding roommates for pupils who are about to start college) whilst others offer a variety of services for landlords and room seekers. The site you use may well depend on whether you’re looking for a like-minded person to share a room or a group of people with whom to rent a property. They say the family of the 21st century is made up of friends and not relatives, and if that’s true then the roommates you choose to live with could have an influence on many aspects of your life.

There are clearly benefits and pitfalls to using a website to find accommodation or roommates as opposed to finding them in the offline world. Vital to this is the fact that you don’t know the person you may be about to move in with...yet. ‘Yet’ is key because a number of the sites we review offer the means to talk directly with potential landlords and roommates, a system we wholly recommend taking advantage of. It’s a scary business to move in with someone you’ve never even spoken to and roommate disagreements are one of the main reasons students cite for dropping out of college, so the more you know about someone before moving, in the less likely you’ll be to fall out. Of course a way around this is simply to move in with your already-existent friends, but this isn’t always possible. This is where the online process comes into its own. Generally speaking all you need to do is create a profile, search through other people’s profiles, contact people and properties that you like and then move in.

We assess each site based on a number of important criteria which are relevant to USA roommate website reviews. Our first consideration is how likely you are to find a roommate using the site, which is a combination of how many members it has and how effective the site is at allowing you to communicate. The site’s “features” are primarily concerned with methods of communication (can you just send emails or can you hold a webcam chat?) and important aspects such as search facilities. “Customer support” is often an afterthought but when it comes to finding out your rights as a tenant or if you’re having trouble in contacting someone, it can become invaluable. None of these sites are particularly expensive, but some offer greater value for money than others. Whilst some may appear inexpensive, the service they provide may not be up to much, whereas a slightly more expensive site might offer a much more efficient service.

We selected as our number 1 roommate and property website because it excelled in each of those criteria. In particular you might want to use the site if you’re thinking of moving abroad, as it encompasses a vast range of countries using an in depth research and matching system. In second and third position we have Easy Roommate USA and Roommate Click, each of which offer a well designed, user-friendly system with great customer service and strong membership numbers. Take a look at our reviews, we’ve researched and written them to be as helpful as possible so to assist you in finding harmony with the roommate, tenants or property you choose.

Teach Yourself Chinese Reviews

Learn Chinese Online
Ni hao! And welcome to China! Okay so you’re not quite in Beijing yet, but we’re here with a number of reviews of websites that help you to teach yourself Chinese. There are a variety of reasons to learn Chinese, from cultural intrigue to business commerce, from a desire to watch Chinese films or read Chinese books to an exciting leisure trip to China. Whatever your reason, there are a number of websites that offer help and advice on teaching yourself Chinese.

The great thing about learning through these services is that they’re interactive, you won’t simply be sitting with a text book and not knowing if your pronunciation is right or wrong (and trust us on this, you don’t want to mispronounce words in one of the languages of China because it can completely change the meaning). Instead you can listen to native speakers say a word or phrase, repeat it and compare your performance. You can keep a track of your progress, take tests on the vocabulary you’ve picked up and more. Another great benefit of online learning is that you can do it in your own time and at your own pace. If you’ve ever been to an evening class after a hard day’s work you’ll know just how tiring it can be, and how easy it is to miss a class or two because of the intrusions of life. Teaching yourself a language using one of the courses we review means that you can simply pause a lesson and pick it up again later. You won’t be put off by the bad weather or the drive to the education centre, because the lesson is in your own home.

Our Teach Yourself Chinese reviews have been collated and compared to discern which ones offer the best service at the best prices, so that you don’t have to! If you look at one of our reviews you’ll notice a series of red stars (though in this case perhaps yellow stars might have been more appropriate given the Chinese flag); these depict our impression of how successfully each site meets a certain criteria. Take for example the first two star categories, “emphasis on speaking / punctuation” and “emphasis on writing / grammar”: these are vital elements to learning any language sufficiently for communication so any program with a low score in these areas is likely not very useful for real communication. Equally if you want to improve in these areas then it’s important to have a system which will encourage and challenge you to do so. “Ease of use / navigation” generally refers to how easy the website is to use, which can also be vital because some of the programs you use will have a strong online element so you’ll need to be able to find the appropriate parts of the site which fit in with your lesson. “Value for money” is something we constantly aim to discern, a high rating meaning that your purchase is worth the money you’re paying. Although some courses may be cheaper they may actually not be very good, so do not offer good value for money, whilst, in comparison, a great course might cost more but we feel it’s worth the extra few dollars.

Rocket Chinese gets our vote as the number 1 Chinese language program for its strong emphasis on speaker, pronunciation, writing and grammar. It’s also incredibly easy to use and offers great value for money. In a close second place we chose Rosetta Stone Chinese, one of the most well known and engaging systems which uses “Dynamic Immersion” whereby you learn without any English translation. But there are several fine systems to consider and choose from so why not take a look for yourself and see which one most captures you. Hao yun! (good luck!)

UK Dating Websites Reviews

UK Dating Sites
“All you need is love”, so sayeth The Beatles, and many tend to agree. But in today’s fast-paced world of work and general distraction, it can be hard to meet someone that you ‘click’ with. One of the biggest and most effective ways for couples to meet is now online, in the form of dating websites. We’ve been busy beavering away to bring you reviews of the top UK dating websites in a bid to save you the time and effort of working through their intricacies and to help you determine which site might be the best one to help you find a special someone.

Dating websites are essentially massive databases where single people go to tell others a bit about themselves. They do this by creating a ‘profile page’ which lets people know their ins and outs, loves and hates, dreams and aspirations. Profiles allow you to upload photos (and sometimes videos) and to explain just what (or who) you’re looking for. They are unique to every single member of the dating site and you are even able to search through all of the site’s members, specifying particular physical or social attributes that you find attractive. The vast majority of these dating sites will then match you with people who they think you’d get on with and they also provide a number of tools for you to get in touch with them, from sending flirts (winks or love hearts, for example, which tell that person you’re interested in getting to know them a bit better) to having a live chat via text, webcam and/or microphone.

There might still be some stigma about online dating, but this is far outweighed by their success. You can now find dates in your spare time, either by spending a little time browsing through others’ profiles or by having various sites email you with profiles which you might be interested in viewing. We use a star rating system to show you a glimpse of the site’s virtues. Our UK dating website reviews analyse key factors such as the “chances of getting a date” (we assume you’re interested in actually going on dates if you’re using these sites!) and the value for money each site offers. Dating websites each have their own personality and a specific variety of “features” that are in place to help you in your search for love. One might focus on matching you with people based on an in-depth analysis of your psyche based on a series of questionnaires, whilst another may focus more on providing a variety of communication tools (such as video chats or games) that help you to get to know a bit more about one another. Dating is very particular to what you enjoy doing and who you enjoy doing it with, this is reflected in the ethos and general feel of each site, as well as the support it provides, so it’s certainly worth taking into account.

Our UK dating site reviews go into some detail, which you will see for yourself. Our number 1 choice was UK, one of the biggest names around for several reasons. Primarily we felt that you were most likely to get a date using this site, and that it offered great value for money combined with excellent customer service. Second prize goes to, which focuses on – surprise surprise – a more direct approach to online dating with first-rate search features. comes in third because it is Europe’s most popular dating site and offers its users an opportunity to meet people from different walks of life.

Dating can seem daunting but these websites offer a calm and friendly haven amongst the hubbub of every day modern life. Good luck and good hunting!

USA Music Download Websites Reviews

USA Music Download Sites
If you’re looking to download music then look no further! No1Reviews has gone through the top USA music downloads websites with a fine plectrum (or fine toothed comb if you prefer) to bring you the best in music downloads. It can be a complex and sometimes daunting marketplace because so many sites appear to offer a similar service, but there are subtle differences worth taking in to account before you part with your hard earned dollars.

First you might want to consider why you’d want to use a music download site at all. Well there are plenty of good reasons, but we feel that the best ones can be captured in one word: convenience. Want to play all 13 of The Beatles albums to your musically-ignorant friend? Well you could rifle through your old LP collection, grab the gramophone and drive over there. Or (if you weren’t born in the days of gramophones) throw a pile of CDs into a carrier bag, unhook the CD player and take them with you. Or, if you’ve joined the digital revolution, simply download the songs onto your mp3 player, put it in your pocket, and walk down the street. Music download sites make finding and accessing music quicker, easier, and a lot less straining on your back.

Our USA music download website reviews use a star system to give a visual impression of how good a site is. The first two categories, “number of tracks available” and “sound quality” are generally more important to real music enthusiasts. Most sites will contain the vast majority of well known songs and provide them at a quality that is fine for most people. If you’re the sort of person who wants to listen to an obscure Icelandic band from the 1970s in high definition through your gold-socketed $10,000 speakers then these categories are probably going to be pretty important to you. The “features” made available to you on each site is another important element that we review. These can range from building a list of favourite music to being able to play it through your TV at home. Another might be whether or not you download music (meaning that it takes up space on your computer but you keep it) or whether you stream music (you essentially listen to it as you might a radio station, but you do not keep the music on your computer so need internet access to listen to it). The features are very particular to your needs as an individual so it’s worth reading through the lists of features provided in each review. The ability to search for songs, technical support and the site’s ease of use are also important as they can prove the difference between a 5 minute fun online experience and a 30 minute hair-tearing-out-kill-self sort of experience. Lastly, though we know money isn’t everything, we do know it’s important. This is why we consider the “value for money” that each site offers its users.

Our favourite music site for the USA was, primarily because it offers a wide range of music through which it builds personalised radio stations based on your preferences. And the best thing of all? It’s absolutely free and without adverts! In second place we have Pandora, a system which learns what you like and adapts its content to suit your tastes. In a close third place is, which focuses on social networking to help you share music with friends and allows you to listen to music for free. There’s a wide range of music download sites to choose from so take your time, read through our reviews and decide which one is best for you. You won’t be sorry! Now throw away that damnable gramophone, granddad!

UK Music Download Websites Reviews

UK Music Download Sites
Music has gone through a digital revolution. Gone are the days of lugging around a box full of LPs or a carrier bag full of CDs. Now entire music collections can fit in your pocket and you don’t even need to venture out to the shops to pick up the newest albums: UK music download websites allow you to find and download your favourite music at the click of a button. You can store the music on your computer or transfer it to a portable device such as an mp3 player.

Music download sites offer a range of services and packages depending on your musical needs. Whilst some charge per song, others allow you to download as many songs as you like over a particular period of time (for which you have paid a set amount). This means that anyone can benefit from using these sites, from music aficionados who want to download 10 albums a day, to casual listeners who are happy just to lie back and listen to a few classic tracks from their past. Some might argue that the loss of the “physical product” (e.g.: the CD or LP in your hand) is a loss to music, but the benefits of being able to take your music with you wherever you go are undeniable. You can even download the art work that comes with an album or single and have it appear on-screen as your music plays. has compiled Music Download Websites (UK) reviews to provide an up to date account of the pros and cons of the best sites available on the market today. We’ve taken into account a variety of important factors to help you decide which one might best suit your personality and budget. Although many of the sites will have the most common songs, the number of tracks available is often relevant if you want to find a track that is more obscure. A higher star rating in this section means that you’re more likely to find the music you’re after. The sound quality of the tracks available is also reviewed to show the clarity and quality of the music; whilst most of these sites offer a perfectly fine quality of download, others provide music that is of the quality that DJs or real music enthusiasts will long for. It is also worth reading through the list of features that we provide on each review. Some music download websites will, for example, offer free downloadable software for sorting and playing music, or the ability to play your music through multiple devices (in the house or portable devices). Features can be very particular to your individual needs so it’s worth making sure the site is offering what you’ll need.

Our No.1 Choice award went to Napster UK because it covers all the bases and simply goes above and beyond other music websites in a number of ways. It’s a user-friendly site which allows you to choose from over 15 million songs. The site provides unlimited streaming at a very reasonable price, meaning that you can listen to as much music as you want at a very reasonable price indeed. In second place was Spotify UK, a music site with an in depth social networking aspect that allows you to easily share your music tastes with others. There are plenty to choose from, though, each offering a slightly different service to suit your individual music needs, whether it’s keeping up with the very latest music or rocking out to a few golden oldies.

SEO Software & Subscription Websites Reviews

SEO Software Reviews
Unless you’ve been trapped in a cave for the last 10 years you’ll know that the internet has a massive impact on public awareness. Okay, sometimes we don’t all need to see a video of a hamster lying on a piano eating popcorn, but the potential of the internet to share news and information is undeniably important, particularly if you want to attract people to your website. In a kernel, SEO software and subscription websites offer you the opportunity to increase the traffic (the number of visitors who view a site) to your website, helping you to get your site more online recognition.

If you’re a relatively small store you might wonder why your website doesn’t receive much traffic. Well there’s a lot of competition out there and the internet is a very busy place. Investing some time and money into SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) software might demystify a number of reasons why you’re not getting the attention you deserve and how you can go about improving on attracting business. But how do you decide which software is right for you? Well, there are a myriad of possibilities and subtle differences which are worth considering. For example, some software packages need to be stored on your computer whilst others offer an online version which will allow you to access your information from anywhere where an internet connection is accessible. They might offer a variety of data reports, some in graphs, others in tables, others simply as text. You need to think about what sort of presentation style suits you and your website and which information you will find most valuable. Also consider how much data you’ll realistically want to analyse: a major corporation might require more than a website which sells 10 kinds of coat buttons. As with so many things it’s all about your individual needs in the marketplace.

Choosing ‘the one’ isn’t easy but we’ve examined, used and reviewed all the key players to bring you a comprehensive list of SEO Software and Subscription Websites reviews, with our own thoughts on what they have to offer and who they are best suited to. We have analysed vital elements of each site and the software they offer including the tools they provide and any training that they offer. Some of the software can seem complex so we feel it is important that they provide adequate support to use it effectively. Therefore we consider each website’s level of customer support to be particularly important. We’re also aware that money is an essential consideration, so we take in to account whether or not we feel that the product and service provided offers good value for money by breaking down the costs of various packages on offer.

Although we’re sure you’ll want to read about several of these sites before coming to any sort of decision, our number 1 review went to SEOmoz PRO for its high quality and vast range of web-based tools for managing SEO. This made it useful to simple websites or for much larger organizations. In second position is SEO Powersuite, a piece of software with a flexible 4-part system which enables users to navigate key aspects of its software with ease. It’s a brave but sometimes mystifying world out there in internet-land. If you want to optimise the likelihood of your website appearing in online searches then SEO software is a great way to go about doing it. Why not take some time to read through our in depth reviews, visit some of the sites you’re most interested in and find out if they might be able to offer your website the online presence it deserves.

Business VOIP Services Reviews

Business VOIP Reviews
Are you tired of spending so much money on your telephone bills? In today’s world fast and efficient communication is paramount but it can often come at a high price. Business VOIP services are a great way to cut down on the cost of telephone calls, they allow you to talk with others anywhere in the world at a set rate or using a prepaid package with some services even offering free calls. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, a somewhat fancy acronym for what is essentially a service that allows you to use an internet connection, rather than a basic landline or mobile/cell phone connection, to make calls.

The range of services on offer differs from site to site, some providing cheap or free PC to PC communications, others offering more advanced options which are perfect for business users. Take, for example, the “auto-attendant” feature which is available on a number of the sites we have reviewed. This feature effectively answers your calls for you and routes them to the most appropriate destination (customer services, or stock orders for example). You might also be interested in the various voicemail features that VOIP can offer, which provide both voice and email notifications regarding missed calls. The knock on effect is that you’re not ignoring your callers and with a selection of calling plans and packages, you can choose which features will best help your business to connect with the outside world at the lowest price.

Our business VOIP services reviews focus on a number of key elements which are vital in deciding which service is most appropriate for you. One of the most important aspects of each service is its “call clarity and quality” because we’re sure you don’t want callers to meet a crackling reception or – worst of all – to be cut off. This is also why we judge each service on its reliability and customer support, both important foundations for operating a smooth business and representing a professional demeanour. Each of these elements (and several more) are judged using a star rating system, which gives you a brief visual overview of their standards, as well as a more detailed written analysis of the services on offer. We break down the specific costs and packages available to help demonstrate the savings you can make, comparing those costs with others in the market and suggesting which services we feel offer the best value for money.

RingCentral got top marks in our reviews of Business VOIP services as it offers award winning services with outstanding features such as apps that have been developed for Androids, Blackberries and iPhones at a very competitive price. PhonePower came in 2nd, providing a range of flexible domestic, international and Hosted PBX packages with a landline quality of sound. If you feel your business is simply spending too much on calls then one of these sites (or indeed one of the many other VOIP service websites that we have reviewed), might offer the quality and cost you’ve been looking for.
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