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Matchmaking Websites Reviews

Matchmaking Websites
Are you the kind of person who always goes for Mr or Miss Wrong-for-you? Have you had more bad dates than you can remember?

Whether you’re just too busy to search through oceans of online dating profiles, or you have had enough of going on lousy dates, everyone deserves to find someone special.

Imagine sitting at your computer desk, tapping away, when an email arrives. You open the email to find 5 faces staring back at you adoringly, each one with a few details beside them: Person 1 is your age, has a good job, looks hot but with a cheeky side. Person 2 is adventurous, loves to go on holidays and is looking for a partner just like you. The list continues. All you have to do, is get in touch.

If this sounds like some kind of beautiful dream, it’s time to wake up! Matchmaking websites take all your personal preferences for a partner, search through millions of potential single candidates, and then let you know which ones you might get along with.

It’s pretty much as simple as that. Unlike more conventional dating websites, Match Dating uses your personal information, including what kind of personality or looks you prefer in a partner, and then finds people who match your preferences.

That’s not all, however, as these websites also check that you’re a match for them, so there are no awkward, “I like you but...” scenarios. In theory, you should be compatible for one another. Of course, these systems aren’t always 100% accurate, but they help to weed out the people you almost certainly won’t connect with so that you can just approach the single people you stand a good chance with.

Matchmaking Dating Websites use sophisticated algorithms, often developed in conjunction with statisticians and relationship specialists, to bring people together. All you need to do is fill in your profile, let the system know who you’re looking for, and wait for the recommendations to roll in.

After that, you can chat with members online, deciding whether or not to continue the relationship, and whether or not you’d like to meet in the flesh. That’s it! These systems are ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time to use conventional online dating websites, or for anyone who is tired of having to sit through dates with people they just aren’t compatible with.

We awarded the number 1 review to eHarmony. This is one of the most famous dating sites around, and for good reason. It has over 20 million members, and you can even chat over the phone. Members can fill in a short profile quiz or a more extensive profile questionnaire to help make their matches as accurate as possible.

Hot on eHarmony’s heels, is They take advice from Dr Helen Fisher, a specialist in anthropology, to provide recommendations based on a 3-variety personality model. They take a scientific approach to matching you to dates which seems to work.

Coming in third place, MatchAffinity (a sister site of offers a user-friendly interface and uses comprehensive questionnaires to match you up with ideal dates.

Tell your friends they can call off the search (you hated the dates they picked for you, anyway!) If you’re looking for potential dates based on your shared interests and personal (physical and otherwise) tastes, why not give Matchmaking websites a try?

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Speed Dating Websites Reviews

Speed Dating Websites
Wake up. Gobble breakfast. Dash to work. Busy day. Dash home. Gobble dinner. Bed... Let’s face it, many of us are so busy that we just don’t have the time or energy to go out on long dates with people we barely know, on the off chance we’ll like them enough to consider a relationship with them. Going on regular dates, meeting one person at a time, is a slow (and potentially expensive) process.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we could cut out all the people we probably won’t get along with, and just chat to those few who stand a decent chance?

Speed Dating Websites allow you to bypass the slow dating process, providing opportunities to quickly chat online or arrange to meet up with an array of people at a live event in your area.

So, what kinds of people are Speed Date sites designed for? Anyone who wants to meet new single people, chat, and see where it takes them. They’re ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time, as you can talk to several people in one night, then decide if you’d like to see them again or not.

Many of these sites offer discounts to live events, such as speed sessions (where you have just a few minutes to talk to someone, then move on) or parties (on boats, in bars and more), allowing you to then share your thoughts on a person and reconnect with them online. It’s all about convenience and choice, so if you’re sick of bad dates, these quick dates websites could be for you.

Our number one choice, FastLife, offered a great variety of events, plus enough options to be a bit picky about the sort of people you might meet, to provide a special dating service. The events vary, from meeting up in the local pubs to boat-top nights out, black tie meals and more.

Alternatively, sets you up on super fast 3-5 minute dates (depending on how well the date’s going) online, where you can chat to plenty of people from the comfort of your own home. If you don’t like a person? No problem, just go on the to the next date. If you’re interested in them? Extend the date or decide to send a message later on.

In third position, we chose Speed Dater, which combines online dating with live events to provide a comprehensive and personal dating experience. You can chat to members before you go to an event, giving you something to talk about once you meet in person. If you decide you like each other, you can chat again after the event, then meet up for something more intimate.

If you’ve struggled to find enough time to meet Mister or Miss Right in the past, fast dating websites are a low-pressure means of meeting a lot of single people in a short time. There’s also no pressure to pick anyone, and you can often take friends along to live events, making for a fun evening out and an opportunity to make new friends or romantic acquaintances.

Christian Dating Websites Reviews

Christian Dating Websites
In Romans 12:9, it reads: “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” Sometimes finding love can be hard, especially in a world when it seems like there’s so much negativity, making it really hard to cling to what is good. 

But as Corinthians 13: 4-8 tells us: “Love is patient, love is kind... love never fails.”  In short, never give up! Patience is a loving quality, and if you’re looking for a relationship with someone who shares your Christian faith then we understand your plight. 

Christian Dating Websites allow you to continue your patient search for love, offering a safe space to meet single people who share your religious values. So how do Christian partnership websites work? 

First off, you need to build a profile. You can express your beliefs, explain your outlooks on life, and who you’re looking for. From there, you can start chatting to other Christians in the hope of finding love. 

These sites are designed exclusively for Christian members who wish to find someone of their faith, so you won’t have to go through endless profiles of people of a different religion. In fact, you can be so specific that you’ll be able to find single Christian members who live near you.

The benefits of these dating sites (whether it’s a Catholic dating site, Protestant Dating, LDS dating or another denomination of Christianity) are often the atmosphere they promote and the religious elements inherent to their dating ethos. 

You’ll find sites which promote biblical studies, or which focus on finding matches based on particular ethical beliefs or lifestyle choices, rather than focusing on hobbies and physical appearances (though those can also be important). 

Be aware, though, that there’s no way for sites to “prove” someone is Christian, or that they will have the same values as you, so it’s a good idea to go slowly and to be open to other ways of approaching the Christian faith.

Another benefit is that you can meet Christians from all around the world, sharing your beliefs and lessons, potentially getting to know people you might otherwise have never met. 

You can even attend Christian date events or go on vacations with other Christians from other nations. The possibilities really extend beyond simply finding dates near you (although you can do that too.)

Our number 1 Christian romance and dating website was Christian Cupid, which has thousands of Christians as members, with a supportive team who work behind the scenes. It’s a stylish and fun site which doesn’t take itself too seriously, whilst also offering a safe space for Christians to connect. 

Christian Mingle was also very highly rated, also offering a large database of Christian members, and having been endorsed by several Christian churches.

So, if you’re looking for love and want to meet a single Christian to share you life with, why not give Christian dating websites a chance? They open up so many opportunities to embrace Christians from all over the globe. Cling to what is good.

Thai Dating Websites Reviews

Thai Dating Websites
Say the word Thailand, and what do you think of? Delicious food? Sun drenched beaches? Bustling cities? Beautiful women? Let’s face it, when it comes to the good life, Thailand ticks a lot of boxes.

Thailand welcomes well over 25 million visitors a year, making it one of the most sought-after locations in the world. Its people are also warm and friendly, so it’s little surprise that so many of us are interested in pursuing a relationship with someone living in, or previously from, Thailand.

Thai Dating Websites allow you to get to know single people from Thailand who are looking for dates or long term relationships. They function in much the same way as regular dating sites, but with a specific focus on dating Thai members. 

You can build a personal profile page, search for Thai people who share your interests, chat with each other, share photos and stories from your lives and much more. 

Thailand Dating websites also provide an opportunity to visit this great country and its people. You can even arrange dates in advance, then arrive and see if you click in the flesh.

Our number one site for finding dates from Thailand is Thai Cupid. This site has hundreds of thousands of single members who are looking to make friends, go on dates or even marry. You can swap videos, send personal photos or chat using an instant messenger, and these tools really allow you to get to know someone well before deciding to meet them. What’s more, Thai Cupid is very affordable. 

In close second place, ThaiFriendly is a free website with over 500,000 members. You can share high quality snaps and plenty of members are online at any given time. 

In third position, Thai Love Lines offers video chat options, and plenty of advice on dating Thai people, as well as how to get to Thailand and travel around.

The great advantage of Thai Dates Websites is that they allow you the time and space to search for people who you’ll be compatible with. You then have plenty of opportunities to talk with them and get to know them before you decide to take things to the next step. In addition, some of the best sites offer great advice on how to visit dates in Thailand, or even set up meetings for you, taking care of all the nitty gritty details on your behalf. 

These dating sites are mainly for westerners to meet Thai women, however you’ll also find plenty of Thai men using them. You can also meet people of Thai origin and ancestry who live all over the world, so they’re a great space for engaging with Thai communities in a variety of countries.

We’ve reviewed some of the best Thai Dating Websites around, so why not read a few and see which ones might make your Thai romance come true? Those sun drenched beaches, bustling cities and beautiful people won’t wait forever, you know! Oh, and don’t forget to send a postcard.

Chinese Dating Websites Reviews
China: an ancient country full of history, mysticism, myriad cultures and wonderful people. This is the nation which gave the world paper, gunpowder and printing. Move forward to modern day and you’ll discover a hugely varied, vibrant land of ingenuity and beauty.

With well over a billion people living in China (and that number is ever growing), it’s not surprising that some of those Chinese women and men want to meet people from other parts of the world, potentially with love in mind.

Chinese Dating Websites offer you the opportunity to get to know single Chinese people who are looking for relationships. They provide a safe, fun environment to chat, share stories and potentially meet up offline.

How do Chinese Date websites work? For the most part, you start off building a profile page. This includes some information about your life, plus a few of your favourite photos.

From there you can search through a range of Chinese profiles (written in English, in case your Mandarin isn’t quite up to standard!), looking at photos or even videos of each member.

If you like the look and sound of somebody, you can get in touch and start chatting. From there, it’s up to you. If you hit it off, who knows where it could lead...

These sites are primarily aimed at western men and women who wish to find a romantic partner from China. They help you to do this by matching you up with people who have similar interests and goals in life.

Sometimes, a Chinese single is willing to relocate and join you in your home, otherwise there’s also the opportunity to take a trip to China to meet them, or even stay a little longer to get acquainted with their native culture. It’s a truly exciting prospect – a way to see the world and meet interesting people at the same time.

When using a Chinese Dating Website, it can be important to know what you’re looking for, whether it’s just to chat online or a view towards a long-term relationship living together.

Knowing these details (or at least having a vague idea of what you want) is useful in finding the right person and making sure you’re on the same page.

Some of the Dating Chinese People websites will also offer advice, since Chinese cultures can be very different from your own, and there are certain rules of engagement which it’s useful to know about.

Our favorite Chinese Singles website was China Love Cupid, which is part of the massive Cupid network. It offers a great range of useful features at a very competitive price.

In second position, 2RedBeans allows you to find out about Chinese dating events, with Chinese people who live around the globe.

Coming in third, we have Hong KongCupid, a site which is specifically set up to help meet people living in Hong Kong, or people who are originally from Hong Kong. This site has really in depth profiles and allows you to perform very specific searches.

There are plenty of Chinese Dating Websites to explore, each with their own benefits. With such exciting possibilities on the horizon, whether it’s at home, in Beijing or Shanghai, what are you waiting for?

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