Sunday 18 October 2009

GetItOn | Review

Having recently reviewed, the brand new offering from the FriendFinder network that brought you the likes of AdultFriendFinder and, we are pleased to say that it doesn't disappoint. AdultFriendFinder has sometimes been accused of having a rather cluttered user interface, probably because of all the features that have been crammed into the site. In order to address this, the FriendFinder team have launched GetItOn, a brand new adult dating site with an updated, clean and easily navigable user interface. We are pleased to introduce as our new #3 rated adult dating site on, after Adult FriendFinder and it's sister site

Our previous #3 has fallen from grace after a recent re-review because of its seemingly dwindling user base, some negative user feedback and its extremely poor customer support department. If you're looking for a fresh new face in the adult dating arena and are tired of all the usual big players, then why not check out our GetItOn review - although it's the new kid on the block, it has already amassed over 1.5 million members and it's free to join, so why not give it a whirl!

The Best Black Dating Websites

The latest dating niche that we thought worthy of reviewing on was that of black dating. Black dating websites exist to help African-Americans and those of Afro-Caribbean descent find love and friendship on the net. They offer the same usual features as most other dating sites, including the ability to...
  • Post a profile, pictures and videos of yourself on the site
  • Browse through other members who live nearby
  • Search for members by appearance, personality traits, personal attributes, and location
  • Wink and flirt with other members
  • Contact other members using the built-in email tools
  • Instant Message other members usin the built-in IM tools

...and some even offer the ability to...
  • Voice and Video chat with other members
  • Join chatrooms and chat with other members over your webcam
  • Join in discussion groups and online forums
  • Search and join groups in your local area
Our expert reviewers have lots of experience reviewing dating sites in most dating niches and know exactly what to look for, and have voted Black Singles to be our No. 1 rated black dating site!

Check out our black dating site reviews to find out more!

Wednesday 30 September 2009

Identity Theft Protection Reviews

Read all the scare stories regarding identity theft? Decided to take some pro-active measures against becoming a victim of identity theft in the future? Want to protect your family from identity thieves? Then look no further than our top 10 list of identity theft protection services. These services work by keeping a record of your personally identifiable information - your social security number, address, full name, date of birth, passposrt number, etc. - and whenever someone applies for a credit service such as a credit card using any of your information, you are immediately contacted. If the application is fraudulent, all you need do is notify the identity theft protection service you joined and they will immediately swing into action to block the application and notify the authorities of the fraudulent activity. At least that's the basic premise, however some companies do it better than others, whilst some companies also offer added protection. Check out our identity theft protection services reviews for the complete story.

At we've analysed the major players in the identity theft protection industry and decided that LifeLock is the service that just can't be beaten. offers added protection and high security for your data at an affordable price. Check out our review of Lifelock for more information. Runners up include Identity Guard, and ID Watchdog, all of which also offer an excellent service.

Check out our identity theft protection site reviews for more information.

STD Dating Site Reviews

As far as online dating goes, there really is a niche for everything! And one of the most niche of the niche dating categories has got to be that of STD dating. STD dating sites cater for those with a sexually transmitted disease, be it something serious like HIV or hepatitis, to something less serious like chlamydia. Whatever your sexually transmitted disease, there is now a category of dating sites just for you! STD dating sites are really a godsend for those people who have a serious STD, as it allows them to make friends and meet those of a similar disposition on the net. It also, of course, allows them to find love, romance or a no-strings-attached relationship with someone. Your love life doesn't have to come to a stand-still just because you have an STD. Join an STD dating site and start living life to the full again!

Our reviewer has reviewed all the major players in the STD dating arena and found that many of these are owned by or powered by With such a major presence in the online STD dating market, it should come as no surprsie that Positive Singles lands itself our No. 1 spot in our STD dating category and wins our No. 1 Choice Award. With more members than any other STD dating site, you have more chance of success with PositiveSingles than you do with any other STD dating site.

Other runners up in this category include for people with Herpes and HPV;, specifically for people with HIV; and, which is another service powered by Positive Singles.

Be sure to check out our STD dating site reviews for the complete lowdown of all the most popular STD dating sites the net has to offer.

Tuesday 15 September 2009

Genealogy Software Reviews

Following on from our recent major overhaul of our genealogy website reviews, is now proud to present our genealogy software reviews. This brand new category contains some of the most popular tools to help you build and present your family tree.

Given that is our No. 1 genealogy site, it's no wonder that Family Tree Maker (from the makers of is our No. 1 rated genealogy software package. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned genealogist, both are must-have tools to make your research more fruitful and productive. Family Tree Maker is designed specifically to work with, so if you're already a member of Ancestry, then consider adding Family Tree Maker to your arsenal of tools as well. Check out our review of Family Tree Maker for more information.

For those of you on a budget, we highly recommend our #2 choice - Family Tree Builder, the standard version of which is free of charge (although the premium version does weigh in at a hefty $63.75) Nonetheless, if you're just dipping your toe in the genealogical waters, it will give you a flavour of what these software tools have to offer. For the serious genealogist, we recommend Family Tree Maker however, which although does not have a free version, does only cost $39.95, making it excellent value for money.

Whatever your needs, check out our newly-written expert genealogy software reviews to get the latest information on what these packages have to offer!

Sunday 6 September 2009

Family Tree Website Reviews

Check out our new and updated genealogy reviews on! These genealogy sites or family tree websites if you prefer) allow you to research your family tree with the help of some really useful tools, which allow you to search through millions of records. Find out all about your forefathers, what they did, how they lived, etc., and create a family tree schematic or a beautifully crafted coffee book to showcase it all.

Our genealogy website reviews first went online over a year ago, but have now been re-researched and re-written in order to bring them up to date. Our genealogy category now contains reviews on 59 of the most popular genealogy / family tree sites, making them the most comprehensive and in-depth set of family tree site reviews online.

With so many family tree sites using to power their searches, it's not surprising that remains our No. 1 choice in this category for the second year running, with (for our UK readers) and (for our Australian readers) bringing in 2nd and 3rd place on our list. The popular and aptly named comes in 4th and the UK-based Genes Reunited rounds off our top 5 list. All these sites come with free trial periods, allowing you to try before you buy. So take a look at our genealogy reviews and follow our links to sign-up to your chosen genealogy site today!

Saturday 22 August 2009

Foreclosure Listings Site Reviews

Brand new and exclusive to are our foreclosure listings site reviews. In the current economic climate, the prospect of losing one's home is more of a reality than ever before. However, other people's misfortune can be your gain! As the banks foreclose on more and more homes than ever before, these homes go up for auction and are often sold at a fraction of their real worth. This is where property investors and those private individuals shrewd enough to invest in realty come in, snapping up homes at a fraction of their true value, either to live in themselves, or to sell on for a huge profit at a later date. However, knowing which homes are up for grabs and getting your hands on them means being in the right place at the right time, and that's where foreclosure listsings sites come into play. These sites provide up to the minute lists of homes that the banks are foreclosing on, complete with all the relevant details you'll need to make the right choice about whether to invest or not. Membership to these sites can pay for themselves thousands of times over, if you use the information contained in them correctly.

The primary aim of these sites is to provide as much up-to-date and accurate information on the latest foreclosures and to categorize the data in such a way as to make it as useful as possible for you to find the hottest properties on the market at any given time. Our expert reviewer has analysed many websites in this category based on a number of criteria including the number of listings, the accuracy of the data and the search features available on each site and determined that Realty Trac is our new No. 1 Choice Award winner in this category. Check out our Realty Trac review to find out more! Other close runners up in this category were Zip Realty and the aptly named

Check out our full set of foreclosure listings reviews at today and scoop yourself that dream home before someone else does!

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Online Meetings / Web Conferencing Reviews

Some call it web conferencing, some call it online meetings, but whatever you want to call it, our brand new web conferencing reviews on will give you all the info you need to make the right choice for your needs. We have 64 of the top web conferencing services listed in our web conference reviews category, with features lists, pricing information and a detailed review on each from one of our expert reviewers.

Our expert reviewer looked at reliability, security, features, ease of use and value for money when examining all the top services on the net that offer web conferencing, and compiled his reviews accordingly. Our No. 1 Choice Award in this category goes to Citrix's GoToMeeting service, which has an extensive list of features, impressive security and reliability, and all at a very competitive price. Citrix is a pioneer in the online services industry, and their sister site GoToMyPC actually previously won our No. 1 Choice Award in our PC Remote Access Reviews category, so we have great delight in awarding them our No. 1 Choice Award in our web conferencing category too.

Other runners-up in this category that also attained high star-ratings include Webex's MeetMeNow service, Acrobat Connect and DimDim, all of which meet high standards in providing secure, reliable and affordable web conferencing capabilities.

If you're interested in learning more, check out our web conferencing expert reviews at

Saturday 1 August 2009

Background Check Websites

There are many types of background check sites on the net, allowing you to perform background checks on potential or existing employees, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, friends, work colleagues or whomever you choose. Often going by the name of detective sites or people finder services, these background check sites will not only allow you to check-up on people, but will also you to find people by their partial names, addresses, email addresses, age, any previous cities they've lived in or their phone numbers (using a reverse phone number lookup). By entering as much partial information as you can get your hands on, these websites will return a list of matches based on your criteria, enabling you to view criminal records, addresses, phone numbers, age, relatives, roommates, tax situation, property costs, bankruptcy info and lots more besides. For an additional fee you can even have an expert assisted search which will uncover yet more information. So whether you're looking to perform background checks on your potential employee, find a long-lost ex, or look up a neighbor's property information, these background check websites are a great place to start!

Check out our extensive background check website reviews to find out which services we recommend and which we warn you to stay away from. There are a large number of scams operating in this category of sites, so reading the reviews before you sign-up is a must!
Find out why we rate as our No. 1 choice from more than 40 other similar sites, and find out what we really think of NetDetective - one of the most popular detective sites around!

Jewish Dating Reviews

Introducing the latest reviews of Jewish dating websites! The most popular jewish dating sites have been carefully examined for their fuctionality, design and popularity and the results are now in!

Check out these jewish dating site reviews on for the complete lowdown, and find out why we rank JDate as our No. 1 rated Jewish dating service.

Sunday 12 July 2009 is Launched!

Here at, we are pleased to announce a brand new sister site to our main site -! will specialise in software downloads and user reviews. The site already has over 25,000 software products available for immediate download, with an additional 10 or so software titles being added every single day! Not only that, but most of these software titles have a free trial available, allowing you to try before you buy.

The software listed on the site includes some hugely popular titles in a diverse range of categories, such as DVD Cloner, 007 DVD Copy Pro, Driver Detective, YouTube Driver and Cucusoft's iPod Video Converter to name just a tiny handful.

We've also teamed up with the folks over at to bring you a cutting edge solution to providing user reviews on each and every software title, allowing you to voice your opinion and even upload your own images and videos of your software in action.

We also have an exciting new opportunity for affiliates wishing to promote software products. Our unique affiliate program will allow affiliates to claim huge commissions on any software titles they sell through through their RegNow affiliate account - check out the Regnow Affiliates page for more details. - No. 1 for Software Downloads and User Reviews

Monday 15 June 2009

Remote PC Access Reviews

Announcing the latest category to be added to - Remote PC Access Reviews. With 23 in-depth reviews and features lists for some of the most popular remote PC access services on the net, we think that now has one of the most comprehensive guides to what's hot and what's not in this category.

We reviewed this category in terms of usability, security, compatibilty and methods of accessing your PC, as well as features, ease of use and customer support and decided that GoToMyPC was our recommended choice here and winner of our No. 1 Choice Award. Our top 5 choices contain many excellent solutions however, with often little to choose between them. These include, Laplink Everywhere, Team Viewer and the popular Webex PC Now website.

Comprising mainly of online services with a monthly fee and a free trial, these services allow you to remotely control your PC, and access your documents from anywhere in the world. So if you're travelling or are away on buisness, you can access all your documents remotely. Such services are also great for allowing you to access your home PC from work, or your work PC from home, and the applications don't stop there. These services are simply great for allowing you to control someone else's PC (with their permission of course) so if your mum or your dad use a PC at home and run into technical problems on a regular basis, then a subscription to one of these sites can enable you to log onto their machine (with their permission) and fix the problem.

Although most of the newer products in this category are online services with a small fixed monthly fee (like there are many other products that are software based, where you purchase the software for a one-off fee and install it on both computers, for example Symantec's PC Anywhere. Although such software is gradually being replaced by online services that offer greater flexibility and more features.

Check out our in-depth expert reviews of remote PC access services at!

Wednesday 20 May 2009

Diet Software Reviews

Check out our brand new diet & fitness software reviews on Our expert reviewer has reviewed in great detail over 45 diet software packages, produced an extensive features list and written an in-depth review for each. Having graded each software package based on its diet features, fitness features, usability, and cost, we decided that no product was more deserving of our coveted "No. 1 Choice" award than DietPower. With its details of more than 21,000 foods, 101 recipes and over 1000 exercises, the makers of Diet Power have really excelled with this great software package. The software makes tracking your weight loss progress easy with its graphs and charts, and advises you what to eat each day to maximise your nutrition quotient while keeping your calorie budget in check, guaranteeing that if you follow its advice that you will reach your target weight. Check out our full Diet Power review and follow our links to download your full 15 day free trial.

Our diet software reviews are just the latest addition to our expanding health and fitness section of categories on, which already include reviews of fitness websites, weight loss programs and weight loss books.

Thursday 14 May 2009 Hits the Alexa 100,000 Benchmark! finally hits the Alexa 100,000 benchmark, meaning that, according to Alexa, is now one of the world's 100,000 most popular websites. You can check the ranking for yourself here...

Furthermore, at the time of writing, is ranked 43,092 within the US and 11,567 within the UK.

Watch our rankings continue to grow as we add more and more expert reviews to our site!

Friday 8 May 2009

DVD Copying Software Reviews

For the latest reviews on the net's most popular DVD Copying Software, check out our expert reviews on here - DVD Copying Software Reviews. We've reviewed 30 of the net's most popular DVD copying programs and clearly listed our top 10 for you to compare and contrast the different programs on offer. Although all of these programs can be used to copy your DVD collection, the software on offer does vary drastically in terms of features, copy quality and cost, and so we urge anybody looking for DVD copying software to first check out our reviews.

Having researched all the DVD copying software packages on offer we decided that for copy quality, ease of use, features and customer support, nothing beat DVD Cloner, although a handful of other packages did come very close: 1 Click DVD Copy and DVD Fab, both of which also got 5 stars from us.

DVD Cloner will make a perfect 1:1 copy of your DVD for you and validate it aftewards to ensure the copy is error-free. It will also make copies of Blu-Rays and HD-DVDs for you. It will allow you to split your DVD-9 onto two DVD-5 blank discs or compress the DVD-9 onto one DVD-5 blank disc, removing any encryption or region-encoding in the process. It also allows you to rip your DVD to MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD or SVCD for watching on your PC, or simply copy it to an ISO or NRG image file for backup storage on your PC or removable drive. With all these features and many more besides, and all at an affordable cost, it's no wonder that DVD Cloner won our No. 1 Choice Award in this category!

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Learn and Master Guitar Still No. 1!

Having just completed a major overhaul of our teach yourself guitar reviews on, we are happy to report that Learn and Master Guitar is still in 1st place on our list of over 40 guitar teaching products! Our in-depth re-review included an update to more than 30 reviews from our "teach yourself guitar" category, which includes some top-rated products like Jamorama, Jam Play, and Guitar Masterclass to name but a few. However based on teaching effectiveness, styles of play covered, support, quality and value for money, our expert reviewer still recommended Learn and Master Guitar as our No. 1 Choice for anyone who's serious about learning to play like a pro.

Check out our Learn and Master Guitar Review for yourself and find out exactly why it gets our No. 1 Choice Award in this category!

Friday 10 April 2009

Adult Dating Reviews!

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Latin Dating Sites

Announcing the latest niche dating category on - latin dating websites! Whether you're a guy looking for a latin beauty or a gal looking for a latin hunk, let our latin dating reviews guide you in the right direction, with reviews and features lists on some of the most popular latin dating sites the net has to offer, including (our No. 1 choice in this category), Latin American Cupid and Corazones to name but a few!

Saturday 28 March 2009

Online Storage Reviews Added!

We are pleased to announce that we have just added online storage reviews to As the age of cloud computing draws near, and the internet becomes ever faster, more and more people are choosing to safeguard their data by storing it online. The fact that your data is backed up with an online storage service is a massive reassurance, especially for those with lots of valuable data they wish to secure. Most people these days will back up their data to CD, DVD or even to an external hard drive (which is always a great idea), however what happens if you get robbed? Or if your house burns down? Having your data backed up to an external drive will not help in these cases, unless of course you've kept that your backup hard drive in a completely different location, but how inconvenient is that? Why not join the 21st century back your data up online instead?

Using an online storage service to back your data up online is not only a great way of safeguarding your data against, disk failure, fire, theft, flood, and various acts of god, but it can also enable you to access your data from anywhere in the world. Going traveling? Access your data online using your laptop or from an internet cafe! Working from home on a regular basis? Then keep your files online and access the same files from both your home and your workplace, instead of backing everything up and taking it home, backing it up again and taking it back to work, and so on!

Online storage sites are also great for allowing many people access to the same files. By storing your data online you can give a number of people simulataneous access to that data, allowing many people to view and modify it as you choose according to the permissions you set. Give some permission only to view the most up-to-date files. Give others permissions to modify, add and delete files. With more and more groups of people working online from remote locations, online storage sites offer a single central store of files for people to work from.

Here at we've reviewed 30 of the world's most popular online storage solutions, and can recommend none higher than for its storage capacity, security, feature-set, ease of use, and value for money. Check out our Review for the complete lowdown on this service. Other services that came in a close second and also won our 5-star awards were Mozy and DriveHQ.

Check out our expert reviews of Online Storage Sites for a full and detailed comparison of 30 of the most popular online storage services.

Valid pages load even faster!

Here at we've spent the last few weeks making sure that all of our pages are W3C valid according to the HTML 4.01 standard. What does this mean in plain English? This means that our pages will now load faster than ever before and will also be compatible with most known browsers, including much older versions of most commonly used browsers.

Weren't our pages W3C valid before? Errrr... no! But they are now! And that's the main thing! Not having W3C valid pages is hardly the crime of the century, after all, many popular sites are not HTML valid according to W3C, including myspace, Amazon and ebay. So why did we bother? Well, we just wanted to make sure that everyone had access to all our expertly written and meticulously researched reviews, no matter which version of which browser they were using! And now they do!

You can check out out our homepage validation here.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Wednesday 4 February 2009

Stop Press: Rich old men seek beautiful young women!

It seems to be the way of the world that rich, old men want young, beautiful women by their side. And many young women, for their part, are looking for rich and eligible bachelors! If only there were websites that could bring these two groups of people together... well, dating websites specializing in just that have been on the scene for a few years now, and has just launched its very own wealthy dating reviews as a result.

For the most part, these wealthy dating websites are mainly for rich old men looking for intelligent and pretty young women, and young women looking for rich husbands. However every now and then you will also find older wealthy women looking for young men and vice versa. The scene isn't dominated by these age-gap relationships either. There are plenty of young, rich men these days looking for young women too.

Whatever wealthy dating encounter you're looking for, will be able to guide you in the right direction as always. Just check out our wealthy dating site reviews for the best these sites have to offer, and be sure to check out our No. 1 rated wealthy dating site - Millionaire Match for a superb feature-packed example of a top-notch wealthy dating service.

Many of these sites require that the male members verify their income before giving them a certified "wealthy" stamp of approval on the site. And many women are also subject to close scrutiny to see if they're pretty enough to join! So you always know what you're getting into!

If all this sounds a bit shallow (and let's face it - it is!) then maybe you could at least pretend that you're looking for something a bit more meaningful and check out our traditional premium-level online dating site reviews instead!

Whatever your dating aspirations, wishes you all the best in the dating game!

Tuesday 3 February 2009

Fitness Website Reviews go live on!

Our latest category of expert reviews went live today on - fitness website reviews. For all of those of you hoping to maintain your new years resolutions and get in shape this year, then membership to one of our recommended fitness websites will be a major step forwards. Our top ranked fitness sites give you personal training and provide you with a fitness program that can be tailored to suit your needs and your lifestyle, no matter how hectic it is.

Our top ranked fitness website, Global Health & Fitness (available from is feature packed and offers not only personal training and a fitness plan that you can stick to, but also offers that sense of community that's missing from so many other sites, allowing you to benefit from other users' experiences along the way. Not only that, but among the personal trainers on-hand to help you out is Tom Venuto, author of the best selling fitness ebook Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle - need we say more?

Our expert reviews, as usual, are the result of meticulous research into each site in the category. They are written in an easy to read manner that conveys all the main attributes of each site and compares and contratsts them with one another, making it easy for you to pick the site that suits you best. Check out our fitness site reviews and start to lose that Christmas flab today!

Tuesday 27 January 2009 - A Resource for Brides Seeking a Personal Wedding Website

Getting their wedding online is becoming more and more commonplace for today's modern bride. A personal wedding website allows couples to share information with their guests, allows guests to RSVP via the web, and allows everyone to share stories, memories, photos, and even video before and after the event.

Many companies have sprung up to help engaged couples get online. Most offer do-it-yourself sites using highly customizable templates. In minutes brides can have their own wedding website up and running with their wedding song, photos, gift registry information, more. A lot more. Some companies offer literally dozens of pre-formatted pages, ready to be activated with just a click.

There are many options available in creating a wedding website and each company offers a unique blend of its own with varying levels of service, cost, and features. A site called Wedding Websites ( helps brides sort through all the choices. Their website has been collecting reviews about wedding websites companies for years and the site now boasts hundreds of unbiased opinions from real brides and grooms. In addition, a handy table lists features, prices, and review ratings for easy, at-a-glance comparison. All in all, in the site is an excellent resource for brides looking to create a personal wedding website of their own. Be sure to check it out!

Monday 26 January 2009

New Arab Dating Website Reviews!

Today, our latest niche category of dating site reviews went live on - Arab Dating! At we've now reviewed literally hundreds of dating sites in many different niche categories, so we really know what we're talking about! If you're thinking of joining an Arab dating site, then make sure you check out our Arab dating site reviews for the complete lowdown on the pros and cons of each site. At our staff have provided you with a complete features list, star ratings, pricing info, all the search criteria and of course our own in-depth analysis of what to expect inside each and every site!

Thursday 22 January 2009

More Adult Dating Updates!

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Friday 16 January 2009 Still No. 1!

Our No. 1 rated wedding planning website,, has recently announced major changes to its website design and codebase, making it faster and easier to use than ever before. This feature-rich website allows you to easily organize your wedding online in a style suitable for the 21st century. Compile your guest lists, organize table seating arrangements, automatically send out invitations, allow your guests to RSVP online and choose their meal preferences, and disseminate your wedding plans, information, maps and hotel info all from one central website. The site even allows you to choose your own domain name if you wish to host the service on your own domain. Not only that, but WedSimple is also great for post-wedding activities such as allowing you to send out thank-you emails, and allowing you to upload all your wedding photographs for all your guests to see. This vast array of features coupled with their responsive technical support and their latest improvements to the design, speed and functionailty of the site ensures that WedSimple remains at the top of our list of wedding website reviews. Check out our WedSimple review at for a full review of this site, or visit WedSimple directly to check out their site for yourself.

Tuesday 13 January 2009

BBW Dating Sites Go Live on!

Today we're pleased to announce the latest addition to our list of online dating niche review sites, this time tailored to BBW dating websites. BBW Dating, or Big Beautiful Women (and men for that matter) dating is for larger men and women trying to find someone similar on the net. These sites also cater for those of a smaller build who like their partners large.

At it never ceases to amaze us just how many dating niches there are, which just goes to show that there really is someone for everyone in this world, but often it's only really through the scope of the internet that these people get to find each other.

Check out our BBW Dating Site Reviews and you will see that there is no shortage of BBW dating sites online, from our top rated BBW Personals Plus site and our close runner up BBW Cupid, all the way down. Most of these sites are devoted to helping you find your perfect match, but some are even more specific and cater for BBWs looking for no strings attached sex on the net, like BBW SexyAds and Find a BBW Lover.

Whatever your interest, if you're looking for a whole lotta woman (or a whole lotta man) then our review site is a fantastic place to start!
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