Monday 15 June 2009

Remote PC Access Reviews

Announcing the latest category to be added to - Remote PC Access Reviews. With 23 in-depth reviews and features lists for some of the most popular remote PC access services on the net, we think that now has one of the most comprehensive guides to what's hot and what's not in this category.

We reviewed this category in terms of usability, security, compatibilty and methods of accessing your PC, as well as features, ease of use and customer support and decided that GoToMyPC was our recommended choice here and winner of our No. 1 Choice Award. Our top 5 choices contain many excellent solutions however, with often little to choose between them. These include, Laplink Everywhere, Team Viewer and the popular Webex PC Now website.

Comprising mainly of online services with a monthly fee and a free trial, these services allow you to remotely control your PC, and access your documents from anywhere in the world. So if you're travelling or are away on buisness, you can access all your documents remotely. Such services are also great for allowing you to access your home PC from work, or your work PC from home, and the applications don't stop there. These services are simply great for allowing you to control someone else's PC (with their permission of course) so if your mum or your dad use a PC at home and run into technical problems on a regular basis, then a subscription to one of these sites can enable you to log onto their machine (with their permission) and fix the problem.

Although most of the newer products in this category are online services with a small fixed monthly fee (like there are many other products that are software based, where you purchase the software for a one-off fee and install it on both computers, for example Symantec's PC Anywhere. Although such software is gradually being replaced by online services that offer greater flexibility and more features.

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