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Webinar Services Reviews

Webinar Services
When you’re thinking of tools you can use in your business or as part of a development program for your staff, webinars perhaps aren’t the first thing you think of. But perhaps they should be! Webinar Services are fantastic tools that help bring people together – to share opinions, discuss issues, view presentations collectively, hold meetings, collaborate with others and more! Although this is a relatively new phenomenon, a vast number of sites and services have cropped up to begin providing webinar services to users worldwide. As always, No1 Reviews is at the fore and has checked out what’s on offer at these services and brought its readers some trademark reviews to help them pick the best service in this growing market.

Webinar Services are an incredibly engaging way to bring people together to share ideas and listen to what the main speaker has to say. You can invite select individuals, discuss their ideas, show attendees presentations and build a range of interactive elements into the discussion using the great features on offer at the Webinar Services we have reviewed. The top spot in this category was taken by Go To Webinar, a great service that offers some of the best tools and features in the business. Out of the 25 services we reviewed, Go To Webinar took our No.1 Choice award purely because we couldn’t see any reason why users wouldn’t be impressed by what is on offer at this Webinar Service. 

As well as providing clean, crisp, high quality audio and video (an absolute essential when you’re communicating with people at a distance and perhaps from across the world), Go To Webinars has a number of additional features that we thought were great. You can customize the invites and interfaces used in the service with company branding and logos, helping to make the whole experience feel a little more professional. We also loved the interactive elements that are built in to the user experience at Go To Webinars – you can invite users to “raise their hand” and ask a question, making your webinar feel and behave exactly like a real, live seminar. 

That’s not to say we didn’t find great things on offer at other services. Quite the opposite! Particular favourites of ours in the Webinars category included Click Webinar (which took our number two spot and offers some fantastic tools that help host webinars for up to a thousand participants), Adobe Connect Webinars, with its innovative “discussion pods” and the Cisco WebEx Event Center. All of these services offer free trial options, giving you the chance to experience how they would work in “real life” before agreeing to a subscription. We think this is a great way to see how these Webinar Services would work for you, so definitely suggest you give them a try in this way. 

Whether you’re going to use Online Webinar Sites for work, for educational purposes or for other reasons, we can’t think of a better way to share ideas with others. With high definition sound and video and some excellent features, all 25 of the services in this category are brilliant and we thoroughly recommend them. With so much choice, our reviews help you to understand what each one has on offer and which one is right for you. Check them out!

Ringtone Download Websites Reviews

Ringtone Download Websites
In today’s world, a mobile phone really is so much more than a phone. On most phones, users can browse the internet, shop online, book holidays, use apps, play games and more. So, it’s a shame that more often than not ringtones on mobile phones just aren’t as exciting as the other things they can do these days. This is especially the case if your mobile phone is a little dated, as ringtones on older phones are just plain annoying! As a result, we have searched the internet and reviewed the best Ringtone Download Websites we could find to save our readers from having to do the same!

The most important thing to look out for when choosing a Ringtone Download Website is, of course, the selection of ringtones available. The best sites will have tones available that are based on the songs that have topped the charts over the years, as well as other musical gems such as TV and film theme tunes, comedy recordings and more. As well as millions of ringtones, many of the sites we have reviewed also provide users with access to a wealth of other downloadable content including apps, jokes, horoscopes, wallpaper, screensavers, themes and much more. Our number one site in this category, Myxer, has all of this and more, giving users than chance to pick up the best in mobile content and have it sent directly to their phone.

One of the great things about Myxer is that there isn’t even a need to sign up or pay for any content provided on the site. Users can enjoy a vast amount of mobile content free of charge, so its possible you may never have to pay for the content you download from Myxer. Using the site is incredibly simple, with customers being able to pick the app or ringtone they want, enter their mobile phone number and download the content straight to their mobile phone. We simply loved checking out what was on offer at Myxer, and suggest you give it a try too!

Of course Myxer wasn’t the only site we checked out as part of our research into this category – we have undertaken what is probably the most in-depth review of the ringtone sites out there and have come up with our trademark definitive list of the best that’s on offer. Other big names that deserve a mention include Jamster USA, a premium ringtone provider that has grown considerably in the past few years, Motime and Audiko, both of which have a seriously good reputation for providing content of the best possible quality. Every service is different, and one of the key differences to look out for (and which is of course picked out in our reviews) is whether a service is subscription based or charges per ringtone you download. This is worth noting – if you intend to download a lot of content, a subscription service could well save you a lot of money; while if you’re only looking to download your favourite song every now and again, a pay-per-tone service would probably be a better bet!

If you’re looking to give your phone a bit of a lift with the latest track, any one of the sites we have reviewed in this category will help you do so. As usual, though, there’s so much choice (there are literally millions of ringtones out there!) that it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one you want to join. Check out our reviews and surf around the sites to be sure you pick the right one – enjoy!

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Online Tax Filing Services Reviews

Online Tax Filing Services
No-one enjoys filling out their tax return. It’s complex, time-pressured and, more often than not, an administrative nightmare. Finding all of your receipts and invoices, working out how they all fit together and then trying to decide how to present the information and what reliefs and exemptions you’re entitled to can be incredibly stressful. As a result, it’s not a huge surprise that a range of successful and impressive online tools have sprung up to help users fill out their tax returns. We have reviewed the best US Tax Filing Services so that you know exactly where to go when you want to throw your calculator against the wall. Eighteen services in total are covered in our reviews in this category, ranging from our number one premium service HR Block to free services such as Tax Brain or Tax Slayer.

The Tax Filing Services we have reviewed offer a number of different services and features, from vanilla tax filing with the IRS to helping you process and apply for tax refunds from previous financial years. The sort of service you need depends on how complex your financial affairs are – if you have multiple jobs and businesses, own (an perhaps rent out) property and have other investments and financial products, then using a good online Tax Filing Service can save you time and money (and is considerably cheaper than hiring an accountant or tax attorney).

Our number one service in this category is HR Block, a service that tries to take the hassle out of tax filing. With a combination of both free services and premium services, HR Block is a great choice regardless of whether you’re a waitress, a self-employed tradesman or the director of a large company as the tools are more than flexible enough to fit to the needs of every specific user. The free service offered works for those with simple tax returns only, giving users the tools they need to prepare, e-file or print their returns (for filing later) free of charge.

If you need more advanced services (and many will), HR Block has a great range of subscription tools that are perfect for the job. Upgraded membership allows you to view and import old tax returns to speed up the filing process, use a wider range of filing options, receive guidance from professionals and get access to a vast range of guidance services to help make filling out your tax return a breeze. If HR Block isn’t quite for you, we also reviewed a wide range of other services that will help users file their tax returns. Intuit’s Turbo Tax, for example, made it to our number two slot and offers a wide range of great features that help to demystify the online tax-filing process. Other services also offer more unusual or individualised features, such as Tax Slayer, with its guaranteed maximum refunds promise and excellent deductions calculator, and eSmartTax, which aims to take the headache out of tax returns using simple “yes” “no” questionnaires. 

Which service you choose in the end will probably be based on how complex your affairs are and, as a result, what particular features you need. Regardless of which service you choose in the end, No1 Reviews should be your first port of call. We have extensively reviewed all of the major operators in this market so that you can make an informed and quick decision about which US Tax Filing Service is right for you. Pick a good one – a good tax return can save you a fortune!

Live Chat Support Software Reviews

Live Chat Suppport Software
If email marketing services are about winning new customers, Live Chat Support Software is about keeping them. It’s a known fact that customers who feel there is someone to talk to about their queries, questions, problems and complaints feel better looked-after and as a result, are more likely to stick around and not defect to a rival brand. Live Chat Support Software gives users who run their businesses online access to the sort of tools that major corporations use to provide on-site live support to their customers. With tools like these, it’s never been easier to ensure your customers’ queries are answered and, as a result, they keep coming back for more!

As you can expect from No.1 Reviews, we have done the research to find the best products in this market, tested them out to see just what they have to offer and written up all of our findings in our trademark easy-to-read fashion. Taking the number one spot in this category is Provide Support, beating thirty other Live Chat Support Software products to the top spot. Starting at just $15 per month, you can integrate this software into your own site with considerable ease, meaning this new feature on your site can be up and running in the blink of an eye. 

Provide Support is a great software choice for those running websites of any size. A versatile tool, you can upgrade your subscription with Provide Support to provide support for a greater number of users and integrate additional features. Building this functionality into your site is simple and straightforward, with website users seeing a “live chat” link on the site as they surf around. You or your advisers can pick up and respond to their messages whenever you like (it’s normally best to advertise set hours where you will pick up messages instantly for live chat) and the interface that your customers will use to communicate can be branded using your company logo and colours, providing an integrated solution. In terms of the way the software works, customers who have used instant chat services like Yahoo Chat and MSN Messenger before will be familiar with the layout and how to communicate with your advisers. Provide Support packages are available for websites of all sizes, with the cheapest package providing access for 1 operator at a time and more expensive ‘enterprise’ packages allowing ten or more users access at any one time.

Although Provide Support took our number one spot in this category, it’s far from the only option available. A range of other services are on offer too, including big names such as Zopim, 123 Live Help, Bold Chat, Live Person and more. Another great service that also made it into our top ten in this category was Velaro. Velaro offers tailor-made plans and packages for businesses of all sizes and has a number of special features, such as co-browsing, allowing users to be guided through the process of filling out forms and purchasing items at an online checkout. 

If you presently don’t offer customers a dedicated Live Chat Support service, now is the time to look into providing one. Most of the software we reviewed in this category can be quickly and easily integrated into an existing site, even by those with only minimal technical knowledge, and the benefits of doing so are obvious – by keeping your customers happy, you can be sure they will return time and time again! Follow the link to find out everything you need to know about the best software on offer in the Live Chat Support Software market!

UK Flatmate Websites Reviews

Flatmate Websites UK
They say that behind death and divorce, moving house is the most stressful thing that will occur during your life. At No.1 Reviews, we agree, but think that those looking to find flatmates shouldn’t be left out here – finding somewhere to live, or someone to share your place with, can be seriously difficult and so we’re all about using the internet’s best tools to help make that process a little easier. Our number one product in our UK Flatmate Websites category is, but we also considered a range of other great services that cover a number of specialist areas and niches, so we’re certain there’s a service reviewed at No.1 Reviews that will suit your needs. is one of the UK’s premier roommate and flatmate finding services and has a range of great features that help make your search easier.

As with all of the categories on No.1 Reviews, we have reviewed all of the services in the Flatmate-finding market to bring you the inside track on the best there is out there. Spareroom made it to the number one spot in this category and is a seriously good service that has been in the market longer than any other site we have reviewed. Viewed by most as a clear market leader, Spareroom has been setting trends in the Flatmate-finding world since its inception, being the first site to introduce the buddy-up system (helping its users find others to share the perfect property with) and also giving its users unrivalled search and compare tools. 

Although Spareroom ran away with the top spot, most of the sites in this category operate in much the same way and share common features. Users can sign up (usually for free), post adverts about themselves or the properties they are looking to find a tenant for and search for ads placed by people who might fit the bill. The adverts themselves are often all-singing, all-dancing, with users being able to upload videos and photos to sell themselves or their place. One of the most common features of these sites is that users fill out a standard profile that normally includes a property and flatmate checklist. These checklists make it easy to compare properties on a like for like basis and see what each one has to offer.

Although Spareroom was the clear winner in this category, a number of other great sites stood out for us as places where our readers might find an ideal flatmate or flatshare. RoomBuddies is a great UK-based site that offers the choice of around 10,000 rooms at any one time, as well as a fantastic range of features common to the flatmate-finding market. What’s more, with membership starting at just £1 per day, it’s well worth a look as an alternative to Spareroom. Other services, such as Flatmate Rooms, Easy Roommate UK and FlatShare, also offer access to similar features – and considering success in your property search will largely be based on good luck, it’s definitely worth checking out what’s on offer at other sites.

As well as more general services like these, a number of the services we have reviewed in this category cater specifically for niche groups or specialist markets. One great example is OutLet, a service that caters almost exclusively for gay and lesbian flatshares. Another example is Monday to Friday, which taps into the growing trend for private individuals renting out spare rooms in their house for business use or for rental by those who commute from out of town. Great stuff!

All in all, if you’re looking for a flatmate or flatshare and don’t quite know where to start, any one of the places we have reviewed in this category could be right for you. If you’re interested, head over to No.1 Reviews and find out all you need to know about the key players in this market. Happy hunting!

Email Marketing Services Reviews

Email Marketing Services
If you have a small business, one of the things you will no doubt find most difficult is drumming up new business and advertising your services and products to past and existing customers. Email marketing services can help you do just that, giving users a range of great tools that help them understand their customer-base, finding out more about their needs and wants, sending them emails as part of a well-thought out and considered program and then monitoring the impact that those emails have. With the average return on investment across the market being around $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing services, there really is no reason to not give this service a go.

As with all of the categories we review, we trawled the internet to find out everything there is to know about each of the services we have reviewed. Our number one service in this category is iContact, a market leader in email marketing and the sort of service we’re sure will help improve your business’ results. The price of this service depends on the number of subscribers who will receive marketing communications, with more than 35,000 users being contacted on your behalf for a little over $200 a month. While this may seem like a lot, if just 10% of those receiving emails decide to make a purchase as a result, this service will more than pay for itself.

So what’s on offer at iContact? Well, pretty much everything to be honest. Users of iContact can carefully manage their contacts and subscribers' list, tailor communications to specific sections of their customer base and benefit from a robust and informative reporting and monitoring system. As with many email marketing services, one of the key features that we look out for is the ability to produce beautiful, professional-looking and versatile marketing sites that look great when your customers open them up. If all of this hasn’t already encouraged you to sign up to iContact, there’s a great 30-day free trial service that lets you see just how this service could improve your business. 

As always, our reviews don’t just concentrate on one service, but cover the main players across this market. Users who are looking for a large number of template newsletters and mailings will love Constant Contact, a fantastic email marketing service that has grabbed the no.2 spot in this category, while those looking to spend a little less will find Aweber and Vertical Response a bit more pocket-friendly. If your business has a large number of subscribers already, MailChimp could be a great choice for you. This service has a specialist high-volume intelligent delivery system that makes it easy to send tens of millions of emails every month to up to three million subscribers. While this service is, as you would expect, pretty costly, the ability to send great marketing emails to this many users using a fantastic, robust system is a real asset for your business. 

Email marketing services have become a mainstay of online marketing, with these services offering users the ability to get in touch with their existing subscribers and find new customers using stunning and informative email mail drops. These services offer unparalleled tools and features that help you manage and monitor the distribution of marketing emails as well as helping you to see what impact they are having. Regardless of which service you’re thinking about, you’ll find everything you need to know about the major players in this category at No.1Reviews – hit the link and head over to learn more today!
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