Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Identity Theft Protection Reviews

Read all the scare stories regarding identity theft? Decided to take some pro-active measures against becoming a victim of identity theft in the future? Want to protect your family from identity thieves? Then look no further than our top 10 list of identity theft protection services. These services work by keeping a record of your personally identifiable information - your social security number, address, full name, date of birth, passposrt number, etc. - and whenever someone applies for a credit service such as a credit card using any of your information, you are immediately contacted. If the application is fraudulent, all you need do is notify the identity theft protection service you joined and they will immediately swing into action to block the application and notify the authorities of the fraudulent activity. At least that's the basic premise, however some companies do it better than others, whilst some companies also offer added protection. Check out our identity theft protection services reviews for the complete story.

At we've analysed the major players in the identity theft protection industry and decided that LifeLock is the service that just can't be beaten. offers added protection and high security for your data at an affordable price. Check out our review of Lifelock for more information. Runners up include Identity Guard, and ID Watchdog, all of which also offer an excellent service.

Check out our identity theft protection site reviews for more information.

STD Dating Site Reviews

As far as online dating goes, there really is a niche for everything! And one of the most niche of the niche dating categories has got to be that of STD dating. STD dating sites cater for those with a sexually transmitted disease, be it something serious like HIV or hepatitis, to something less serious like chlamydia. Whatever your sexually transmitted disease, there is now a category of dating sites just for you! STD dating sites are really a godsend for those people who have a serious STD, as it allows them to make friends and meet those of a similar disposition on the net. It also, of course, allows them to find love, romance or a no-strings-attached relationship with someone. Your love life doesn't have to come to a stand-still just because you have an STD. Join an STD dating site and start living life to the full again!

Our reviewer has reviewed all the major players in the STD dating arena and found that many of these are owned by or powered by With such a major presence in the online STD dating market, it should come as no surprsie that Positive Singles lands itself our No. 1 spot in our STD dating category and wins our No. 1 Choice Award. With more members than any other STD dating site, you have more chance of success with PositiveSingles than you do with any other STD dating site.

Other runners up in this category include for people with Herpes and HPV;, specifically for people with HIV; and, which is another service powered by Positive Singles.

Be sure to check out our STD dating site reviews for the complete lowdown of all the most popular STD dating sites the net has to offer.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Genealogy Software Reviews

Following on from our recent major overhaul of our genealogy website reviews, is now proud to present our genealogy software reviews. This brand new category contains some of the most popular tools to help you build and present your family tree.

Given that is our No. 1 genealogy site, it's no wonder that Family Tree Maker (from the makers of is our No. 1 rated genealogy software package. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned genealogist, both are must-have tools to make your research more fruitful and productive. Family Tree Maker is designed specifically to work with, so if you're already a member of Ancestry, then consider adding Family Tree Maker to your arsenal of tools as well. Check out our review of Family Tree Maker for more information.

For those of you on a budget, we highly recommend our #2 choice - Family Tree Builder, the standard version of which is free of charge (although the premium version does weigh in at a hefty $63.75) Nonetheless, if you're just dipping your toe in the genealogical waters, it will give you a flavour of what these software tools have to offer. For the serious genealogist, we recommend Family Tree Maker however, which although does not have a free version, does only cost $39.95, making it excellent value for money.

Whatever your needs, check out our newly-written expert genealogy software reviews to get the latest information on what these packages have to offer!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Family Tree Website Reviews

Check out our new and updated genealogy reviews on! These genealogy sites or family tree websites if you prefer) allow you to research your family tree with the help of some really useful tools, which allow you to search through millions of records. Find out all about your forefathers, what they did, how they lived, etc., and create a family tree schematic or a beautifully crafted coffee book to showcase it all.

Our genealogy website reviews first went online over a year ago, but have now been re-researched and re-written in order to bring them up to date. Our genealogy category now contains reviews on 59 of the most popular genealogy / family tree sites, making them the most comprehensive and in-depth set of family tree site reviews online.

With so many family tree sites using to power their searches, it's not surprising that remains our No. 1 choice in this category for the second year running, with (for our UK readers) and (for our Australian readers) bringing in 2nd and 3rd place on our list. The popular and aptly named comes in 4th and the UK-based Genes Reunited rounds off our top 5 list. All these sites come with free trial periods, allowing you to try before you buy. So take a look at our genealogy reviews and follow our links to sign-up to your chosen genealogy site today!
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