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International Call Services Reviews

International Phonecard Services
One of the latest categories of products and services we have reviewed is International Call Services, exploring the various ways in which users can make cheap and easy international calls. These days, the global community is larger than ever – almost everyone knows someone (for example a friend or family member) that lives or works abroad and the wide swathe of new technology (most of which is fuelled by the internet) makes it easier than ever to get in touch with them. Although sending an email or message on Facebook or Twitter provides people with instant messaging capabilities, you can’t beat the connection you can make with someone when you talk to them on the telephone. With this in mind, a wide range of services have sprung up to cater to this market and we were excited to get the low-down on exactly what they all have to offer.

The International Call Services we have reviewed in this category span a number of different sectors, but all of them provide users with some of the lowest per-minute call rates available anywhere on the market. Many services these days operate using voip-calling (voice over internet protocol), meaning an internet connection would be necessary to make calls. Not all of the services we have considered in this category work in this way however, with others being based on ‘callback’ services or ‘access numbers’ (both of which working as a ‘middle man’ to connect the user to their intended recipient at a reduced rate). Most of these services are simple and easy to use but, as always, No.1 Reviews has considered all of the pitfalls and potential problems so you don’t have to, giving you all of the information you need to choose the right service in this competitive market.

Clearly one of the most important considerations when assessing services in this category is the price-per-minute of calls to specific countries. In order to help our readers find the best deal, we have included in our reviews the per-minute costs of calls to a range of commonly called countries (thereby helping our users compare like-for-like). Our Number 1 Choice award in this category goes to Rebtel, an excellent service that allows users to access low-cost international calling through a range of methods. We were particularly impressed that users of Rebtel could make calls through wifi, 3G and through calling local access numbers, making the service not only great value, but versatile too. A range of other features including SMS messaging, remote access calling cards and collect calling makes Rebtel a clear winner in this category, so we definitely recommend that our readers check out what it has to offer.

That said, there were a range of other services that also impressed us, finding their way into the top ten in this category. JaJah, a Telefonica brand (part of the same group as communications giant, O2) and the ever popular Lebara Mobile, Vopium and EvaPhone all made it into our top five in this category. We were also impressed by the cost-saving features on offer with LycaMobile, a service that has seen a boost in advertising presence recently and so may already be fairly well known amongst our readers. All in all, we had fun checking out exactly how callers save so much money with these services and suggest that everyone gives them a try!

US Cashback Websites Reviews

US Cashback Websites
In parallel to our reviews of UK Cashback Websites, we have also taken the time to undertake a thorough review of the major players when it comes to USA Cashback Websites. Although this category is relatively small, totalling only six in number, we’re sure that our readers will find a service in our listings that suits their needs helps them save money. In these cash-strapped times households need to find every way they can of saving money and, indeed, generating even more cash, so these websites really help stretch the household budget and make it go that little bit further. Although far more developed in the UK than it presently is in the USA, we’re sure this market will take off as Americans everywhere tighten their belts and embrace being thrifty!

Most Cashback Websites that operate in the USA generate money by encouraging shoppers to undertake their online shopping using a number of affiliate links to specific brands or outlets. The money generated is then returned, in proportion to the customer’s purchase, to the end user. This isn’t the only way in which these sites generate income however, and prospective users should take care to find a service that permits them to generate cashback in as many ways as possible. Common methods include: searching the web (using a dedicated search bar), carrying out surveys and quizzes for partner organizations, shopping in the site’s dedicated online store, reading sponsored emails, watching videos, inviting friends to join and even playing games online! Depending on the site, and how much spare time you have, you can earn a small amount each month by making minor changes to your online shopping and browsing habits.

Our top-rated service in this category is Swagbucks, picking up our No.1 Choice Award in this category simply for being a brilliant service that helps users up and down the USA save money and generate a small additional income. At this site, users generate Swagbucks or “SB’s” through their online activity and can exchange them for a wide range of prizes, coupons, gift certificates or simply cash (via a PayPal transfer). Earning Swagbucks is also a fun, and occasionally addictive, pastime and many users report whiling away the hours on the site out of choice, irrespective of the money they earn doing so. Simply put, if you’re looking for new ways to pay for things you’ve always wanted, whilst also benefiting in new ways from purchases you already make or intend to make, Swagbucks is for you.

Even though this category is one of the smallest we have reviewed in a while, there’s still a lot going on here that got us excited. MyPoints, the service that took the number 2 spot in this category is a great points based rewards system that gives members a little something back when they shop online, while eBates is a great service that has already allowed members to cash out more than $100m in rebates from their online purchases.

If you’re looking for a way to generate additional income from your existing purchases, perhaps even to pay for something new that you really want, give the sites we have reviewed in this category a go – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. What’s more, most of them are free, so you really have nothing to lose!

UK Cashback Websites Reviews

UK Cashback Websites
Life can be difficult in ‘austerity Britain’, so it’s helpful when you can find ways to save money on your purchases. UK Cashback Websites go one better, offering users real cashback on their online (and occasionally offline) shopping from a wide range of outlets, brands and stores. A relatively new phenomenon, UK Cashback Websites join ‘Daily Deals’ sites and coupon websites as part of a the swathe of ways that cash-strapped shoppers can get a little back from their purchases. As always with the categories we review at No.1 Reviews, there is a range of different services on the market, so it’s often difficult to decide which service seems right for your particular needs. No.1 Reviews helps you by considering the various positive and negative aspects of each service, giving you all of the information you need to make the right choice.

Although all UK Cashback Websites generally work in broadly the same way, the precise ways in which users can ‘earn’ money do differ a little from site to site. Most sites are free to join and generate money using targeted advertising and affiliate marketing and then pass the money created on to the end user. In terms of earning opportunities, most users generate cashback through online shopping via sponsored links, but this isn’t the only activity that users can undertake in order to earn cashback from their online activities. Users can also complete surveys, fill out forms, watch sponsored videos or adverts, read sponsored emails, playing games, inviting friends to join the site and more. Those with a bit of spare time can earn generous cashback without spending a penny if they choose the right site for them.

The clear winner in this category is QuidCo, a fantastic service that has seen a massive boost in popularity recently due to a fairly intensive advertising campaign. We enjoyed using this site and can see why millions of users have already joined up and started earning cashback. QuidCo users can earn cashback at more than 3,300 retailers and outlets and at a number of major brands including Argos, HMV, M&S, Debenhams, Tesco and more. QuidCo also offers users a wide range of great additional features that make it easy to earn cashback – such as offline shopping, the QuidCo App, printable vouchers and coupons and much more. Finally, QuidCo is also a great user community, giving users the chance to get to know one another and share their money-saving and cashback tips and tricks.

Although QuidCo came out on top in this category, we were still impressed by what was on offer at other services and suggest that our readers check out a couple of our reviews before they decide on which service is right for them. TopCashback, our No.2 ranked product in this category for example, is completely free of charge and also offers cashback at a host of national brands and retailers. Maximiles is another great service that appeared in our top ten in this category, providing users with an innovative loyalty-points based system that, instead of offering users cash in return for their purchases, lets them save points that can be exchanged for great prizes such as iPods, TV’s and more. If you’re looking to get a little more out of your shopping – look no further!

Weight Loss Books Reviews

Weight Loss Books
Given the popularity of Weight Loss Books and Diet Books, it was only a matter of time before we gave them the No.1 Reviews treatment! Combined with our consideration of Weight Loss Programs, our reviews of Weight Loss Books brings together in one place all of the information you need in order to decide which diet is most likely to produce the best results for you. This is great news given how many products there are on the market, all of which claim to have the newest angle or the latest scientific formula that’s guaranteed to result in weight loss. Our reviews of these products assess all of these Weight Loss Books based on the same objective criteria: their success rate, user testimonials, ease of use, features, additional materials and value for money; so once you’ve read through the reviews in this category, you should have everything you need to make an informed decision about which diet plan to try.

As noted in our Buying Guide for this category, weight loss books are written from a number of different perspectives and as such, no one individual book will be suitable for all dieters. The plethora of weight loss books on the market are written by nutritionists, fitness experts, weight loss experts, medical doctors, celebrities and even ordinary people and collectively cover a wide range of different angles, timescales and overall aims. Some books aim give followers the tools they need to make serious, long-term and self-driven changes to their diet and health in order to sustain healthy, long-term weight loss. Other books (unashamedly) concentrate on short-term weight loss, providing followers with strict dietary plans, recipes and guidelines to produce quick results. As you would expect, our in-depth, expert reviews of these products identify the type of diet you can expect from each one and the timetable for results, as well as the particular theme of the diet. All of this information should help our readers make a decision about which one is right for them.

Tom Venuto’s ‘Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle’ comes out on top, taking the No.1 Choice award in this category. Although you may not have heard about this product before (it certainly doesn’t have the sort of instant recognition that other books, such as Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, have) we were incredibly impressed by the comprehensiveness of the product and everything it had to offer. Advertised as a ‘fat loss’ program and not a ‘weight loss’ program, ‘Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle’ is a one-stop-shop for reducing the amount of fat you’re carrying whilst also improving muscle mass. The subject of a number of positive reviews and hailed by Oprah Magazine as one of the best Weight Loss Books in the business, we’re sure that you’ll see positive results by using this book.

That’s not to say we weren’t impressed by other services in this category. The ever popular ‘The Truth About Abs’ took the number 2 spot, whilst blockbusters such as Lisa Lillien’s ‘Hungry Girl 1-2-3’, Marisa Peer’s ‘You Can Be Thin’ and the creepily successful ‘I Can Make You Thin’, by hypnosis expert Paul McKenna all appear in our top ten in this category. If you’re looking for a way to lose weight and you’re not sure which book or plan to choose, head over to our extensive reviews into the best Weight Loss Books on the market for the ‘skinny’ on everything you need to know to choose the right diet for you.

Golf Books Reviews

Golf Books
Golf is widely known as one of the most popular sports in the world. Played by millions upon millions of enthusiasts across the globe, golf is widely enjoyed as a recreational hobby or as a serious sport in its own right. The Golf Books we have reviewed aim to give golfers of every skill level, from the most amateur to the experienced pro, the help, information, encouragement and advice that they need to improve their game. A sporting industry worth more than $75 billion a year, it’s little surprise that a great many Golf Books have flooded the market in recent years, written by everyone from interested amateurs (such as “Bobby Jones on Golf”) to professionals (such as Harvey Penick's Little Red Book) and even celebrities who have an interest in the sport. With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you and will help you the most when it comes to improving your technique, performance and style in this most godly of games.

The precise content and style of these products varies considerably between products, although some key features appear in all of them. Some books concentrate on technical prowess and come complete with diagrams and instructions informing players about how to execute particular swings or how to approach challenging courses or situations. Other books provide more tacit advice through anecdotes and stories told by golfing greats of days gone by. Many readers will find the hints and tips contained in these books invaluable, but will also find them to be great reads too. The manner in which these books are marketed is important too – those that are distributed as e-books will often contain a variety of forms of multimedia, meaning readers can benefit from demonstrations, videos, interactive diagrams and more. Standard paper-print books, however, do not come with any such features but may be appropriate for carrying with you in your golf bag!

The winning product in this category is “The Simple Golf Swing”, a product that aims to improve a reader’s swing (and thus their entire technique, performance and game) with considerable ease and little effort on behalf of the player. “The Simple Golf Swing” introduces the player to new ideas that improve their swing technique, placing less stress on the lower back and therefore improving reliability and consistency and reducing the likelihood of injury. The book reminds players that getting a good golf swing right in the first place is often the beginning of future successes. What we loved about it was its simplicity – far from being a lengthy list of do’s and don’ts, this product introduces players to a simple, easy to follow technique that will improve their swing – it’s as easy as that.

With 15 products reviewed in this category, it’s unsurprising that we had other favorites, too. “How to Break 80” is a great instructional on how to improve your game, develop more consistency in your playing and building the strength and reliability of your shots. What’s more, at just $32, “How to Break 80” doesn’t break the bank either! If you’re budget is even smaller, however, “How to Practice Your Golf Swing Like the Pros” is available for just $4.97 and provides a range of hints and tips to help improve your game. Give this new category a go if golf is your thing!

Fitness Websites Reviews

Fitness & Training Websites Online
Fitness Websites are a relatively new phenomenon that help those who want to lose weight and get fit do just that. Membership of a Fitness Website complements any gym membership by providing users with the information, guidance and support they need to succeed, but can also prove an excellent alternative to gym membership (depending on the specific content of these services) if heading out to the gym isn’t quite your thing. Although not the largest of categories we have reviewed, stacking up at just 16 services in total, we’re sure that our readers will find everything they need to get in shape and stay that way at one of the websites we have reviewed in this category. As with all reviews at No.1 Reviews, all of these services are judged based on objective criteria by an expert editor, meaning you have all of the information you need to decide which service seems right for you.

In terms of content, Fitness Websites tend to contain a combination of similar features that are intended to help improve members’ exercise and fitness regimes. A range of exercise and fitness features help users improve their stamina, develop exercise plans for themselves and often include demonstration videos or instructions to teach members new workouts. Some sites even include a personal online trainer who offers advice and provides assistance in meeting exercise goals. These features are backed up by dietary and nutritional advice including recipes, meal plans, grocery lists and more – all of which provide users with easy to follow instructions that help them complement their increased physicality with a more balanced diet. All of these features are supplemented by weight and fitness trackers that help users see the benefit of their hard work. Excellent!

Our No.1 Choice Award in this category goes to ‘Fast Track to Fat Loss’, a great site that offers users the absolute best in fitness and nutritional features to give them the best chance of improving their health and wellbeing. By building all tools and features around a 12-week timetable, users are able to see the benefits of their hardwork quickly, which helps improve stamina and motivation. What’s more, because the site also brings with it a fantastic, supportive community of other exercisers, it’s easy to feel motivated and proud of your achievements. Other sites that caught our eye in this category include Changing Shape, a site that offers a vast amount of personalized support for each of its members and Gym America, the testosterone-fuelled, no-nonsense fitness site that aims to help its members achieve results fast!

As a whole this category provides users with a wide range of supportive features and advice at a price that pales in comparison to the annual cost of a personal trainer or fitness coach. If you’re looking to lose weight and get in shape, then one of the services we have reviewed in this category could definitely help you improve your chances of success! Check out our reviews in the Fitness Websites category today for everything you need to know about these services!

US Sports Betting Websites Reviews

US Sportsbook Gambling Online
Online Sports Betting Websites (USA) provide users with the same services as they can enjoy at a highstreet bookmaker, with none of the hassle! In recent years, online sports gambling has grown significantly in popularity, along with other online pastimes such as bingo, poker and other casino games. Users enjoy the fact that they can place their bets instantly, without leaving the comfort of their own home. Similarly, as with other similar services, users of Sports Betting Websites can benefit from a number of great bonuses and promotions that just aren’t on offer at traditional bookmakers. It’s this combination of convenience, promotion and variety that makes these sites so popular, so we were pretty excited to test them out and tell you all what we thought of them!

So what can you expect to find when you join one of these Sports Betting Sites? Well, once you have signed up to the site you can examine the odds available on a range of sporting events, just as you would in regular highstreet bookmakers. These sites have invested a great deal in making this process straightforward, so on many sites users can search for the event or sport they are looking to bet on using a search function and then filter results to find exactly what they are looking for. Placing a bet is similarly straightforward, with most sites in this category employing high-end technology to make understanding the betting process (and the potential outcomes of your bet) a little easier. Those who aren’t gambling experts will be excited to find that many of the more complex bets, such as accumulators and parlay bets are well explained and are easy to structure. If you have any problems of course, you can always check out our Glossary of Sports Betting Terms to find out more about particular bet-types.

Our Number 1 Choice Award goes to Intertops Sportsbook (sister site to Intertops Casino), a fantastic site that offers its users a wide range of betting options, one of the most extensive sporting coverages we have come across while researching this category. Users can enjoy simple to use betting technology, an easy-to-navigate site and of course, the ability to bet on any number of blockbuster sporting events at any time of the day or night. While this industry is noted for being particularly competitive, we couldn’t help but feel that Intertops Sportsbook got it right. Other big players in this market include 5 Dimes Sportsbook (the partner site to 5 Dimes Casino), BetUS Sportsbook and Bookmaker Sportsbook, all of which combine great features and financial incentives with the finest in modern technology to provide players with the best possible betting experience.

Whether you’re a bit of a gambling enthusiast or you’ve never done more than have a flutter on the Kentucky Derby or Superbowl, we’re sure you’ll enjoy giving online sports betting a go. Not only does it have all of the fun and excitement of regular sports gambling, but it’s also incredibly versatile and convenient. If that wasn’t enough to entice you in – your winnings are deposited instantly into your online account, meaning no more queuing at the bookmakers or lost tickets to worry about! Give it a try today!

Audiobook Websites Reviews

Audiobook Websites
With the growth in popularity of computer tablets, personal MP3 players (including iPods) and laptop computers, its not much of surprise that Audiobook Websites have also seen a considerable boost in their popularity. Alongside downloading music and other digital content from a range of online sources, web users have taken to downloading audiobooks in their droves for a wide variety of reasons. Users of these services report that not only are audiobooks a great way of consuming literature, the flexibility of these services (in that books downloaded can be listened to on a number of different devices and by more than one user) makes them ideal for use by families and individuals alike.

Audiobooks themselves have been popular for a number of years, although it’s only in the past few years (with the liberalisation of digital media and the growth of services such as iTunes which have come to define a new age in downloadable media) that their popularity has really taken off. A new generation of readers is now discovering the true joy of having a book read to them, and audiobook websites give users access to wide libraries of books to download – perfect for avid readers (and listeners!) everywhere.

Coming in first in this category is industry power-house,, a subsidiary of Providing audibooks, e-books and other forms of digital media, is a wildly impressive service that gives users access to up to two books per month by way of monthly or annual subscriptions. As users download the books to their own devices (instead of borrowing them from a lending library) they have access to them at any time for as many times as they would like to listen to them. One of the key attractions of is the sheer scale of the library of books on offer for download – more than 100,000 books in total – meaning there will always be something perfect for you regardless of what your particular tastes are.

While did take the top spot in this category with some ease, that’s not to say there wasn’t serious competition. Other big hitters include iTunes Audiobooks (from one of the most recognisable brands in the digital media industry), leading audibooks site Simply Audiobooks and the free services LibriVox and Books Free. We enjoyed using all of these services to pick up our favourite books online and would urge our readers to check out all of the sites we have reviewed in this category to find audiobook versions of their favourite books.

All in all, our book-loving expert reviewers had a great time checking out the services on offer in this category. If you’re a bit of a book-worm too, or even if you are looking to discover (or re-discover) a love for literature in a slightly different way, audiobooks could well be a great way for you to do so. Head over to No.1 Reviews to find out everything you need to know about the Audiobook Websites in this category and make a decision about which one is right for you! Enjoy!

Learn Photography Online

Learn Photography Online
Whether you’re looking to find out more about how to take the perfect shot, or simply wanting to improve your technique prior to heading off on a dream holiday, Teach Yourself Photography Guides can help you learn how to take a beautiful picture. As always, we have scoured the web and beyond to find all of the most popular products in this category and done all of the hard work for you – comparing what’s on offer with each one to help you decide which one is right for you. Our reviews of Teach Yourself Photography products joins a range of other reviews in educational categories, such as Teach Yourself Guitar, Teach Yourself Piano, Teach Yourself Painting and many more besides…

There are so many reasons why these types of products are favored by learners across the world. Firstly, they offer the chance to work at your own pace – unencumbered by the structure of traditional lessons. Secondly, users can engage with a variety of different forms of media (including books, videos, DVD’s and more) and increasingly benefit from interactive materials provided online. This means these courses can be undertaken from the comfort of your own home or garden (inspiration permitting, of course) and so are ideal for those who may not be able or willing to make it to a regular photography class. Of course, one of the key reasons why these services are so popular is cost. Learners can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the expert photographers who have created these courses for a fraction of the cost of private tuition, thus opening up the joy of photography to a wider audience.

One of our favorite services in this category was Learn and Master Photography, a product whose sister courses (Learn and Master Piano, Learn and Master Painting and Learn and Master Guitar) have also picked up the top spot in their respective categories. Achieving a five-star rating, we were impressed not only by the comprehensiveness of the course and the great value price, but also by the fact that users could benefit from a wide range of additional features including 24/7 access to an online student support center and community forums. This is what sets this service apart from others in the category, and one of the reasons why it picked up our No.1 Choice Award in the Teach Yourself Photography category!

All in all, we reviewed 18 products in this category, spanning the full spectrum of prices and formats. Aside from Learn and Master Photography, we also rated highly ‘Learn Digital Photography Now’ (a course that provides a more budget-friendly approach to learning photography) and Digital Photography Success, by professional photography Amy Renfry, although any one of the products we reviewed in this category would serve you well. If you’re thinking about taking up photography, head over to No.1 Reviews and find out everything you need to know about the range of learning tools and resources on offer to help you on your way.

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Teach Yourself German Reviews

Learn German Online
Learning a new language is not only rewarding, it’s also great fun too. German is a great language to learn and our ‘Teach YourselfGerman’ reviews will help you on that road by giving you all of the information you need about the latest products that help you learn German quickly and easily. Many of the products we have reviewed in this category are produced by the same publishers that produced products that feature in other similar categories we have already reviewed (including Teach Yourself English, Teach YourselfFrench, Teach Yourself Spanish and Teach Yourself Italian), giving the makers considerable experience in dealing with home-language tuition.

The types of products we have reviewed in this category differ considerably. We appreciate that people learn in different ways, so have taken the time to consider books, audio-courses, DVD’s, software packages and more, so as to give our readers the best possible chance of finding a product that’s right for them. In reviewing the guides, not only did we consider each product in the context of a set of objective criteria (as always), but we also looked specifically at the priorities each learner would have and what they wanted to achieve from the courses. Some users only want to learn enough German to get by when travelling abroad, others just want to learn as a hobby, whilst others will use these guides as a stepping stone for further study for business or work purposes. Regardless of your intention when learning, the guides we have considered in this category will help you get where you want to be.

Our No.1 rated product in this category was Rocket German. Although the product can be demanding, in terms of providing a comprehensive, successful and interactive course that is suitable for all skill levels, Rocket German really can’t be beaten. Users can choose from four different skill levels to find resources and lessons that are suitable for them and use audio lessons, exercises, MP3’s, software packages and printed books in order to progress. Once you’ve mastered one level, it’s easy to move on to the next and continue to improve your skills. What’s more, Rocket German can be trialled for 6 days free of charge, so if you’re not sure whether this service is right for you, it’s easy (and free) to give it a go.

Even though we loved Rocket German, the category as a whole is comprised of more than 20 products, all of which have something to offer the budding language-learner. Rosetta Stone German, the German version of one of the most recognisable brands in the industry makes it into our number 2 spot, while Berltiz German Premier and Myngle (German) offer different, slightly more casual takes on language learning. A more unusual service, illustrating how diverse this category is, is German Pod 101 – a language course based almost entirely on your iPod! Regardless of the sort of learner you are, and the amount of time and money you have to devote to your new pastime, check out our reviews before choosing a service – we’re sure there’ll be something for you there!

US Online Tutoring Reviews

US Online Tutoring Websites
Our US Online Tutoring Reviews give worried students and parents all the information they need to know about a range of services currently on the market to help improve students’ grades and prepare them for public examinations. Whether you’re concerned about college admission, exam performance or simply looking to bolster your child’s confidence a little as they move through formal education, Online Tutoring services can provide a cost-effective, efficient and safe solution to what is normally considered a costly problem. While the content, focus and quality of these services differs considerably from service to service, No.1 Reviews is on hand as usual to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed choice.

Online tutoring is generally undertaken through a range of communicative means including webcam, webchat, instant messaging, internet-phone and, in recent times, through interactive ‘virtual whiteboard’ environments. Students interact directly with expert tutors (who are also more often than not qualified teachers) who can introduce them to new concepts, develop their knowledge and address problems at the learner’s pace. Services in this category normally offer general support in a range of curriculum subjects, but occasionally services specialise in offering only specific subject tuition or tuition catering to specific grades or levels, so it’s worth checking out precisely what’s on offer before signing up. Almost all of the services we have reviewed in this category go the extra mile by providing students with a range of excellent resources that help to supplement their learning outside of the “tutor-tutee” environment.

Our favorite service in this category has to be TutorVista, a clear winner of our No.1 Choice Award in the US Online Tutoring category. With more than 6.5 million tutoring sessions having already been completed, TutorVista has been featured on NBC's The Today Show and on BBC News and is widely thought of as the most affordable way to provide your children with private, one-to-one tuition. We particularly loved the interactive whiteboard technology that lets users of all ages work through problems, simulations and assessments in a way that helps them build their confidence and their communication skills (as well as providing subject-based support). With a vast number of traditional subjects covered, from kindergarten right up to 12th grade and beyond, TutorVista has to be your first stop in finding a suitable online tutor for your child.

Although TutorVista takes the crown in this category, there were a number of other services that stood out when we reviewed this category. The rather simply-named offers tuition across a broad range of subjects and levels (though at price a little less pocket-friendly than others) while eTutor and eTutorWorld offer more specific support for a more focused set of subjects. If you’re looking to find an online tutor who meets your child’s needs without breaking the bank, check out our reviews of the key players in this market to find out everything you need to know!

UK Online Tutoring Reviews

UK Online Tutoring Services
Alongside our reviews of Online Tutoring Sites in the USA, our UK Online Tutoring Reviews gives worried parents and teens the low-down on the best tutoring services for struggling scholars up and down the country. Sometimes, we all need a little extra help here and there, especially with academic study, which, in all honesty, doesn’t suit everyone. The internet has provided a new way for students to connect with tutors and other teaching professionals to help provide them with the extra support they need to do better in their exams and, indeed, throughout their course of study. While the UK Online Tutoring market isn’t quite as large and lively as its US counterpart, we’re sure you’ll find a service in our listings that’s right for you or your child and help them on the road to success, regardless of the subject or level.

Online tutoring varies wildly from service to service and it can be difficult to pin down a precise definition from the variety of services on offer. On the whole, the mainstay of online tutoring is the provision of one-on-one, personalised support for children of all ages, levels and abilities. This support is often provided using webcam, internet-phone or instant messaging and is often given by qualified teachers (although, as with real-life tutoring, support is more often given by university students versed in particular subjects). When choosing one of these services, users should bear in mind the level and ability of the child, the subject matter and exam board, the technology they have available to them and the amount of money they are willing to spend. On that topic, there’s no denying that tutoring of any kind is expensive, but online tutoring often offers far greater value for money than ‘real-life’ tutoring, so it’s certainly worth a try if you’re struggling to find someone in your area at the right price.

Our highest-ranking service out of the six we have considered in this category is TutorMe, a fantastic service that spans the full educational range (both in terms of academic levels and subjects). We were also very impressed by the flexibility of the service at TutorMe, with users being able to choose from 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions depending on their needs. All TutorMe tutors are fully vetted, interviewed and CRB-checked, making them safe to work with children and young adults of all ages. In terms of cost, GCSE and ALevel classes are charged at £25 per hour, while Undergraduate and Postgraduate classes are charged at £30 per hour. Even though it already hits the top spot in this category, we’re poised for significant developments at TutorMe in the coming months and years – the site has already identified ‘personalised learning’ as one of its educational goals, and we’re sure this is only one of the developments in the pipeline.

If you’re looking for more focused support, BrightSpark Education offers a maths-only service that aims to improve the numeracy levels of students taking its program (as does Maths Whizz, an alternative service); while more ad-hoc support (such as homework help) is offered by TutorHub. Regardless of the needs of you or your child, there’s something out there that can help even the most struggling of students achieve their goals. Check out these services today!

Dog Training Guides Reviews

Dog Training Reviews
They say a dog is man’s best friend, but you may not agree wholeheartedly if you’re dog fails to behave itself – both inside and outside of the house. Our reviews of the best Dog Training Guides currently on the market will help you on the road to solving this problem. By giving readers advice on doggy behaviour, clear instructions on how to solve common problems and guidance on how to improve your dog’s behaviour and responsiveness, these Dog Training Guides will prove a godsend to the owner of an unruly canine. The guides themselves come in a number of different forms, from printed books and audiobooks to e-books, online forums and demonstrations and even email consultations. Regardless of the product you choose in the end, we’re sure that our run-down of the best options in this category will help you on the way to having a well-behaved family pet.

As well as differences in format, many of the Dog Training Guides we have considered in this category also differ based on the type of training techniques that are advocated by their creators. Which guide appeals to you as a dog-owner will largely depend on the types of techniques you are familiar with and are happy using on your own pet. These techniques vary from traditional ‘negative reinforcement’ techniques (whereby the dog learns to behave in a certain way based on unpleasant experiences (such as pain or discomfort) that it learns to associate with undesirable behaviours), to more modern techniques such as ‘dog whispering’ or ‘positive reinforcement’. Our reviews of products in this category give extensive consideration to the types of techniques adopted so as to help you make the right choice.

Our favorite product in this category is ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ a great course that helps you improve your dogs behaviour in no time at all. Using a combination of techniques, including correction techniques, positive reinforcement and active communication, ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ helps dog owners correct their dogs negative behaviour as well as highlighting to owners areas in which they themselves are going wrong. Customers can opt for a free 6-day course to introduce them to the benefits of this service, or opt for the full course (by either download or hard copy) which comes complete with bonus features and a 30-minute video program.

Although we were very impressed by ‘Secrets to Dog Training’, the category as a whole contains 21 products, all of which offer something different for the prospective dog trainer. Other products which particularly impressed us include Train Pet Dog, by Nancy Richards; Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Guide (written by Dove Cresswell herself, an esteemed dog trainer and owner) and The Dog Training Secret, amongst others. Regardless of the type of issues you are experiencing with your dog, we’re sure there’s something here to help you. Check out our full reviews of these products today!

Christian Dating Reviews

Christian Dating Site Reviews
No.1 Reviews has a lot of experience in reviewing online dating sites, and our latest foray into this particular sector is Christian Dating. Finding someone that is right for you can be difficult, and this is especially the case when you’re a devout Christian. You want to find someone who shares your beliefs and holds them in the same high regard that you do, as well as finding someone who can share your faith with you. Indeed, if your faith is a really important part of your life, its unsurprising that you really couldn’t imagine dating anyone who didn’t feel the same way. These sites help you to do that by bringing together those in your local area that are also looking to date Christians, helping you in your search for your perfect partner.

The Christian Dating sites we have reviewed in this category provide members with many of the same features users of mainstream, non-niche dating sites can enjoy using. The main difference of course is that, with Christian Dating sites, all users are practicing Christians (although it should be noted that not all users are equally as devout), so members can at least eliminate those whose beliefs would not be compatible with their own. While our reviews of Mainstream Online Dating sites provides our readers with all of the information they need about online dating generally, our in-depth reviews of Christian Dating sites give users access to specific information about sites in this particular niche.

The top site in this category is Christian Mingle, a clear winner of our No.1 Choice Award for Christian Dating. We were excited and impressed by the features on offer at this service, with users being able to search through literally millions of users and filter results using a number of search features in order to find a partner who perfectly matches your desires and expectations. A number of the membership features are specifically focused on the Christian dating market, giving members the chance to meet other members in the ‘worship centre’ and take part in faith-based messageboards and blogs. Furthermore, Christian Mingle has picked up numerous endorsements from Churches, Christian Groups and Pastors, highlighting the fact that the site is a perfect place for Christians to find each other for love and companionship.

Other great sites we found as part of our research into this category include Big Church, a popular online dating site for Christian daters, Christian Cupid, part of the Cupid Media group of dating sites (which also brought, and other niche sites to the online dating market) and the casual, community focused Christian CafĂ©. We enjoyed getting to know all of these services better and finding out why their users love them so much – and while all of these services aren’t as popular as Christian Mingle, they’re still worth checking out. If you’re looking for a place where you can find a lifetime partner who shares your beliefs and your outlook on life, the sites we have reviewed in this category are the perfect place to start.

Shopping Cart Software Reviews

eCommerce & Shopping Cart Software
As well as reviewing consumer products, recently we have ploughed time and resources into providing more in-depth, expert reviews of commerce-related products and services. Our recent reviews of Shopping Cart Software is illustrative of this push, so we hope all of our readers from the online-retail world find our efforts helpful. Regardless of your level of experience, Shopping Cart Software helps you set up an online store to sell your products or services with considerable ease – leveraging a range of features and tools to help you do so in a secure and simple fashion. Although you may think that setting up an online store is complex, with these fantastic tools to hand, we’re sure you’ll be up and running in no time.

As noted in our buying guide for this category, the Shopping Cart Software products we have reviewed (more than 25 in total) fall into two broad categories – hosted and installable. Although our reviews go through the positives and negatives of both of these types of solutions, it’s important to decide in advance what sort of product you’re looking for, based on your skills, knowledge and web-experience. If you’re new to web-sales, you would probably be better off choosing a hosted service (where a user pays a monthly fee in return for management of all of the technical aspects of the online store), which, though more expensive, will be less reliant on technical input from the user. If you’re more confident in web-design and web-sales, however, an installable solution will prove cheaper and more efficient. For more information, check out our buying guide, which goes through the detail of both options more thoroughly.

Our clear winner in this category was Big Commerce, a product that is already powering more than 20,000 online stores (a number that is growing every day). With a range of different package options (ranging in cost depending on the scale and complexity of the operation you’re looking to establish), we’re sure that you will find the support you’re looking for with this service. With no transaction fees, search engine optimization-friendly design and features and a range of additional, ancillary features that help you develop your online store into a real success, we were pretty impressed by everything on offer at Big Commerce.

Other great services in this category include Core Commerce, Volusion, Shopify and Pinnacle Cart, and with 27 products in total (all with their own unique features) it’s easy to find something that perfectly fits your needs and specification. Although you may not have thought you had the technical knowledge to set up your own online store, with the help of these Shopping Cart Software packages, you would be surprised at what you can achieve. Check out our reviews to find out everything you need to know about these great products!

Online Website Building Tools

Website Building Tools
These days, almost every business has a web presence with most small business owners creating their websites themselves. We have evaluated a range of Online Website Building Tools to give you a head start in the process of developing your own business website (or indeed, for any other purpose). These services are distinct from Web Hosting services, which we have also reviewed, and offer users a wide range of great features and support in order to help them develop a great website that will improve their business prospects and generate a more professional image.

Most of the services we have identified in this category work as WYSIWYG editors (which stands for ‘What You See Is What You Get’), giving ordinary users the chance to create their own sites with ease. Gone are the days when only computer whizz-kids could produce their own website in a relatively short time. While computing experts may perhaps find these services a little limited (and they certainly don’t replace professional website building software) for small businesses and individual users, there are few ways of creating a website of such high quality, in such little time and, crucially, for such little financial outlay. Members base their website on one or more templates, giving them inspiration and an editable structure that helps create a professional, sleek look regardless of your level of experience. One of the best elements of many of the Online Website Building Tools we have reviewed is that complex elements, like flash design, e-commerce and other similar features are easily added to sites, making them even more professional in appearance. was our clear winner in this category, taking the No.1 Choice Award for providing its users with the most comprehensive and easy-to-use collection of tools and features. We loved the fact that users can start off by creating an ad-sponsored website completely free of charge, or (by paying a small monthly fee) create a website with associated email addresses, up to 100GB of bandwidth, 5000MB of web storage and more. When it comes to adding features to your site, users of can choose from a vast array of features and applications that can be installed with a single click – making the creation of a professional site to advertise yourself or your business an absolute breeze.

Other sites that appeared towards the top end of our listings for this category include the hilariously-named Weebly, one of the most recognizable brands in website construction; Yola, a service that lets users create their site for free (but a really professional site will cost up to $500 per year) and Moonfruit, a cost effective solution that is behind some of the most professional looking sites out there. Regardless of the type of site you’re looking to create, these products can help you on your way. Check out our reviews in this category to find out everything you need to know about Online Website Building Tools!

US Online Stock Trading Reviews

US Online Stock Trading
Making a few extra dollars on the side of your main income is not only satisfying, it’s also a great way of putting a little away for a rainy day. Online Stock Trading has become incredibly popular in recent years, and the tools to do so have developed considerably. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to manage your portfolio online or intend to use the internet to trade in more complex ways (such as FOREX, for example), there’s something for you in this category. The biggest advantage to trading online is the feeling of instant gratification – users can trade instantly, see the rises and falls in the value of their investment and sell instantly when the price is right.

Online Stock Trading can be a complex thing to get head around the first few times you do it, but our reviews and buying guide in this category help you get to grips with what’s on offer at each service with ease, so you know exactly what to expect when you log on for the first time. These sites offer users a range of features that help them trade with greater ease and efficiency, helping them maximize their gains. Finding a service that meets your level of experience is most important – by dabbling in trades you don’t fully understand you do open yourself up to losses, so it’s worth checking out our reviews to find out which services offer features and tools tailored to particular levels of experience and understanding. Finally, fees are also worth bearing in mind. Like traditional stockbrokers, the brokers themselves charge a fee for their part in the deal and Online Stock Trading sites are no different – again, our reviews detail the amount you can expect to pay in fees so you know before you start trading how much each trade will cost you.

Our No.1 Choice Award in this category goes to OptionsXpress, a fantastic service that lets its users leverage a wide range of tools to their advantage, making their trades easier and more profitable. Favored by professionals and amateur traders alike, we enjoyed using the OptionsXpress downloadable trading application, giving users access to all of the information they need at the touch of a button. We also enjoyed the fact that OptionsXpress is fully mobile compatible, with a iPhone and Android App being available to help users monitor their investments on-the-go. While we loved OptionsXpress, this category is large and did throw up quite a few good options, including OptionsHouse, E*Trade Financial, city giants Charles Schwab and Merrill Edge and many others. All of these services offer high quality technology and tools that help users to trade high value futures, options and stocks with ease.

If you’re thinking of giving online stock trading a go, our USA Online Stock Trading Reviews offer all of the information you will need to make a decision about which service would be right for your needs. Not only is it great fun, it’s also a rewarding way to create a little nest-egg for college tuition, a wedding fund or even a nice holiday – give it a try today!

Wednesday 13 February 2013

USA Dropshipping Services Reviews

USA Dropshipping Websites
Dropshipping can be an ideal way to generate an additional income that, over time, can pay for a holiday or two or even a new car (depending on how successful you are). Our reviews of the best US Dropshipping Services help prospective dropshippers to find out more about how they can generate an income in this way and how the major players in this category operate. For those who aren’t familiar with dropshipping, it is a type of sales technique that allows retailers to link up sales ‘leads’ with an at-source supplier, who then takes over the lead and fulfils the order. This means an individual user can open a website advertising products and, when a sale is generated, pass the responsibility of fulfilling the sale onto a third party. This is exactly what Dropshipping Services do – meaning users can concentrate on building up sales without having to worry about the ins-and-outs of the distribution process. If you’re still unclear about what these services do, check out our Dropshipping Buying Guide for everything you need to know about dropshipping in general.

In our experience, the US Dropshipping market is a little more exciting than its UK counterpart (which we have also reviewed), giving users access to a wider range of products and helping to drive down prices in the industry – which, of course, helps to improve profit margins for the end user too. Joining these sites is simple and straightforward, with members having to pay a monthly or annual fee for the privilege of membership, along with the wholesale unit cost of each item they ‘buy’ from the dropshipper. What’s really excellent about these services is that, once a sales lead is delivered to the Dropshipping Service, users have no more interaction with the distribution process – the dropshipper will source, package and post the product without you having to lift a finger. Sure, the rewards are incremental and it may take a while to generate a serious income from this type of business, but for hands-off e-commerce, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

The main area of difference for US Dropshipping Services is the product range that is on offer. While many services offer a general service, others cater only to specific markets – choosing to specialise in goods from a particular industry (for example, electronics). Our No.1 Choice Award in this category went to, a true dropshipping giant – one of the largest organizations engaged in dropshipping in the world. Doba offers dropshipping retailers a vast catalogue of products (with more than a million in total) to choose from, all of which can be dropshipped straight to the end consumer in a matter of days. Although membership of the service does cost around $60 per month, this service really does offer great scope for profit if you’re willing to put the effort in, so it’s definitely worth a try. Other great services in this category include Salehoo, a kind of catalogue for dropshipping companies, and Worldwide Brands, a service that offers a colossal collection of products (8.2 million in total) across more than 8,000 suppliers.

If you’re looking for a great way to start earning a second income without too much additional stress or financial outlay, dropshipping could be for you. Head over to No.1 Reviews and read all about it today!

Dropshipping Services UK

UK Dropshipping Services
Dropshipping is a fantastic way to make a small income on the side of your regular career, or even start up an international business from the comfort of your own living room. Our reviews of UK Dropshipping Services help our readers find out more about this interesting business venture and decide on the relative merits of each service. For those who aren’t familiar with Dropshipping, check out our buying guide in this category to find out everything you need to know. In short, dropshipping is a sale technique that involves linking up a prospective buyer with a wholesale provider, who then go on to provide the product and ship it to the consumer. The profits to be made are determined by the mark-up on the wholesale price from the supplier (that is, the difference between the retail price and the price the product is bought from the supplier).

One of the great things about dropshipping is that users with only a small amount of internet knowledge and a bit of business know-how can start to generate a tidy profit from relatively little effort. Dropshipping websites give users access to the product catalogues, from which they can select products to try and sell to consumers. Dropshipping businesses are also low-cost, with users free from high running costs, stock costs, storage costs and more – because the business itself is based on on-demand buying and selling (and the dropshipper takes care of postage and dispatch costs). The only real cost involved is the membership fees for the Dropshipping Service itself, along with the wholesale cost of the item itself. Items that are commonly ‘dropshipped’ include mobile phones, computers, DVDs, clothing, electronics and more.

The site you actually choose to work with will depend on the type of products you’re looking to sell (and this will depend on your interests, experience and perhaps most probably, you’re eye for an ‘easy sell’). Our favourite service in this category was Pixmania Pro, an electronics dropshipping service that gives users the best chance of making a fair profit on their product ranges. With users being able to dropship a wide range of electronics and associated accessories (including Digital cameras, Camcorders, Printers, Scanners, USB Flash Drives, Mobile Phones, Mp3 Players, TV’s, Laptops and more) there’s a huge scope for profit to be made. What’s more, because the service is well established (serving more than 300,000 users, sending out 30,000 products per day) you can be sure your customers will be satisfied and thus, you’ll continue making money.

Other services we have reviewed in this category include Puckator Dropship (which supplies giftware, including collectibles, soft toys, jewellery and more); ATS Distribution (which, like Pixmania Pro, provides electronics and accessories) and Dropship Kids, which deals exclusively in children’s clothing. As you can see, there’s a lot of scope for dropshipping products in different markets depending on your interests and your nose for profit – check out our reviews today to find out everything you need to know about starting up your own dropshipping business!
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