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Single Parent Dating Websites Reviews

Single Parent Dating Websites Reviews
Kids can put a real spanner in the works of your love life, can’t they? After all, not everybody wants to get involved with a new family. Finding dates as a single parent can be more difficult that when you were merely single. Between school runs, finding babysitters, late nights and early mornings, and just generally being a good parent, time is a precious thing and many people don’t want to waste it on dates with people who have no interest in their kids.

Most people have heard of dating websites, but far fewer know about Single Parent Dating Websites. These sites are designed for single parents who are looking for dates with people who understand the joys and pressures of parenthood. All sorts of people use single parent dating sites. Mums and dads, yes, but also people who want to be part of a family, or who love kids.

These sites allow you to find people and chat online, finding out about their life before you decide to go on a date. The key difference here is that everyone on the site is either a single parent or is open to the idea of dating someone who has children.

Single mother and single father dating websites aren’t necessarily all about kids, either. After all, these sites are primarily set up to help people find a night out, romance, love or long-term relationships. Profiles may mention your family, but members are interested in you. You can share photos and videos, flirt online, talk about things which matter to you, chat using your webcam and more. Dating is at the heart of things, don’t worry.

There are a lot of single parent dating websites to choose from, and each one offers something different. If you just want to meet local single parents, maybe even just for friendship, you can do so. If you want to become part of an online community, sharing stories and advice, that’s available too. You can find single parent events, such as speed dating sessions or meet-up groups in pubs and cafes, or even arrange your own events if you prefer.

Our favorite single parent dating site was Single Parent Match. This website has been going for over a decade and has helped thousands of people to connect. There’s a great community vibe, with forums and chat rooms, plus enough members to satisfy even the pickiest single mum or dad.

In second place, Single Parent Meet provides free access to a number of features, including the ability to upload videos. It includes tips on dating (if you’re out of practice) plus childcare advice and links for when you need support to go on a date.

Our third highest rated site in this category is Single Parent Love, with live chat and webcam features and very detailed profile pages to help you express what you’re hoping to find.

Love doesn’t knock at every corner, particularly when there’s a little person (or people) around who need a lot of time and attention.  If you’re hoping to meet someone like-minded, who enjoys your company and wants to be involved in your family life, Single Parent Dating Websites are worth a visit. Don’t forget to tell the babysitter you might be home late!

CV and Résumé Writing Services Reviews

CV / Resume Writing Services Reviews
Few people know their calling in life. Many of us meander from job to job, seeking some kind of fulfilment, or at least some kind of work which pays enough to survive and doesn’t drive us insane. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new occupation, or you just want to take a sidestep within your current field, a decent CV or resume is absolutely necessary. Like it or not, most employers take just a few minutes to decide whether or not you’ll get an interview. The first thing they see, and therefore judge you on, is your resume. This document outlines your skills and experiences, selling you as a viable candidate for their attention and employment. It has to be good! We understand that not everyone is the Charles Dickens of resume writing, and that a lot of people rarely read a resume, let alone write one. That’s why there’s help at hand, in the form of CV and Resume Writing Services.

If you’ve ever tried to write your resume before, you’ll know it’s not a fun or easy task. Which information will you put first? How much detail will you offer? Does it really say what they want to hear? These nuggets of concern are important, and they need addressing. The problem is that the answers aren’t always apparent to people who aren’t in the business of reading and writing resumes. Resume writing services put you in touch with professionals who can help.

Services vary in terms of how they operate. Some will require a phone interview, with a professional at the end of the line. They will ask you a series of simple questions and then work on your resume on your behalf, sending you drafts and a finished product when you’re happy with it. Others will ask you to fill in forms online, choosing from different layouts and designs. Some mix this up entirely, blending automated systems with human-led services. It all depends on what you need.

Really, anyone looking for a job can benefit from using a CV writing service. However, they’re probably going to be most useful to individuals who are not really sure how to improve their CV, or who have little idea how to write one. The drawback, of course, is that having someone write your resume is going to cost you money, and that you may need to edit it when applying for jobs in different sectors or positions. That is an unfortunate inevitability, but there are different tools and services for different prices, so there should be something to suit what you’re looking for.

We felt that The Resume Center, with its professional and user-friendly services was a top option for anyone who was looking for a career change. They have two decades’ worth of experience and can help at all levels of the writing process.

Resume Edge was also a high hitter, with resume writing services for applications to executive level jobs. They can also work with existing CV’s or start from scratch.

Great Resumes Fast came in third place, offering unlimited revisions to resumes at no extra charge, and distribution services if you can’t deliver the documents yourself.

Tired of missing job opportunities which could change your life? Hoping to nail that dream job? Whatever the state of your CV or resume, we’re sure that CV/Resume Writing services will be able to help.

VPN and Proxy Services Reviews

VPN and Proxy Services Reviews
Have you ever been tempted to print out your bank details and hand them out to people on the street? How about sharing your favorite family photos with some strangers? No? We didn’t think so. Fact is, when you’re using the internet, all of your personal and private details can be at risk from theft. Hackers can track and monitor the websites you’ve viewed, what you did on them and where you accessed them from. If you’re alarmed by this, you’re not alone, but there are measures you can take to protect your information from making it into unwanted hands. Introducing: Proxy Services.

Proxy services (also known as VPN – or Virtual Private Networks) protect your personal data in a variety of ways. Firstly, they can encrypt your information so that it’s virtually impossible for hackers to read. This is like converting the data into another code, and they’d need the key to crack it. Another way they protect your data is by putting it through a tunnel. Although the data goes in and out clearly, it cannot be followed in the tunnel because it keeps changing direction and passing by other pieces of information. That’s a somewhat laymen description of what is quite a complex process, however, you don’t necessarily need to understand how it works, simply what the effects and uses are.

Beyond protecting your private information, proxy services also allow you to access a wide range of websites which may be restricted. Let’s look at another example: if you want to watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV, you might need to be in the US. Websites know where you’re located, so they’ll stop access to those shows if you’re in another country. VPN services put your signal through routers in other countries, making it appear as though you are on your computer in that location. Then, hey presto, you can watch your show because the website believes you are in the US.

Using a proxy, it’s very hard to detect where you are when you’re using the internet, because your signal is bounced around the world. This makes them ideal for anyone who wishes to send or receive data which they don’t want stolen or traced. This also makes them great for people who wish to access online entertainment which may be geographically restricted.

There are many Virtual Private Network websites and services to choose from, but our highest rated VPN service is Hide My Ass. This offers top notch security features, including 128 bit encryption and advanced tools for experienced users, at a really low price.

The runner up prize goes to Pure VPN, with over 450 servers and a flexible system which works on a variety of devices.

In third position, IP Vanish has superior online support and an impressive array of servers to choose from.

If you want to explore sites unhindered, share private files, protect your identity or just fancy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your information is secure, VPN and Proxy Services may provide the tools you need.

Genealogy Websites Reviews

Genealogy Websites Reviews
Have you ever thought about where you came from? History is littered with interesting stories of triumph, hardship, love and connection, and all of that blended together in a very particular way, generation after generation, to make you. It’s quite the story, stretching back into the centuries, and it would be a shame to miss out on hearing it. Genealogy websites allow you to research your family history, finding out about your ancestors, their lives and what they went through in order to pass on their genes to the next generation. You’re a product of hundreds or even thousands of years of stories, just waiting to be found.

Genealogy sites (also known as family tree websites) provide a range of tools to help you find and organize information about your lineage. Whether you wish to build a recent family tree with photos and newspaper clippings, or dive back deeper into the depths of history, they have the expertise and features to help. For example, you can search millions of home records, finding out about the people who lived in a particular building. Or, you could try to find out about the medals your grandfather won in the war, maybe even locating diary entries or voice recordings from his comrades in arms. This can all be brought together in a single space, linked to other family members or events in a way which will bring their stories to life.

Family history websites can be used by anybody. Whilst some are a little more complex than others, they’re often designed with amateurs in mind. This means that you don’t need to be a computer genius or have a PhD in history to find what you’re looking for. These sites can be intuitive, learning about what you need as you explore the fields of family history, making suggestions on where to look next. You can also find help from other members, potentially getting in contact with distant relatives whose lives went in another direction to your own. was our top pick for this category. It has excellent search features, really helping you to find who, or what, you are looking for. You can also collaborate on projects, sharing your research and workload with other members or family members to build a complete picture of a person’s life. Training tools are also available, turning you from a complete novice into a family legacy Sherlock Holmes.

Meanwhile, provides very similar services but for a UK market. If you have a family history in the UK, this is the place to find out about it.

In third place, we have, a specialist site for seeking Australian family archives. There are plenty more to choose from too, if you’re looking for a particular group or location.

Genealogy research websites open so many doors. Whether you’re an avid researcher or just looking for a bit of information about a bygone era, you can now find huge waves of information online at an affordable price. Who knows, you may find out more than you first hoped for...

Payroll Processing Services Reviews

Payroll Processing Services Reviews
Money is one of those troublesome little things in life. It can cause some of our greatest woes when we’re without it, and help improve our lives when we have it. We plan our time around whether or not we can afford the next vacation, or to fill the car with fuel. That’s why it’s so important that people are paid on time and accurately: an oversight might not only impact on their home life, but also on how happy or disgruntled they are in the work place. Money matters, and so Payroll Processing Services can be so vital to a modern workplace and workforce.

In the past, paying employees and monitoring your taxes was a complex affair, full of miscalculations and scribbled notes, incomprehensible forms and lost files. Now, computers are powerful and intuitive enough to simplify the whole process, which is great news if you’re a small business owner, run the HR department of a larger corporation, or simply struggle to keep track of your numbers properly.

Payroll services remove the hard parts, linking you to professionals who know how human resource and accounting departments function. They offer a wide range of services (some as packages, some as standalone options) which can be tailored to your business needs. Many of these employee payment services combine online tools with professional assistance, helping you to easily record and process payments, making changes when needed. They also provide tax support, making sure that you’re within the limits of the law.

Some payroll processing services will be specialists in a particular geographical area. For example, if you want to pay your employees in the USA, there are different regulations and processes there than in the UK. They can also offer guarantees that you won’t overpay your taxes or incur penalties for the taxes they process for you, adding some peace of mind. These features can be particularly important if you’re new to payrolls and processing your own taxes, making payroll services especially useful for new small businesses who don’t hire accountants.

Our number 1 payroll and tax processing service is Intuit Payroll, which is a stand out performer on the world market. It allows you to easily and accurately monitor working hours, making sure that employees are paid on time and that your taxes are accurately submitted for approval. It also synchronizes brilliantly with QuickBooks Payroll.

Meanwhile, Paychex simplifies your payroll needs with online tools such as wage calculators and automatic deposits, making use of mobile features for viewing accounts when you’re on the move.

Close on their heels, ADP combines software and professional services using a cloud-based system which enables multiple users to access and edit account details. It also comes with additional reporting features if you need to present data to the boss or board.

If, like so many people and businesses, you feel that paying your taxes and employees properly is important, online payroll processing services can be a huge help. They can save you time and money, as well as keeping your employees (and the tax offices) happy. With all that time and money saved, maybe you’ll finally have time to go on that vacation!

Genealogy Software Reviews

Genealogy Software Reviews

Who are you? Where have you come from? Where are you going? These are important questions to ask, and our genes and ancestry may hold the answers. If you’ve ever wondered who your ancestors were, what their lives were like and how you came into existence, you’re not alone. People around the world wish to know more about their lineage, whether it’s finding out about long lost relatives or simply to uncover the truth behind a family story. In the past, genealogical research required a lot of time and effort spent in the library and other local buildings, which isn’t always easy, particularly if you live far from where your ancestors set up home. Now, technology erodes those barriers, allowing anyone to access a wide range of information from the comfort of their own homes. Welcome to the exciting world of Genealogy Software.

Genealogy software (also known as Family Tree Software) allows you to build a complete picture of your living and deceased lineage. You can include photos, stories, videos and more, utilizing information gathered from thousands, or potentially millions, of sources. The most sophisticated lineage software allows you to find new information quickly, synchronizing with your existing records to uncover hidden knowledge and make new discoveries about your predecessors. This data can then be sorted and organized into a manageable system, wherein you can easily switch between timescales, family branches and more.

Genealogicalsoftware will be most useful to anyone who wishes to know more about their family history, particularly if they have a hard time keeping good records. It can help you to navigate the vast oceans of data which you can find online, simplifying and streamlining information for later use, making it useful for creating comprehensive but clear histories.

It’s important to find a reliable piece of family tree software, as compiling information can take a lot of time and effort. Losing data because of a fault could be a real problem, and so creating backups (digital or print outs) is advised. That said, the best software producers understand the need for stability when creating family records, and they try to make their products as secure as possible, whilst also simplifying the whole process of finding and managing photos, diary entries, newspaper clippings and more.

Our favorite piece of genealogy software was Family Tree Maker, which synchronizes with, the leading online resource for historic and family researches. The software is regularly updated and allows you to easily find and store information, plus you can share your family tree with others.

Next in line is Family Tree Builder, with more than 80 million registered users and access to My Heritage. The software is free to download, adding extra value for money.

So, if you want to cast away the shrouds of history to find out about the people who made you who you are, genealogy software could provide the tools you’ve been searching for.

Weight Loss Programs Reviews
Get that bikini body! Abs of steel! Roll out the guns! It’s hard not to walk the streets or switch on the TV without being bombarded by body-conscious images. Increasingly our world is one of disproportions: some of us not getting enough to eat, others getting too much, many of us simply eating the wrong sorts of things to stay healthy. As such, many people would like to reduce their weight, if not for health reasons then for aesthetics. Additional benefits of controlling weight can include increased energy levels, an improved libido, and even greater self-confidence, as well as increasing your life span. But it’s not always easy to stick to a diet, particularly if you don’t have the advice and support you need. That’s where Weight Loss Programs can make all the difference.

There are many diet and fat loss programs, all of which aim to help make you feel healthier and happier. Most of them provide tips and tools to help you monitor your weight, which has proven to improve your chances of losing fat and keeping it at a stable, healthy level. Some weight control websites also offer professional support from dieticians and exercise experts, who can help to tailor your diet and exercise to suit your lifestyle.

Many people, who are trying to stay healthy, find it useful to be part of a community, and you can join plenty of other members online to discuss tips or problems, or simply to support one another when times get tough.

Weight loss programs are ideal for people who want to lose weight and improve their general health. However, many other people can use them to great benefit. These sites often contain healthy options for alternative diets, making them useful if you have allergies or intolerances. In fact, you can often check exactly what is in a food, as some sites will keep huge databases on a variety of edibles, their ingredients and nutrient values.

Our champion in this category was, which provides plenty of useful tools to track and monitor your progress. They also provide workout videos, recipes and contact with professionals who can help you on your journey to better health. This all builds into a comprehensive, caring service with a community of members who support each other.

In second place, Diet To Go combines online tools with meal delivery, taking the fuss out of dieting with tasty, healthy eating options delivered straight to your door.

Jillian Michaels takes third place as a household name with plenty of workouts, tips and recipes which are updated regularly.

If you’ve been meaning to lose some weight, or just want to improve your health or body confidence, online weight control programs can be a huge help. They offer the professional advice, practical tips, tools and support you need to help build a healthier, happier You. We look forward to seeing the results!

Wedding Websites Reviews

Wedding Websites Reviews
Are those wedding bells we hear, or just a bout of tinnitus? No, we can see from the (somewhat nervous) smile on your face, you’re about to get married. Hearty congratulations! It’s bound to be a magical day, full of romance , friendship and fun. We assume you’ve got the table plans ready? How about the menus? What about your vegan cousin, and Aunt J, who won’t eat anything other than roast beef? And then there’s the flowers, the gift list, the photos... If only there were some way of organizing everything for a wedding day, which was controlled by you but allowed your guests and service-providers to have their say. Whether you just need to compile the RSVP’s or you have to plan the whole shebang, Wedding Websites are your secret ally.

What’s a wedding website? Well, when it comes to planning your wedding, things have changed a bit. Wedding websites perform a few key functions, but their main role is to help you organize your wedding and reduce the stress levels so you can really enjoy your big day.

One of the most useful things an online wedding planner can do is to provide functional tools. For example, you can send out invitations and then the system lets you know who will be coming. Using those lists, you can then send out gift suggestions, which people can tick off as they purchase presents. You can send out your menu and have people make their food choices in advance, or even plan out the table arrangements, order the flowers and more.

Another key use for wedding websites is to help you spread your good news, share thoughts, photos and more. This is a great way of making sure distant relatives and friends don’t feel excluded if they can’t make it along, because they can see videos and photos online. Guests can upload their content, or you can choose which snaps to make available, building a great image of the happy day. You can get really creative with your website, making it unique and special to you.

Our number one wedding planning website is WedSimple. This site has pretty much all the features you could hope for, helping you to plan your wedding and share memories from the event. They also offer round the clock support, budget calculators, music options and more, to make sure everything runs smoothly and to reflect your personalities.

In a close second place, Wedding Window goes to town on website building features, helping you to build a high quality wedding website which you can enjoy for years to come.

Coming in third, Wedding Wire connects soon-to-be newlyweds to industries and professionals around the USA, bringing wedding options to your fingertips with ease.

If you want to share your wedding day with friends and family, or just need some help organizing the myriad items on your wedding to-do list, wedding planning websites might just be your knight in shining armor. Now where did we put those wedding bells...?

Remote PC Access Reviews

Remote PC Access Reviews
Pour a glass of wine and change into your comfy slippers. Ahhh, that Friday feeling! Work’s over with and it’s time to relax. Or at least it would be if your boss weren’t calling you. You’d better answer; she hates it when you don’t answer. Darn! Another Friday night ruined – you need to go back into the office, there’s a problem with the work you did today. Total nightmare, right? Well, don’t panic just yet, because your saviour is here: Remote PC Access Services. 

Remote desktop services allow you to control computers remotely. If you need a file from a computer on the other side of the planet, that’s not a problem. Simply log into your account using your computer or internet-enabled device, and you can access the files and programs on the machine you wish to use.

Remote computer access has so many uses, whether it’s at home or in the office. It’s ideal for companies who wish to share information across a wide network, allowing employees to access business data whilst they’re away from the desk. It even has uses for regular people within their homes, since you can access files (such as movies, music, personal documents and more) on another computer, or help set up systems for a friend or relative who isn’t too tech-savvy.

With great power comes great responsibility, and it’s worth remembering that accessing computers remotely can open them up to potential threats. After all, you don’t want to leave the doors and windows open, as you never know who might creep in. As such, making sure you find a service provider who can offer top notch security and control options is going to be important. Thankfully, there are many providers who are aware of the risks and have taken precautions to help protect your data and technology.

Our favorite remote PC access service was Log Me In Pro. This is very easy to use and allows you to download free apps so that you can access your machines using a mobile device. You can also include up to 50 machines in your network, so it’s suitable for use on multiple devices.

In second position, Go To My PC offers versatility (working on a wide range of devices) with extra controls and tools for advanced users.

In a close third place, Team Viewer offers excellent value for money for businesses, with regular upgrades and free options for single users. It can also be installed on any number of devices, meaning there are no limits to your network size.

So, whether you want to access your holiday photos when you’re on the go, help set up a new anti-virus on a company-wide network, share your latest tunes or simply finish off a work project from the comfort of your own home, there are plenty of options made available through using a Windows remote desktop service. You’d better put those slippers back on, that wine won’t drink itself - enjoy your weekend!
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