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AnastasiaDate Review

Anastasia Date Review
Anastasia Date is the flagship site of the huge mail order brides company, Anastasia International. With its principal offices in New York and Moscow, and regional offices in Odessa, Ukraine, Chongqing and Foshan, China, Cebu in the Philippines, and in Medellin, Colombia, Anastasia Date is truly a global organisation.

The site caters for Western men looking for a foreign bride from Eastern Europe, in particular Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova. Once you join the site you will find a wealth of tools at your disposal to enable you to find and correspond with the women of your dreams. The communication tools on offer include webcam text chat and webcam voice chat (with or without an interpreter). You will also find photographs and videos of most of the women on the site, all of whom are looking for a long-term relationship with a Western man.

Anastasia Date also run tours to Russia and Eastern Europe where you can arrange to meet with your chosen ladies, as well as meet many other women who are looking for a Western husband. These trips will also allow you to meet and mingle with many other men from your own country, who are also looking for a foreign bride. Interpreters are always on-hand to help you socialize with any women who are not proficient at English and trips and excursions are also organized to ensure that you get the most from your stay.

Anastasia Date will also offer assistance with obtaining a Fiancée Visa and will offer immigration support, if you need it.

If you have viewed many foreign bride sites then you will know how amateurish many of them appear to be. Not so, Anastasia Date. This site is polished and feature-packed and is in a league of its own. You will also marvel at the sheer volume of beautiful women on the site. It is then no surprise, that Anastasia Date makes it to the top of our list of mail order bride sites. Check out our Ansastasia Date Review for the full review of this site, complete with a list of features, pricing information, user reviews and videos showing what the site has to offer. Review

AsianDate Review is from Anastasia International, one of the largest mail order bride sites on the web. Formerly known as, this site caters specifically for Western men looking for brides from the far East, in particular Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, and the Philippines.

The site is easy to use and feature-packed with all the tools you will need to find and communicate with your chosen Asian beauties. 

The owners also organize regular excursions to the Far-East, where you can pre-arrange to meet up with a handful of your favorite women and also meet many other Asian women, all of whom are looking for the security and comfort that Western men can provide. 

AsianDate is new in as one of our top-rated mail order bride sites, so is well worth a look for anyone looking for some Eastern romance. For anyone who does not want to look quite as far East as China, Thailand and the Philipines for their foreign brides, we recommend their sister site, Anastasia Date, instead.

Check out our Review for the complete lowdown of this site, as well as features lists, prices, user reviews and videos showing what the site has to offer.

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Psychic Reading Websites Reviews

Psychic Readings Websites Reviews
Life isn’t easy. Whether it’s something that’s happened in the past, or a potential difficulty we might be facing in the future, having a sixth sense has been a dream of many people. It’s long been believed by some that there are those amongst us who hold secret and sacred psychic powers but in the past reaching these people hasn’t always been easy. Well, as with so many things in life, the internet offers such people a tool to help reach the masses. Now you can gain access to individuals who claim to have psychic powers without even leaving your home!

Our psychic reading website reviews have been written to help you decide which psychic reading website might be the one that’s written in your future. If you’re already looking for a psychic reading website then you probably have some idea as to the kind of services they offer their customers. However, there are probably more services than you would first expect and many of these sites offer multiple readings. These include spiritual and psychic readings, tarot readings and predictions, blessings and energy readings, and much more.

You can also read about the people who claim to have psychic gifts, chat to them on the phone or see them face-to-face using a webcam. A number of the readers will also keep a blog, allowing you to follow their thoughts and projects in your own time.

These sites are designed for anybody who might be interested in the services provided, although how satisfied you will be often depends on the person who is performing those services. As such these websites act not only as a means of making contact, but also as a way of helping you to decide which reader might suit your particular personality and needs.

Our number 1 review award went to, which has an impressive reputation whilst also offering value for money on its services when compared with a number of its key competitors. It has been going since 1999, which gives some idea as to how much it is trusted by its clients.

In second place was California Psychics, which has been running since 1995 and (you don’t need to be a psychic to guess this one), originates in California. They have particularly strict admission criteria for their psychics, as well as well defined codes of conduct in an attempt to keep you satisfied.

In third place we have Oranum, a globally renowned group of spiritualists and psychics who offer an online community of people interested in psychic services.

If you’re looking for answers about life (or indeed past or future lives) then psychic reading websites provide a way to contact people who claim to have psychic intuitions. Their services are wide and varied, as well as being accessible. Long gone are the days of visiting wizened old ladies on mountain tops (or perhaps that was just in Shakespeare’s plays) or tracking down the horse-drawn carts with mystics bending over crystal balls.

Psychic readings websites offer you the convenience of modern technology combined with powers that purport to be in touch with a universe much older and wiser than what our five senses can understand.

Mobile Website Building Tools Reviews

Mobile Website Building Tools Reviews

Unless you’ve been living in the 1980's for the past decade or so, you’ll have noticed that people quite like their mobile phones nowadays. Okay so it can get a little annoying when they’re texting or searching for a music track and they knock into you as they walk down the street, but the fact is that more and more people use their mobile phone to find restaurants, shops, discounts, services and a whole myriad of other things when they’re on the move. If you have a business, or even just a website, and you don’t have a mobile version of your site then you could be missing out on a huge number of visitors.

Now you might be thinking “but I have a site, people can see that when using their phone, it’s not an issue.” Whilst it is true that most websites will work when viewing them using a mobile device, a great number of sites will either distort (distorting pictures and shifting text) or are too overloaded with information to be quickly read on a small screen. Believe us when we say that visitors will become frustrated and go elsewhere very quickly! “So what’s the solution?” we hear you cry. Well take a deep breath, don’t panic. Our mobile website building tools reviews will guide you in the right direction.

That’s right, there are now plenty of websites which can make your website fully accessible (and beautiful to boot) when being viewed on a mobile device. What you need is a clear front page which grabs a visitor’s attention and allows them to quickly and easily find the information they need. If you’re a store or restaurant you may wish to simply provide your opening times and phone number, with a link to your list of products and menus, for example.

Mobile website building tools provide a simple way to achieve this, without the need to understand coding and digital design. In fact some of them can automatically convert your existing website within a couple of minutes, so that it will function on a mobile device. Easy Peasy. Others will give you more detailed options to redesign or create a mobile friendly website, whilst a few even offer personalised services utilising the skills of professional website designers.

Our highest scoring mobile website builder was DudaMobile. It is easy to use, providing a range of attractive templates, plus you can include an unlimited number of pages. It can also be tried for free, and its packages offer excellent value for money.

Our number 2 in this category is ActiveMobi, which offers the ability to build a site for free, plus we felt that its designs were stylish and modern.

Just behind Active Mobi, in 3rd place, is GoMobi, with a comprehensive array of features and widgets to help spice up your site. However there are plenty to choose from, each offering its own advantages and pitfalls, so it’s up to you to decide which mobile website builder is best for you.

Mobile website browsing is only going to become more popular as devices improve and people rely more and more on what they can find online. If your competitors are mobile-savvy then you need to be as well, otherwise your business or website could simply be overlooked.

Accounting Software Reviews

Accounting Software Websites

So you’ve just become self employed and the business is about to boom. Congratulations! We assume you have the products all ready to rock, the shop front’s been tarted up and you’ve got your best face on. Superb. Now how are the accounts looking? Not sure? You’d better get on that right away before the tax man knocks on your door. Now you could hire an accountant, but that’s not cheap. Or perhaps you could scribble down a few notes and hope the accounts will just work themselves out? Not a great idea. If accounting isn’t necessarily your strongest suit but you just can’t run your business without having a clear understanding of how it all works, don’t panic.

Whether you’re completely new to business or you manage accounts for a multinational company, we may have a solution: accounting software. We’ve sharpened our pencils and whipped out the calculators to bring you a host of Accounting Software Website reviews. These little gems ought to guide you to an accountancy service that will help things to run smoothly, whatever your accounting experience.

So what exactly do accounting websites do? In short, they provide software and support for anyone handling accounts. At the most essential end you just need to input your basic figures (income, outgoings, loans) and it will keep a record. However there’s much more that can be done, including the ability to help predict future profits, create and send invoices, pay your staff, track spending and even link up to several bank accounts so that its data is automatically updated.

You’ll find that most of the accounting software websites we’ve reviewed have small businesses in mind, which makes them ideal for retailers or anyone who is self employed. However there are also a few websites we recommend for larger organizations such as charities or big companies. The amount of support and the various tools included, as well as how easy each software package is to use, are very important in helping you to achieve the most with your accounts. Subsequently we’ve taken this into account when thinking about who might benefit most from each website.

Our number 1 website in this category is Quickbooks (by Intuit), which is a leader in accounting software packages and is used widely around the world. As well as providing a substantial number of useful features for professional accounts keepers and laymen alike, it also offers superior customer support to help you out when you need assistance.

In second place is Sage One, again a widely used and trusted system, they offer excellent value for money particularly for small and small-medium companies. This service also supports collaborative projects so it is a good option for anyone who works with colleagues in separate offices.

Finally, in third place we have QuickFile, which is a free accounting service using a cloud system that lets you access your accounts wherever and whenever you want. But there are plenty more to choose from, so take a good look to see which one might best be suited for you.

With everything in place it would be silly to rest on your laurels when it comes to doing the accounts. After all, businesses are created to make money! Accounting software can save you money and time so you’ll have more energy to focus on the more exciting elements of running a business.

Online Book Publishing Reviews

Online Book Publishing Reviews
Everyone has a novel in them, they say. Well, they at least have a spine. Ahhh the old jokes are the best ones. If you’re a budding writer or even on your 12th novel, you may have heard about self publishing. This is a booming business, and it’s becoming an increasingly legitimate way to get your books out to the world. The global economic crisis means that publishers really have to be careful about who they publish (they need to turn a profit) so they take fewer and fewer risks, and they take on fewer emerging talents as a result. But don’t worry, self publishing is another route to take and now there are plenty of websites and support groups online to help you write and edit a book, as well as printing and distributing it. Our online book publishing reviews have taken an in depth look at a range of these sites to help you decide which one might best suit your personal style and needs.

So how do online book publishing websites work? At the most basic level you send them your completed manuscript and they’ll professionally print and bind it for you, sending however many copies you want through the post. However this isn’t the end of their services. You’ll discover that many of the publishers will offer additional services to help develop your book and bring it to market. If you’ve got a great idea but you’re not the next J.K. Rowling then you can hire a ghost writer from some websites. These are professional writers who will turn your story into a novel, biography or any genre you prefer. On the next level up, if you’ve written some or all of a book but want advice on how to improve it, you’ll find websites that offer editorial services. In contrast, if the book’s written and you’re happy with it but want someone to read over it then there are proof readers and typesetters waiting to put the final touches to your text. 

There are a range of printing options available throughout the book publishing websites we’ve reviewed. You can have something quite basic or hire illustrators to make your stories come to life. Meanwhile you can choose from different kinds of paper, colour text or images, a variety of covers and more. You really can make something pretty special and unique. Marketing a book is also a difficult process and having the right networks and contacts can help. Some websites we’ve reviewed will help to build you a network of writers, editors and publishers, whilst others will use their contacts to help get your book onto online stores. 

Our number 1 online self publishing website is, a company which provides a wide range of high quality editorial, printing, distribution and marketing services. In second place is iUniverse, with a choice of design options to really make your book something special, as well as being able to promote your book on TV. Our third highest rated online book publishing site is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, which allows you to quickly upload your text and sell it for a big cut of the profits and a huge potential audience. 

Whilst some might argue that self publishing isn’t as legitimate as conventional publishing methods, it does mean that you can target your readers and produce work they’ll love without having to be filtered out by mainstream publishers. There are also a lot of useful services that you won’t get through a publisher and you gain full control over how your book is edited and how it finally appears to your readers. Whether it’s a bestselling young adult novel, a book of poems for your family, an academic text or your memoirs to share with your friends, there’s plenty on offer here. Now it’s time to start writing the next masterpiece! Good luck!
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