Wednesday 13 March 2013

Business VOIP Services Reviews

Business VOIP Reviews
Are you tired of spending so much money on your telephone bills? In today’s world fast and efficient communication is paramount but it can often come at a high price. Business VOIP services are a great way to cut down on the cost of telephone calls, they allow you to talk with others anywhere in the world at a set rate or using a prepaid package with some services even offering free calls. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, a somewhat fancy acronym for what is essentially a service that allows you to use an internet connection, rather than a basic landline or mobile/cell phone connection, to make calls.

The range of services on offer differs from site to site, some providing cheap or free PC to PC communications, others offering more advanced options which are perfect for business users. Take, for example, the “auto-attendant” feature which is available on a number of the sites we have reviewed. This feature effectively answers your calls for you and routes them to the most appropriate destination (customer services, or stock orders for example). You might also be interested in the various voicemail features that VOIP can offer, which provide both voice and email notifications regarding missed calls. The knock on effect is that you’re not ignoring your callers and with a selection of calling plans and packages, you can choose which features will best help your business to connect with the outside world at the lowest price.

Our business VOIP services reviews focus on a number of key elements which are vital in deciding which service is most appropriate for you. One of the most important aspects of each service is its “call clarity and quality” because we’re sure you don’t want callers to meet a crackling reception or – worst of all – to be cut off. This is also why we judge each service on its reliability and customer support, both important foundations for operating a smooth business and representing a professional demeanour. Each of these elements (and several more) are judged using a star rating system, which gives you a brief visual overview of their standards, as well as a more detailed written analysis of the services on offer. We break down the specific costs and packages available to help demonstrate the savings you can make, comparing those costs with others in the market and suggesting which services we feel offer the best value for money.

RingCentral got top marks in our reviews of Business VOIP services as it offers award winning services with outstanding features such as apps that have been developed for Androids, Blackberries and iPhones at a very competitive price. PhonePower came in 2nd, providing a range of flexible domestic, international and Hosted PBX packages with a landline quality of sound. If you feel your business is simply spending too much on calls then one of these sites (or indeed one of the many other VOIP service websites that we have reviewed), might offer the quality and cost you’ve been looking for.

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