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Online Auction Sites - USA

Online Auction Sites - USA
Bob’s birthday is coming up, you know how picky he is. And then it’s Jane’s, she always wants something you can’t find in the shops. How about Tom and Kelly’s wedding, you’ll need something for that! And you have all that junk in the office that needs to be cleared out.

If only there was some way to kill all the gift-birds with one junk-stone. Aha! Had you thought about trying an Online Auction Site? “But what is that?” we hear you cry silently in your head. Online Auction Sites (USA) allow you to buy and sell products as though you were sitting in an auction room.

If you wish to sell something, all you need to do is to create an advert. This lets the buyers know a little about the item, as well as giving them a photo of how it looks. You can set the minimum amount of money you’ll accept, and then the bidding begins. Once someone has won the bid you just send the item to them, and reap the financial rewards.

If you’re looking to buy a gift, or an item for yourself, you can find great discounts on items using online bidding sites. Many of the items are second-hand, but you can also find new items if you’d prefer. These range from toys to cosmetics, clothing to furniture, automobiles to books. Many times you simply let the site know how much you’re willing to spend on an item, and it will bid for you. If you have the top bid, you win, and then the item is sent to you direct from the seller.

There are many kinds of site to choose from, each with its own quirks and differences. Some of them are better suited to selling, luring in specialist customers, whilst others are excellent if you want to buy from a huge selection of goods.

Our #1 review for Auctioning Websites USA goes to eBay – the big dog in the online auctions market, eBay has millions of items on sale, with millions of people visiting it each week. It offers a practical, easy to use system for buyers and sellers alike. came in 2nd place, allowing you to buy and sell books, movies, music and games for a media-focused market. Listia is our 3rd favorite site, with a slight spin on the bidding system: you trade items for credits, and then use credits to buy items, a little like a swop shop.

You might choose to use different sites for different items, focusing on the more “arty” websites for buying and selling unique or hand-made goods, whilst checking out the larger websites for general items. If you’re trying to buy or sell items such as cars or guns, you’ll find sites specifically for those items, bringing in a knowledgeable group of collectors and buyers.

So empty out that clutter, get selling, make some money and get some great items at a discount. There’s no need to lug yourself and your possessions down to the auctioning hall, you can do everything from your home computer. What’s more, because there are so many people using these sites, you could make a little more money, or get an even bigger bargain than you’d hoped for. SOLD!

Online Auction Sites - UK

Online Auction Sites - UK“Going once! Going twice! Sold, to the person at the back wearing a trilby hat and holding a wooden goose!”

Aaah, the buzz of the auction house; a place where riches are bought and sold, where the next lot could be your ticket to happiness or despair. It’s such a shame that the auction house is so far away, and that they rarely sell anything you want, and that you end up paying over the odds for items or not making enough money on your sale. Such a shame.

Well, take off the trilby and pack away that wooden goose, Online Auction Sites (UK) are coming to a home near you (namely, your home) and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sell or bid on items from the comfort of your own sofa.

There are one of two things you’d want to use an auctioning website for: selling or buying. If you’ve got a spare room full of troves and treasures that you want to get rid of (because you actually want to use that spare room, empty the loft and make some cash in the process) then this is easily done online. You simply post an advert with photos, set the minimum bid you’ll accept, and let the offers roll in. Once an item has sold, you simply accept the payment and post it to the winner. Simple!

Buying is even easier still, as all you need to do it search for an item, input your maximum bid, and wait for the auction to end. If you win, the item will be winging its way through the Royal Mail and landing on your doorstep in no time.

There are plenty of sites to choose from, each varying in one way or another. Whilst one bidding website might focus on bespoke items (such as art and jewellery), another might sell more common items such as electronic goods or cars.

You’ll find auctioning websites for the UK which sell an array of items, from cheese to pet supplies, furniture to clothing. Some sites charge commission on sales (paid by the seller) whilst others require buyers to pay a small fee to enter a bid. So, which ever system is best for you, it’s out there.

Our favourite UK online auctioning site is eBay, because it offers a huge range of products from millions of sellers, plus you can check out seller ratings to make sure they’re someone to trust. There is also a bounty of selling options, such as being able to restock your goods, change auction dates and so on.

We were also pleasantly surprised by Etsy Auctions, which allows you to set up shops selling more unique items to attract people who are interested in buying something a little different to the norm. In third place Bonanza takes quirky to another level, allowing you to buy and sell unique items for someone special (including yourself!)

So, whether you’re looking for a bicycle chain or a PS4, there’s someone out there willing to sell you one for a discount. If you want to make a bit of cash from the attic, there’s no easier way than selling online. With large and avid audiences, lower sales costs (compared with many auction houses) and a fun atmosphere, there’s plenty to like. Now talking about selling dodgy items, how about we put up an advert for that goose?

Movie Download Sites - UK

Movie Download Sites - UK
Remember the days when you could get the bus to the cinema, pay about £5 for your ticket, take in your own sweets and leave satisfied? Maybe we’re being old fogies here, but it seems as though going to the cinema has become an expensive way to pass a couple of hours. There are petrol and parking fees, increased ticket prices, ridiculously expensive and stomach-churning snacks.

What’s more, with modern home technologies you can watch high definition films with high quality sound, crack open a beer and get a curry delivered without leaving your laptop. And let’s face it, your sofa is way comfier than those cramped cinema seats, plus all they ever seem to play at the theatre are movies about super heroes and explosions.

If you want greater choice of movies in the convenience of your own home, you might be interested in Movie Download Websites (UK). These websites allow members in the UK to watch an array of films – from action flicks to rom-coms, from international picture house to popular horror – almost instantly. No need to drive out to the shops, no need to queue at a kiosk.

You can even choose from one-off payments to view a movie as often as you like for a few days, or monthly contracts which allow you unlimited access to thousands of movies at once.

These services are ideal for anyone who loves movies, whether it’s just one film a week or several a day. They offer films and shows for adults and children, irrelevant of their tastes. For the price of a single cinema ticket you can often view several movies over a month, so the savings can be massive.

Many film download/streaming sites work like this: you search for a film you enjoy, browse what’s popular or check out a particular genre. Once you find your movie, you can then pay to download/stream it through your system. You then have a limited time to watch it.

In some cases you can opt to pay a monthly fee and then watch as much or as little as you like. Once your time is up, the film is “returned”. The potential downfall here is that you don’t “own” a movie, like you might a DVD, but, if you love it enough, then you could always purchase a copy from a shop or online sales site.

Our favourite UK movie streaming and download website for the UK was Amazon Prime Instant Video, which offers Prime users movie and TV options, and unlimited viewing times. Films can be streamed to your computer or even your TV if it’s connected to the internet.

Netflix takes the trophy for second place, offering a diverse and ever-changing assortment of films and TV shows for a low monthly fee. iTunes came in third, with exceptional audio and visual quality, particularly well suited to owners of Apple products.

So, whether it’s film noir, an all-action blowout or something to make your heart tingle, film rental sites (UK) should be able to cater to your tastes, and – best of all – you won’t have to put up with those crazy cinema prices. Now, where was that Indian takeaway menu, we’ve got a hankering for popadoms...

Movie Download Sites - USA

Movie Download Websites - USA
Gas to drive to the movies: $5. Buy popcorn and drinks: $8. Buy two tickets for the movie: $24. Drive home: $5. Cry over how much a single movie just cost you, especially as you didn’t really enjoy it all that much and it would have been fine to watch it on the plasma screen at home: priceless.

Going to the movies seems to be getting more and more expensive. Add up all the various costs and you’ll soon realise that it’s not something you could do every day, perhaps not even every week. But if you’re a movie-lover, what are you to do?

Fear not! Now you can enjoy top movies in the comfort of your own home. No more sticky floors, no more dire advertisements, no more crying children, chatty pedants or stale popcorn. “How?!” we hear you roar like the MGM lion. Well the answer is simple: movie download/streaming websites.
What are movie download websites, exactly? They’re websites where you can access a wide range of top movies, from international blockbusters to independent films. On some of the sites you’ll pay a monthly fee to watch as many movies as you like, whereas others will charge a fee to allow you to watch a movie over a set time period.

You’ll be able to watch films before they’ve hit the stores, all from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, you can pause, go to the bathroom, make a snack, brush your teeth, visit the parents, and get back without having missed a moment.

Our Movie Download Websites (USA) reviews have been written with you in mind. We consider the ins and outs, pros and cons of each website which offer movie download services in the US, so that you can find one which suits your home, movie watching preferences and budget.

These sites are ideal for anyone who enjoys movies. You’ll find a greater range of titles than in your standard DVD store, including international films and lesser-known movies. The great thing is that you can pause and rewind them, listen to commentaries, watch extra scenes and fast forward through bits you don’t like. This really puts you in control.

Our favourite of these sites was Amazon Prime Instant Video, which lets you rent movies on a one-off basis, offering a huge catalog to choose from, and DVD purchase options if you love a movie enough to own it.

Netflix got our number two spot, primarily offering unlimited browser-based viewing but also offering Blu-ray and DVD rental options across the US.

In third place, we’ve nominated Xbox Video USA, which is easy to use and works through your Microsoft console, with thousands of titles to choose from.

Whether you’re sick and tired of noisy cinema screens, bad food, expensive ticket prices or just prefer to cuddle up at home and watch a movie, movie download websites (USA) offer a great service for a reasonable price. You’ll rediscover films you love, and find new ones to adore. Plus, you can make your own popcorn, which can’t be a bad thing!

Video Game Rental - USA

Video Game Rentals - USA
Okay soldier, we’re deep in enemy territory. I need to you boot up and bust out, take over that weapons hold and bring me the head of their leader. There are a dozen armed insurgents between you and him, as well as booby traps. Ready? GO GO GO! .

Video games are quickly becoming one of the most admired art forms around. Whether it’s engaging in modern warfare, reliving days gone by, solving physics puzzles or pretending you’re a slice of bread (yes, there is a game about that!), they open up new worlds and ways of viewing the world. 

Sadly, they don’t always come cheap, particularly when a game is first released onto the US market. Well, worry not, comrade, you can now rent games, play them, and send them back – all for or a monthly fee or at a discount. 

Video game rental websites offer such services, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars a year whilst allowing you to try the top titles and return them when you’re done. Our Video Game Rental (USA) reviews explore the best of these sites and what they have to offer, aiming to help you to pick the one which will suit your gaming habits and wallet.

So who are video games rental sites for? Anyone in the USA who wishes to play plenty of games, without having a giant stack of boxes slowly losing value as they collect dust. You can rent one at a time, or sometimes several at once, either downloading the content or having it sent to you in the mail. If you’re a slow gamer, then you might wish to take your time and return when you’re ready, but if you like to dash through loads of games, then you can try plenty throughout the year.

If you add up the amount you might have spent on each title, compared with the rental cost per month, you’ll should see that you’ll have saved a lot of cash and experienced a lot of games which you might not have otherwise tried out.

Our favourite video game rentals website (USA) was GameFly, with a hoard of games to choose from at a low price. In second place, we felt that Gamerang offered its members up to 4 games per month, with no late fees. Meanwhile, RedBox offer something a little different: games rentals which can be collected and returned at booths in the high street. Each of these sites offers something a little different to suit your gaming style and preferences.

You’ll find games for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PSP, Wii, DS, 3DS and plenty more, including some older consoles which you won’t always find games for. You might also be able to watch games trailers, read reviews or find out about new releases before anyone else.

So, whether you prefer storming an enemy camp or being a slice of whole wheat loaf, video games (USA) rentals have everything the budding gamer is looking for, and they could save you a bundle along the way.

Video Game Rental - UK
Bought it? Completed it? Bored with it? Well that was £45 down the drain, especially since a few weeks later it was on sale. Damn. But then again, you wanted to play that computer game as soon as it came out, you’d been looking forward to its release for months, right?

Well, there is a way to get your favourite new computer or console game releases quickly, without having to fork out almost fifty quid a time. If you’re someone who likes to play a lot of video games but your bank account doesn’t like the increasing price tags, have you ever considered rentals?

Video Game Rentals (UK) are available across the United Kingdom, providing a postal or digital service whereby you receive the latest games, play them and return them, paying a one-off or monthly fee. You’ll find top games for PC, Xbox360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii, a range of handheld consoles, MACs and more.

Computer games rental sites in the UK are ideal for avid gamers. You can borrow games, try them out and send them back when you’re finished. Quite often there are no late fees, you simply keep the game for as long as you prefer, getting a new one when you’ve finished with it. The range of games is also more impressive than you’ll find in many high street shops, giving you a bounty of video game fun to choose from.

You simply search through the site’s catalogue of games, choose the ones you want, and it’s sent right to your door (or, in some cases, it can be downloaded). Some video game rental sites also allow you to keep more than one game at a time, if you prefer to mix it up a bit.

Of course, renting games means that you don’t get to keep them forever, although some games rental sites do allow you to purchase the game if you love it. There’s always the option of returning the rented game, and then purchasing a copy for yourself from elsewhere, too.

Our favourite of these sites, specifically working in the UK, was GameFly UK. You can download a vast number of PC games straight to your machine, often with a great discount. This means you won’t need to wait for the post to arrive and can get playing right away.

In second place, we have BoomerangRentals, which provides console games (for 12 consoles), starting at under £4 per month. Boomerang is ideal for anyone with multiple consoles, or if you want to borrow games which you might not normally have access to.

With the closure of so many high street gaming shops, and such high purchase prices, video game rentals sites for the UK offer British gamers a great opportunity to play top games without the large price tags. Whether it’s PC gaming or console games you’re after, you could save plenty of money and have an opportunity to play a greater variety of video games than ever before.

Interracial Dating Websites

Interracial Dating Websites
The world is full of all sorts of people from all walks of life, and yet in today’s modern world it can be hard to meet Mister or Miss Right-for-me. Dating’s changed from days of yore, when you would simply meet friends of friends, hit it off, get married, have children. Okay, we’re oversimplifying it a little bit, but sometimes you don’t want to meet the same people in the same places.

Meeting people who strike your match, and who aren’t necessarily in your clique of friends, might be easier than you think with interracial dating websites.

These websites allow you to meet a much larger range of people with different backgrounds and stories to tell, all from the comfort of your armchair. Whether you’re looking to meet Asian women, African men or someone different, mixed race relationships are out there and you can find them easily and cheaply online.

So who are interracial dating sites for? Well, anyone who is interested in dating someone of a different race to themselves. You’ll find sites for hook-ups, regular dating and for people looking for long-term relationships. You can often be quite specific about the kind of person you are looking for, down to their heritage and cultural values, so there’s someone out there for you, however selective you might be!

The websites all follow pretty much the same pattern in terms of meeting a date, although each one differs in subtle ways, which we discuss in our reviews. Firstly, you’ll need to create a profile. This unique page will allow you to advertise your best qualities in the hope that others will send you a message. You can upload photos, and – in some cases – videos, helping you to show off what’s on offer.

From there you can search for your ideal date, choosing the parameters based on your own preferences. Only interested in dark hair? No problem. Love blue eyes? You’ll find plenty. Once you’ve found someone special, you can chat to them. Often this is by sending an email-style message or chatting in real-time over an instant messenger. You might even find that some interracial date sites offer video / web-cam chatting options. Then, the dating world is your proverbial oyster. Yum!

The benefits of interracial dating websites are many, but primarily they open up a much wider range of people than you would be likely to meet in your day to day life. You can get to know someone for who they are, not just go on arbitrary dates because you happen to hang out in the same groups.

Our favourite site in this category was Interracial Match, which offers a wide range of tools for a very fair price. It’s also a lively place to visit, with plenty of active members to get your teeth into (in a nice way). Interracial Cupid gets our number 2 spot, with great search options and in-depth profiles, as well as video chat options.

If you’re looking for a mixed race relationship then there are plenty of websites to help you out. With an array of members, communication tools and dating advice, it might not be long until you’re making new friends and visiting new places, hopefully meeting Mister or Miss Right-for-me.

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AnastasiaDate Review

Anastasia Date Review
Anastasia Date is the flagship site of the huge mail order brides company, Anastasia International. With its principal offices in New York and Moscow, and regional offices in Odessa, Ukraine, Chongqing and Foshan, China, Cebu in the Philippines, and in Medellin, Colombia, Anastasia Date is truly a global organisation.

The site caters for Western men looking for a foreign bride from Eastern Europe, in particular Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova. Once you join the site you will find a wealth of tools at your disposal to enable you to find and correspond with the women of your dreams. The communication tools on offer include webcam text chat and webcam voice chat (with or without an interpreter). You will also find photographs and videos of most of the women on the site, all of whom are looking for a long-term relationship with a Western man.

Anastasia Date also run tours to Russia and Eastern Europe where you can arrange to meet with your chosen ladies, as well as meet many other women who are looking for a Western husband. These trips will also allow you to meet and mingle with many other men from your own country, who are also looking for a foreign bride. Interpreters are always on-hand to help you socialize with any women who are not proficient at English and trips and excursions are also organized to ensure that you get the most from your stay.

Anastasia Date will also offer assistance with obtaining a Fiancée Visa and will offer immigration support, if you need it.

If you have viewed many foreign bride sites then you will know how amateurish many of them appear to be. Not so, Anastasia Date. This site is polished and feature-packed and is in a league of its own. You will also marvel at the sheer volume of beautiful women on the site. It is then no surprise, that Anastasia Date makes it to the top of our list of mail order bride sites. Check out our Ansastasia Date Review for the full review of this site, complete with a list of features, pricing information, user reviews and videos showing what the site has to offer. Review

AsianDate Review is from Anastasia International, one of the largest mail order bride sites on the web. Formerly known as, this site caters specifically for Western men looking for brides from the far East, in particular Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, and the Philippines.

The site is easy to use and feature-packed with all the tools you will need to find and communicate with your chosen Asian beauties. 

The owners also organize regular excursions to the Far-East, where you can pre-arrange to meet up with a handful of your favorite women and also meet many other Asian women, all of whom are looking for the security and comfort that Western men can provide. 

AsianDate is new in as one of our top-rated mail order bride sites, so is well worth a look for anyone looking for some Eastern romance. For anyone who does not want to look quite as far East as China, Thailand and the Philipines for their foreign brides, we recommend their sister site, Anastasia Date, instead.

Check out our Review for the complete lowdown of this site, as well as features lists, prices, user reviews and videos showing what the site has to offer.

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Psychic Reading Websites Reviews

Psychic Readings Websites Reviews
Life isn’t easy. Whether it’s something that’s happened in the past, or a potential difficulty we might be facing in the future, having a sixth sense has been a dream of many people. It’s long been believed by some that there are those amongst us who hold secret and sacred psychic powers but in the past reaching these people hasn’t always been easy. Well, as with so many things in life, the internet offers such people a tool to help reach the masses. Now you can gain access to individuals who claim to have psychic powers without even leaving your home!

Our psychic reading website reviews have been written to help you decide which psychic reading website might be the one that’s written in your future. If you’re already looking for a psychic reading website then you probably have some idea as to the kind of services they offer their customers. However, there are probably more services than you would first expect and many of these sites offer multiple readings. These include spiritual and psychic readings, tarot readings and predictions, blessings and energy readings, and much more.

You can also read about the people who claim to have psychic gifts, chat to them on the phone or see them face-to-face using a webcam. A number of the readers will also keep a blog, allowing you to follow their thoughts and projects in your own time.

These sites are designed for anybody who might be interested in the services provided, although how satisfied you will be often depends on the person who is performing those services. As such these websites act not only as a means of making contact, but also as a way of helping you to decide which reader might suit your particular personality and needs.

Our number 1 review award went to, which has an impressive reputation whilst also offering value for money on its services when compared with a number of its key competitors. It has been going since 1999, which gives some idea as to how much it is trusted by its clients.

In second place was California Psychics, which has been running since 1995 and (you don’t need to be a psychic to guess this one), originates in California. They have particularly strict admission criteria for their psychics, as well as well defined codes of conduct in an attempt to keep you satisfied.

In third place we have Oranum, a globally renowned group of spiritualists and psychics who offer an online community of people interested in psychic services.

If you’re looking for answers about life (or indeed past or future lives) then psychic reading websites provide a way to contact people who claim to have psychic intuitions. Their services are wide and varied, as well as being accessible. Long gone are the days of visiting wizened old ladies on mountain tops (or perhaps that was just in Shakespeare’s plays) or tracking down the horse-drawn carts with mystics bending over crystal balls.

Psychic readings websites offer you the convenience of modern technology combined with powers that purport to be in touch with a universe much older and wiser than what our five senses can understand.

Mobile Website Building Tools Reviews

Mobile Website Building Tools Reviews

Unless you’ve been living in the 1980's for the past decade or so, you’ll have noticed that people quite like their mobile phones nowadays. Okay so it can get a little annoying when they’re texting or searching for a music track and they knock into you as they walk down the street, but the fact is that more and more people use their mobile phone to find restaurants, shops, discounts, services and a whole myriad of other things when they’re on the move. If you have a business, or even just a website, and you don’t have a mobile version of your site then you could be missing out on a huge number of visitors.

Now you might be thinking “but I have a site, people can see that when using their phone, it’s not an issue.” Whilst it is true that most websites will work when viewing them using a mobile device, a great number of sites will either distort (distorting pictures and shifting text) or are too overloaded with information to be quickly read on a small screen. Believe us when we say that visitors will become frustrated and go elsewhere very quickly! “So what’s the solution?” we hear you cry. Well take a deep breath, don’t panic. Our mobile website building tools reviews will guide you in the right direction.

That’s right, there are now plenty of websites which can make your website fully accessible (and beautiful to boot) when being viewed on a mobile device. What you need is a clear front page which grabs a visitor’s attention and allows them to quickly and easily find the information they need. If you’re a store or restaurant you may wish to simply provide your opening times and phone number, with a link to your list of products and menus, for example.

Mobile website building tools provide a simple way to achieve this, without the need to understand coding and digital design. In fact some of them can automatically convert your existing website within a couple of minutes, so that it will function on a mobile device. Easy Peasy. Others will give you more detailed options to redesign or create a mobile friendly website, whilst a few even offer personalised services utilising the skills of professional website designers.

Our highest scoring mobile website builder was DudaMobile. It is easy to use, providing a range of attractive templates, plus you can include an unlimited number of pages. It can also be tried for free, and its packages offer excellent value for money.

Our number 2 in this category is ActiveMobi, which offers the ability to build a site for free, plus we felt that its designs were stylish and modern.

Just behind Active Mobi, in 3rd place, is GoMobi, with a comprehensive array of features and widgets to help spice up your site. However there are plenty to choose from, each offering its own advantages and pitfalls, so it’s up to you to decide which mobile website builder is best for you.

Mobile website browsing is only going to become more popular as devices improve and people rely more and more on what they can find online. If your competitors are mobile-savvy then you need to be as well, otherwise your business or website could simply be overlooked.

Accounting Software Reviews

Accounting Software Websites

So you’ve just become self employed and the business is about to boom. Congratulations! We assume you have the products all ready to rock, the shop front’s been tarted up and you’ve got your best face on. Superb. Now how are the accounts looking? Not sure? You’d better get on that right away before the tax man knocks on your door. Now you could hire an accountant, but that’s not cheap. Or perhaps you could scribble down a few notes and hope the accounts will just work themselves out? Not a great idea. If accounting isn’t necessarily your strongest suit but you just can’t run your business without having a clear understanding of how it all works, don’t panic.

Whether you’re completely new to business or you manage accounts for a multinational company, we may have a solution: accounting software. We’ve sharpened our pencils and whipped out the calculators to bring you a host of Accounting Software Website reviews. These little gems ought to guide you to an accountancy service that will help things to run smoothly, whatever your accounting experience.

So what exactly do accounting websites do? In short, they provide software and support for anyone handling accounts. At the most essential end you just need to input your basic figures (income, outgoings, loans) and it will keep a record. However there’s much more that can be done, including the ability to help predict future profits, create and send invoices, pay your staff, track spending and even link up to several bank accounts so that its data is automatically updated.

You’ll find that most of the accounting software websites we’ve reviewed have small businesses in mind, which makes them ideal for retailers or anyone who is self employed. However there are also a few websites we recommend for larger organizations such as charities or big companies. The amount of support and the various tools included, as well as how easy each software package is to use, are very important in helping you to achieve the most with your accounts. Subsequently we’ve taken this into account when thinking about who might benefit most from each website.

Our number 1 website in this category is Quickbooks (by Intuit), which is a leader in accounting software packages and is used widely around the world. As well as providing a substantial number of useful features for professional accounts keepers and laymen alike, it also offers superior customer support to help you out when you need assistance.

In second place is Sage One, again a widely used and trusted system, they offer excellent value for money particularly for small and small-medium companies. This service also supports collaborative projects so it is a good option for anyone who works with colleagues in separate offices.

Finally, in third place we have QuickFile, which is a free accounting service using a cloud system that lets you access your accounts wherever and whenever you want. But there are plenty more to choose from, so take a good look to see which one might best be suited for you.

With everything in place it would be silly to rest on your laurels when it comes to doing the accounts. After all, businesses are created to make money! Accounting software can save you money and time so you’ll have more energy to focus on the more exciting elements of running a business.

Online Book Publishing Reviews

Online Book Publishing Reviews
Everyone has a novel in them, they say. Well, they at least have a spine. Ahhh the old jokes are the best ones. If you’re a budding writer or even on your 12th novel, you may have heard about self publishing. This is a booming business, and it’s becoming an increasingly legitimate way to get your books out to the world. The global economic crisis means that publishers really have to be careful about who they publish (they need to turn a profit) so they take fewer and fewer risks, and they take on fewer emerging talents as a result. But don’t worry, self publishing is another route to take and now there are plenty of websites and support groups online to help you write and edit a book, as well as printing and distributing it. Our online book publishing reviews have taken an in depth look at a range of these sites to help you decide which one might best suit your personal style and needs.

So how do online book publishing websites work? At the most basic level you send them your completed manuscript and they’ll professionally print and bind it for you, sending however many copies you want through the post. However this isn’t the end of their services. You’ll discover that many of the publishers will offer additional services to help develop your book and bring it to market. If you’ve got a great idea but you’re not the next J.K. Rowling then you can hire a ghost writer from some websites. These are professional writers who will turn your story into a novel, biography or any genre you prefer. On the next level up, if you’ve written some or all of a book but want advice on how to improve it, you’ll find websites that offer editorial services. In contrast, if the book’s written and you’re happy with it but want someone to read over it then there are proof readers and typesetters waiting to put the final touches to your text. 

There are a range of printing options available throughout the book publishing websites we’ve reviewed. You can have something quite basic or hire illustrators to make your stories come to life. Meanwhile you can choose from different kinds of paper, colour text or images, a variety of covers and more. You really can make something pretty special and unique. Marketing a book is also a difficult process and having the right networks and contacts can help. Some websites we’ve reviewed will help to build you a network of writers, editors and publishers, whilst others will use their contacts to help get your book onto online stores. 

Our number 1 online self publishing website is, a company which provides a wide range of high quality editorial, printing, distribution and marketing services. In second place is iUniverse, with a choice of design options to really make your book something special, as well as being able to promote your book on TV. Our third highest rated online book publishing site is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, which allows you to quickly upload your text and sell it for a big cut of the profits and a huge potential audience. 

Whilst some might argue that self publishing isn’t as legitimate as conventional publishing methods, it does mean that you can target your readers and produce work they’ll love without having to be filtered out by mainstream publishers. There are also a lot of useful services that you won’t get through a publisher and you gain full control over how your book is edited and how it finally appears to your readers. Whether it’s a bestselling young adult novel, a book of poems for your family, an academic text or your memoirs to share with your friends, there’s plenty on offer here. Now it’s time to start writing the next masterpiece! Good luck!

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Medical Alert Systems Reviews

Medical Alert Systems Reviews
Nobody likes to think of themselves or a loved one in pain. When we're young we believe that we're impervious to real harm, we're willing to try all sorts of things even if they're pretty risky, but the truth is that medical emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night, whether you're jumping out of a plane 30,000 feet in the sky, or just getting into bed in the security of your own home. For many people it's not the initial accident that causes the problems, it's making it to help and getting into recovery quickly that can make all the difference. If you're concerned about your health, or the health of someone close to you, Medical Alert Systems might be something that you'd like to consider to reduce the risk of even a small accident becoming something much more serious.

Medical alert systems work by providing you with an instant lifeline. Many of the medical alert system websites we've reviewed provide small communication devices, much like a walkie talkie, that allow you to make immediate and direct contact with a trained specialist. These devices can either be worn around the neck like a pendant, kept in your pocket like a cell phone, or installed on walls in the home. All you do is press a button when you're in need of help, and the member of staff will speak to you through the device. Some of these websites even offer sensors which can detect when you've fallen, meaning that help can be provided even if you cannot speak. Additionally you can install video cameras to keep an eye on friends and family, or even control the locks on the doors using a mobile device, allowing paramedics into the property without needing to get up and answer the door. Many of these systems have been designed with older customers in mind, but they are just as useful for a wide range of individuals. If you have a partner you'd like to put under the same protection plan then you may find it useful to look through our medical monitoring service reviews for any plans that offer partner support as standard.

We felt that ADT Medical Alert offered a superior level of service, with its trained staff staying on the line with you throughout any problem. It's also one of the most established companies offering medical monitoring and support. Medical Guardian was our second highest rated medical alert website, providing three different medical alert packages, including devices which work outside of the home. In third place is LifeFone, providing two key package options to suit a range of budgets and needs. We hope you'll find our medical alert systems reviews easy to navigate through and compare as we've given each of them a star rating to evaluate their main features and services. You'll also discover that we've researched their pricing structures and the differences between each site in order to help you to decide which of the systems might be most beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Staying healthy and independent is one of the most important things in life, so after you've finished your intensive skydiving session why not check out a few of the medical alert systems we've reviewed? Help is only a button click away.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services Reviews

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services
Each year hundreds of people are killed in their homes, not by intruders or terrible accidents but by an odourless, invisible gas: carbon monoxide. This gas prevents your body from absorbing oxygen effectively, essentially suffocating you, sometimes causing brain damage or even death. The real problem is that carbon monoxide is difficult to detect, and it can easily be produced when air is burned in an insufficient amount of oxygen, such as in a fireplace or boiler system. So what can be done? Well you can purchase alarm equipment which is able to detect carbon monoxide in your home. Traditionally these were small chemical packs that you'd put around the home and monitor for a colour change that showed carbon monoxide was present. However this means you need to keep checking the colour and often these products had a very short shelf life. Also they don't really work if you're asleep! However, with the progression of technology and dedicated monitoring services, you can now have 24 hour protection from carbon monoxide. We've reviewed a host of websites that offer Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services to help you choose one that could save your life one day.

So how do these services work? Well you're sent a set of monitors and alarms which you fix around the home (or in some cases they're installed for you). These monitors are connected to the central monitoring station, so if they detect any abnormal levels of carbon monoxide then they can alert the station, who will then contact you. The great benefit to this is that you don't need to worry about checking them yourself, and they also have a much longer detection life than traditional tests. Since the technology used is highly sensitive to changes in the air, it can also detect growing levels of carbon monoxide before they reach dangerous concentrations, meaning that you can evade risk altogether.

We've looked at quite a few CO Monitoring Websites now and have written reviews on each one. These carbon monoxide monitoring service reviews are designed to help you decide which service might be the best for you. Whilst some of them may simply sell the alarms, others will provide 24 hour monitoring or even throw in home security monitoring into the deal. We've also considered how accurate the equipment is, and the designs available to you. You'll see a star rating for each service, which gives a general impression of how the website and its services perform, plus a write-up giving more precise details as to the cost, features, pros and cons of each. Our highest rated carbon monoxide service was Front Point Security, which offers long-life alarm devices and a free trial. In a close second place is Protect America, which provides user friendly support and mobile control options. Meanwhile Vivint came in third, combining home security with carbon monoxide monitoring. But we've plenty more sites to choose from, so why not take a look through several of our reviews to work out which one might be best for you and your family?

Carbon monoxide has caused a lot of tragedies in the past, but with a monitoring service in your home you can help to reduce the risks of this deadly gas and protect those people who are most important to you.

Home Security Systems Reviews

Home Security Systems Reviews
A person's home is their castle. And what good is a castle without a few defences? You could dig a moat or fit a portcullis, perhaps even lay a few pit traps or pour boiling tar over deviants (please don't do that!) but it's far easier and less medieval to simply invest in a Home Security System. There are now a myriad of companies offering you, your family, your home and possessions protection from would-be thieves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, whether you just want some peace of mind when you go on holiday or are out on business trips, or you want to make sure that your fortress is impenetrable, we've reviewed a range of the best Home Security Systems around to help you decide which one will be the most effective for you. 

So what exactly does a security system for the home involve? It can range from a few basic products such as entry alarms, to a 24-hour monitored service utilising video cameras and motion detectors. Many of the security sites we've reviewed offer a monitoring service, whereby the numerous sensors – when tripped – around your home will trigger an alarm in their central monitoring station. The company's staff will then be aware that something has happened in your home and will contact you to check whether or not all is well. If it's simply a case that you set off an alarm yourself then everything can be reset remotely, however if you're not in or you've been soundly asleep, they can alert the proper authorities and send the police to investigate. You may therefore be interested in finding out about the response times and the various equipment that is available to you. If your home has plenty of windows then you may wish to invest in a service that offers a package with a variety of window and door sensors. If, however, you would like a service that allows you to check on your home from your workplace using video technology, those options are also available to you. In fact you can go as far as to remotely control the locks on your home doors, meaning that you can let the kids in after school even when you're stuck in traffic. 

As you can see, there are a lot of options open to the eager home defence customer. As such it's a good idea to take a look through several of our home security website reviews in order to get a feel of what's available. You'll see that we've rated key elements of each service using a stars system, which gives a quick visual impression of how each service ranks against the others. Our number one home security website was FrontPoint Security, which has scored a very impressive five stars for its 24 hour monitoring options and remote security features, as well as a strong variety of tools and sensors. Meanwhile, Protect America came in a close second for its easy to use devices and range of packages. 

So what are you waiting for? Ready the troops and prepare the armaments. If there's an invasion coming, you'll be ready... En Garde!

Legal Forms USA Reviews

Legal Forms USA
If, like a lobster, you don't like getting into hot water, then making sure your legal affairs are in order is vital. Much of the work lawyers and attorneys do is behind the scenes, concerned with checking that their understanding of law is up to date, and that the work they do complies with that law. If you're anything like us then you're not necessarily at the top of your game when it comes to all things legal. In fact, you might not even be sure how to go about filling in the necessary documents for the various legal actions you'll need to complete in your lifetime, be they making changes to your will, renting your home, or filing for a divorce. Legal Forms USA websites offer tools and services to help you create professional legal documents that comply with current US law, saving you time, money and stress in the process.

The sites work in a variety of ways, which is why you'll see so many scattered around the internet. We've considered many of those which are considered the best, and thrown in some curve balls. Different legal documents websites will offer you different kinds of service and at different costs. If you're looking for a site that specializes in property or business law, you'll find it here. If you're hoping to sort out some of your family affairs, that's also available. Some sites will offer a variety of legal services, ranging from legal advice to writing your documents for you, whilst others promote an automated system whereby you fill in a questionnaire about your legal issue, and a document is produced which you can email or print off. We have considered the quality of the documents you receive, as well as the standard and variety of services on offer, in the hope that you can find a legal forms website for the USA that will help you achieve your goals in a professional and legal manner.

We felt that the most accomplished of these sites was Legal Zoom, which gives you access to a strong range of documents, from business necessities to family services, as well as providing superior guidance and a step-by-step system. Following in a close second place is Nolo, which offers templates, examples and detailed descriptions of each form so that you've a clear idea what it is you ought to be aiming to produce. That said, there are plenty of legal document sites around, and it could be worth your time and money to read through a number of our reviews to check which site would be best for you. The sites we've reviewed are specific to US law, so if you're hoping to use the documents generated in another country then you'll have to check that they are suitable with the site's FAQ or by emailing them directly. Their legal specialists ought to be able to advise you on the best course of action, which is another good reason why using a legal forms website, rather than an expensive pay-by-the-minute lawyer, could be a fruitful option.

Legal Forms UK Reviews

Legal Forms UK
Have you ever noticed that lawsuits are incredibly exciting in the movies? There's double-crossing, cross-examinations, cross police chiefs. A lot of crossings. In fact watching legal cases has become a popular pastime, with shows like Judge Judy becoming big hitters. But in reality most of law is quite dull, and much of the work is done in the office rather than the courtroom. If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation or just need some legal documents completing, you're going to need to become semi-literate in the legal process, or hire an expensive lawyer to do the work for you. That is, until now. Legal Forms UK Websites are specialist sites that provide legal information, guidance and assistance when it comes to developing and completing legal documents. Whether you want to update your will, file for divorce or rent out your home, you can now get the help you need to fill in legal forms online. These sites are UK-specific, so all comply to United Kingdom law, and whilst some of the sites we've reviewed here will also provide legal documentation for other countries, this category is most suited to you if you have a legal issue in the UK.

So what can you expect from a legal documents website, such as those we've been busy reviewing for you? Well there are some real differences between them, the main ones being linked to how much of the document work you do for yourself. If you're new to legal processes then you may wish to have someone else create your legal documents for you. This isn't a problem and you'll be able to find websites that offer the services of trained legal professionals who will speak with you and then complete your forms as a lawyer might. If, however, you feel somewhat confident in creating a legal form but you need a little assistance, you can often input the information yourself and have it automatically created, or you can use completed samples to help inform your own written document. Alternatively you could show your efforts to a specialist, who will then advise you on how to edit it appropriately. Finally there are sites that will allow you produce forms yourself, providing templates (some of which may be accessed for free). Of course the more help you need, the more expensive it inevitably becomes, but in general you should find that legal forms sites (UK specialised) are a cheaper option than going to a private law firm.

We've reviewed a decent range of these websites but we felt that Net Law Man, our second highest-rated site in this category, offered users very high quality documents and superior customer support. Whilst it's not the cheapest, the end product is excellent. Our number 1 review went to, which offers a substantial variety of documents and legal services, either on a one-off basis or as a subscription. 

Times they are achangin', and now you're no longer at the mercy of expensive law firms. Take the legal chains in your own hands and ride that pony to freedom! Or, you know, fill out a few legal forms and get on with enjoying life, whilst saving a few pounds.

Horoscope and Astrology Websites Reviews
If you've ever been to a fun fair then you've probably seen the wise old women in their painted coaches, mulling over a pack of tarot cards or a crystal ball. But the fair isn't always in town, and sometimes you may wish to seek enlightenment from divine powers. Sure, you could check out the newspapers, or hire a private specialist, but many people find that they want to access their horoscope, have tarot readings or utilise other mystic services in their own time, when they want them. Horoscope and Astrology Websites allow you to access such services when you want to, often putting you in touch with some of the most well regarded people in the business. You can arrange private psychic readings, try to make contact with lost friends and relatives, or simply purchase books or DVD's about the subject areas that interest you. We haven't drawn the line at only horoscope and astrology website reviews, we've also included websites that sell gemstones and crystals, incense and more. Even if you don't necessarily believe in the mystic powers that some of the sites claim exist, you can still find services and products that suit your lifestyle and beliefs

One of the great things about these websites is that a number of them will offer you free trials, readings or products. These are, of course, to encourage you to make a purchase or even subscribe, but it's a good idea to test out these free trials when they're available. After all, some services may work for you, others may not. You might also discover a new interest in a particular area of astrology or aromatherapy, for example, and wish to pursue it further. Subsequently, it might be a good idea to try out a few of the sites we've reviewed to see what each one has to offer and how it could fit into your life. This seems particularly important if you wish to have tarot readings or psychic readings performed, where the reader's connection to you, and how you click, could be an important element of your future together.

Some of our top rated astrology sites are worth a second glance, and we thought that they stood out from the crowd for a number of reasons. California Psychics – our 3rd highest rated site – has been around on the internet since 1995, offering an international service with world players in psychic readings. Meanwhile has a fun side to it that has kept hundreds of thousands coming back to it over and over again. Our highest rated site in this category,, is one of the biggest and best respected websites for tarot, horoscopes and astrology. It also has a wide range of features that you won't find elsewhere, and is linked with iVillage, a group of sites with a female focus on issues such as entertainment, family, food and beauty, to help improve your life holistically. 

There's plenty of choice out there, so why not peruse several horoscope and astrology sites at your leisure. And remember, fortune favours the bold. Good luck!

Identity Theft Protection Services Reviews

Identity Theft Protection Services Reviews
The world can be a dangerous place, but some dangers are more visible than others. We all know about the risks of burglary, fire, drugs and terrorism, to name but a few, but what about your identity? Identity theft is now big business, with thousands of people around the world having their personal information used by criminals. Sometimes this can be for minor offences such as online purchases, but in extreme cases someone's whole world can be turned upside down through the fraudulent use of their information. The problem is that we're all online but we're not necessarily using it safely, or protected from specialist criminals who know how to gather our data and use it against us. That's where Identity Theft Protection Services come in to play. Essentially these companies will monitor the internet for any use of your personal information, including underground illegal sites. If they find your information is being used illegally or suspiciously, they take action and stop it dead in its tracks. As such, these services are great if you're at all concerned about your identity being stolen online.

There are differences between each of the ID theft protection services we've reviewed, and we've tried to make those differences clear to you in the hope that you'll be able to make a more informed decision. Some of the vital elements to look for include the site's own security. This is to do with how they store their data and how well they protect it. After all there's no point in giving your important information to a company if they're going to be easily breached. That would be like paying someone to hand out your bank details in the street! If you'd like to protect your family then you may wish to investigate the Identity Security sites that we've evaluated, which offer protection to partners and children, as well as yourself. There are cases of criminals using the private information of even very young children to commit crimes online. You can also look out for wallet protection which is a service that helps you to get your life back on track if your wallet (and all the information and credit cards therein) is lost or stolen.

We've reviewed a number of sites and encourage you to check out several of the reviews before making any decisions. Identity theft protection websites can differ more than you might expect, so you may wish to understand the particularities of any given site to make sure that it will do the job you want it to. Our number 1 website, for example, Identity Force, provides a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets, so you ought to be able to find something to suit you. It also offers a free 14 day trial period to help you understand how it works. Meanwhile, LifeLock, our second highest rated ID theft protection site, provides extra services to help you out if your information or wallet is taken from you. 

Staying safe online, and making sure that your personal data is not at risk, is more important than ever. With Identity Theft Protection Services you can help to reduce the chance of fraudsters accessing your information, and carry on living a more secure life.

Business Plans Reviews

Online Business Plans Reviews
If you're looking for success then becoming your own boss can be a great road to that. But it's not all chocolate milkshakes and business lunches, there's hard work involved too! Whether or not you get the funding and support you need to get your business off the ground can really depend on something as fundamental as a business plan. We're not all Donald Trump (thankfully! What's with his hair anyway?!) and so writing a professional business plan might not really be a skill we all have. A business plan is a carefully constructed document that lays out exactly what you plan to do, and how you plan on doing it. It will be used to communicate your business idea to others, be they bank managers, investors or other interested parties such as potential partners. As such it needs to be watertight. You don't want your plan leaking all over their nice desk, after all! That's why we've been checking out the best business plan websites that are available to you. We've gone through each one carefully to get an understanding of what they offer you as a customer and potential future Trump.

If you don't know what a business plan is, what it contains or how to write one, then business planning websites might be of great use. There are two main kinds of business planning website available: those that offer automated services, producing your document for you based on what you type in to their questionnaire; and more traditional services which involve talking to an expert, who will then look at your plan and help you with it, or write it for you. How much assistance you need could be a big factor in deciding which website you'd prefer to use, so we've taken this into account in our reviews.

Three sites in particular stood out for us. Enloop provides a variety of packages to suit a range of business types and user needs. Its software synchronises with other systems so that when you change information in one area, it will also alter elsewhere. Meanwhile LivePlan offers a number of tools for start-ups and for people who are new to the world of entrepreneurship. It also offers some useful examples for you to look at so that you can make sure your plans are up to standard. Our highest rated business plans website, BusinessPlanPro, provides great customer support combined with automated systems to make sure you get the best of both worlds. 

Of course you'll need to take into account your budget and needs before paying for any services. We've also considered these factors and have scored each site accordingly using our stars system. We list plenty of features offered by each site to give you a flavour of what they can achieve, as well as providing a written assessment of each business plans website to provide a sense of the overall experience you might expect. Take a look at a few of our business plans reviews to help you make up your mind. After all, Donald Trump wouldn't make a rash decision. Except perhaps with the hairdo. Best of luck!

Bodybuilding Programs Reviews

Online Bodybuilding Programs
 Let's face it, when most of us see a guy or girl walking along the beach, rippling with muscles, we tend to look at our own body and sigh. You might think that you're stuck with the body you're in, but with a bit of exercise, the right diet and some top training tips, you can sculpt your body and live as your very own Hercules. Bodybuilding Programs offer you the opportunity to redesign your physique, whether it's for aesthetic or health reasons. There are plenty to choose from, some of which focus more on the exercise element, whilst others explore the impact of the foods you eat. If you need a bit of a helping hand and some encouragement along the way, then body building websites can be a great way to get started.

We've checked out the boldest and best bodybuilding programs around in the hope that our reviews will help you to choose one to suit you. The differences between these sites can be pretty significant so it's important to realise what it is you're looking to gain from them. If you're looking to bulk up, then we've reviewed body building programs that will utilise expert advice, with practical exercises developed by real body builders. Meanwhile we've reviewed sites for a range of people, including those who want a healthier lifestyle, are interested in a little bit of toning or for older people who want to shed a few pounds. We've also taken into account a range of important issues such as the advice that's available, as well as the overall value for money that each body sculpting website has to offer. If you're ever in doubt about what each program provides then you can explore the site directly by following our links to it.

If you're interested in purchasing various bodybuilding products, such as weights and proteins, Muscle and Strength is a great place to start. This site offers discounts on all the equipment you'll need, as well as offering plenty of different workout programs to choose from. Our number one site for body building, however, is the aptly named, with a huge number of products and great advice from some top names in the body building industry. This expertise, combined with the organization of the company and website, make it a useful tool for amateurs and professionals alike.
Those things considered, don't simply opt for the first site you see. We've gone to some length to describe the subtle differences, the pros and the cons of each of these websites and the programs they offer. If you're into natural products then check out the reviews of the sites which specialise in natural body building methods. If you're happy to let science give you a helping hand then some of the sites we've reviewed will provide recommendations on products you might prefer, and how they can be used to fit in with your exercise regime. With the right body building program behind you, you're sure to be strutting your stuff on the beaches in no time.

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Gay Dating Websites Reviews

Gay Dating Sites
Are you bored? In the house again? On your lonesome? You could play solitaire, or recite poetry, sample some fine French ports, or, you know, something else if you’re not a 19th century aristocrat. We’ve got a suggestion: if you’re a guy who’s looking to meet other men for a relationship or just a bit of fun, have you considered gay dating websites? That’s right, put down your cob pipe and turn down your trouser sleeves, there are more gay men out there than you can shake a bob hat at, and you’ll be surprised just how many of them are now using the internet to find a date. You can find guys in your town, or even on the other side of the globe; men who are looking for a toy boy or something a little more distinguished; muscles and fitties and bears - oh my!

What we’re trying to get across here is the sheer amount of choice available to you. There are gay dating websites with millions of singles, couples and groups who are looking for all sorts of men to flirt, frolic and fornicate with. If you’re not completely sure of what to expect then you’ll find sites with a great community feel, in which you can engage in group chats on any subject you like, or if you’re looking for something a little more hot and ready then you can find sites with plenty of images, movies and web chats to get you in the mood. You’ll also be able to show everyone what you’re really about as each of these sites allows you to build a unique picture profile. This acts as a sort of advert, through which other members can find you and get in touch.

We’ve over 30 gay dating website reviews to help make your decisions that much easier. We’ve compared and contrasted them, taking into account all they have to offer to their members, and we’ve written comprehensive reviews to give you a good idea of how they match up. Take for example, our number 1 rated site, Gay XXX Dates. This site has been tailored to help you find hook ups and sexy encounters at the click of a button. In contrast, Men Nation, our second highest rated site, allows you access to over 47 million members. No pun intended. But you’ll also find sites that are explicitly for men who are looking for serious relationships, or for men who are really only interested in finding lifelong love. We’ve rated each of these sites based on a stars system, ranking several important factors (such as the likelihood that you’ll find a date and the value for money that the site offers), as well as providing detailed information on the costs and features of each.

Why not take a look? You’ve nothing to lose, particularly as most of the gay dating websites we’ve reviewed offer a free sign up. You’ve really no reason to be sat in alone with the Encyclopaedia Britannica and a dry sherry now, do you? There are millions of men out there just waiting to meet up and get to know you better.

Lesbian Dating Websites Reviews

Lesbian Dating Sites
Queen Victoria famously said of lesbianism that “women do not do such things”. Poor old Vicky had her wires crossed and if she had access to today’s technology she’d soon be eating her royal words. There’s now an array of lesbian dating websites to choose from and the number is increasing rapidly to cater for the mass and variety of women seeking their services. It’s never been easier to find women who might push your buttons, and they’re only a click away.

What’s really handy about internet dating is that you can choose how you engage with someone. It’s not just the usual case of going down the pub for a drink in the hope that a new lady of luck catches your keen eye. No, with lesbian dating websites you can bide your time, seek out women based on their looks, interests or even their sexual fantasies. You also have a much greater opportunity to sell yourself, not simply based on a drunken fumble but on the things that matter to you. Although fumbles are also available.

These sites aren’t explicitly for “lesbians” per se. What’s in a label, anyway? All sorts of women use the sites, including couples, bisexual or bicurious individuals. Some are specialised for particular groups, such as femme, butch or lipstick lesbians, so if you’re in the market for a particular kind of girl who shares your mindset then you won’t be stuck, whilst others are more general and contain profiles from every kind of woman you’d want. They also offer a variety of ways to talk with women, including emails or instant chat, or even web cams if you want to make things a bit more intimate.

Our lesbian dating site reviews consider the likelihood of you getting a date using one of these sites, as well as the costs and features available. We’ve gone into a lot of depth to help you work out which site might suit your budget and needs, reviewing fifteen of the top lesbian dating websites around. Our number 1 site was GayGirlDate, a site which has more than 45 million members from around the world, so you’re bound to find a few you like the look of! Meanwhile, our 2nd place went to Lesbian Personals, which allows you access to over 14,000 sexy videos and the ability to watch live web casts.

So in just two sites that’s 45 million members and over 14,000 videos of women “not doing such things”, ay Queeny? We are not amused. Enjoy.

Deaf Dating Websites Reviews

Deaf Dating Websites
Elton John once sang “Can you feel the love tonight?” in Disney’s The Lion King, and whilst we may not be fictional lions enacting the tragedy of Macbeth, most of us are looking for someone to “feel the love” and share our lives with. If you’re seeking just a roll in the Serengeti or something a bit more permanent, in the busy old world of today it can be difficult to find someone special. Whether it’s time commitments or just being a bit bored of meeting the same old people in the same old places, entering the world of dating can be a little daunting. That’s why we’ve taken to researching specialist websites that help people to find anything from casual dates to lifelong love, for all sorts of people. Deaf dating websites are specially designed for people with hearing impairments, people who use sign language or for people who are looking for a relationship within a deaf community. So get ready for the hunt!

Deaf dating sites are almost identical to most other dating sites: you sign up, build a profile page (a kind of advert for yourself to attract other users), find members you’re interested in and then get chatting. You often have the choice between sending email-style messages, instant text chat or even webcams. The major difference is the people who sign up for deaf dating websites. It’s probably not much of a surprise to learn that they’re looking for someone who also has hearing impairments, and the sites take this into consideration when you’re building your profile. As such these sites are a honey pot to deaf users, meaning that you’ll spend far less time having to wade through profiles to find someone who is interested in a relationship within the deaf community.

When we research these sites to write our deaf dating site reviews, we take several important factors into consideration, including how likely you are to find a date and the value for money that the site offers. If you’re in a bit of a hurry then you will easily be able to identify how each site performed in each important area simply by looking at our star ratings. The more stars, the better! In the review itself you’ll find more details about the prices and the various features that the site offers (how many photos can you upload, what are the search options, can I use a webcam, and so on). We have also provided a written account of the site based on what our editor thought of it, highlighting the various pros and cons of each site for you to consider.

Our number 1 rated site was, which stood out because it offered a great range of features and it claims to be the world’s largest deaf dating website. In a close second place was because it had an international clientele and is absolutely free to use. Dating For Deaf came third as it offered a good range of features free of charge, plus a good range of payment options. But each site has its own benefits depending on what (or who) you are looking for, so it’s worth checking out a few of our reviews and making up your own mind.

So comb your mane, sharpen your teeth and join the hunt. Who knows where deaf dating websites might take you…!
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