Friday 15 February 2013

UK Online Tutoring Reviews

UK Online Tutoring Services
Alongside our reviews of Online Tutoring Sites in the USA, our UK Online Tutoring Reviews gives worried parents and teens the low-down on the best tutoring services for struggling scholars up and down the country. Sometimes, we all need a little extra help here and there, especially with academic study, which, in all honesty, doesn’t suit everyone. The internet has provided a new way for students to connect with tutors and other teaching professionals to help provide them with the extra support they need to do better in their exams and, indeed, throughout their course of study. While the UK Online Tutoring market isn’t quite as large and lively as its US counterpart, we’re sure you’ll find a service in our listings that’s right for you or your child and help them on the road to success, regardless of the subject or level.

Online tutoring varies wildly from service to service and it can be difficult to pin down a precise definition from the variety of services on offer. On the whole, the mainstay of online tutoring is the provision of one-on-one, personalised support for children of all ages, levels and abilities. This support is often provided using webcam, internet-phone or instant messaging and is often given by qualified teachers (although, as with real-life tutoring, support is more often given by university students versed in particular subjects). When choosing one of these services, users should bear in mind the level and ability of the child, the subject matter and exam board, the technology they have available to them and the amount of money they are willing to spend. On that topic, there’s no denying that tutoring of any kind is expensive, but online tutoring often offers far greater value for money than ‘real-life’ tutoring, so it’s certainly worth a try if you’re struggling to find someone in your area at the right price.

Our highest-ranking service out of the six we have considered in this category is TutorMe, a fantastic service that spans the full educational range (both in terms of academic levels and subjects). We were also very impressed by the flexibility of the service at TutorMe, with users being able to choose from 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions depending on their needs. All TutorMe tutors are fully vetted, interviewed and CRB-checked, making them safe to work with children and young adults of all ages. In terms of cost, GCSE and ALevel classes are charged at £25 per hour, while Undergraduate and Postgraduate classes are charged at £30 per hour. Even though it already hits the top spot in this category, we’re poised for significant developments at TutorMe in the coming months and years – the site has already identified ‘personalised learning’ as one of its educational goals, and we’re sure this is only one of the developments in the pipeline.

If you’re looking for more focused support, BrightSpark Education offers a maths-only service that aims to improve the numeracy levels of students taking its program (as does Maths Whizz, an alternative service); while more ad-hoc support (such as homework help) is offered by TutorHub. Regardless of the needs of you or your child, there’s something out there that can help even the most struggling of students achieve their goals. Check out these services today!

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