Friday 15 February 2013

Teach Yourself German Reviews

Learn German Online
Learning a new language is not only rewarding, it’s also great fun too. German is a great language to learn and our ‘Teach YourselfGerman’ reviews will help you on that road by giving you all of the information you need about the latest products that help you learn German quickly and easily. Many of the products we have reviewed in this category are produced by the same publishers that produced products that feature in other similar categories we have already reviewed (including Teach Yourself English, Teach YourselfFrench, Teach Yourself Spanish and Teach Yourself Italian), giving the makers considerable experience in dealing with home-language tuition.

The types of products we have reviewed in this category differ considerably. We appreciate that people learn in different ways, so have taken the time to consider books, audio-courses, DVD’s, software packages and more, so as to give our readers the best possible chance of finding a product that’s right for them. In reviewing the guides, not only did we consider each product in the context of a set of objective criteria (as always), but we also looked specifically at the priorities each learner would have and what they wanted to achieve from the courses. Some users only want to learn enough German to get by when travelling abroad, others just want to learn as a hobby, whilst others will use these guides as a stepping stone for further study for business or work purposes. Regardless of your intention when learning, the guides we have considered in this category will help you get where you want to be.

Our No.1 rated product in this category was Rocket German. Although the product can be demanding, in terms of providing a comprehensive, successful and interactive course that is suitable for all skill levels, Rocket German really can’t be beaten. Users can choose from four different skill levels to find resources and lessons that are suitable for them and use audio lessons, exercises, MP3’s, software packages and printed books in order to progress. Once you’ve mastered one level, it’s easy to move on to the next and continue to improve your skills. What’s more, Rocket German can be trialled for 6 days free of charge, so if you’re not sure whether this service is right for you, it’s easy (and free) to give it a go.

Even though we loved Rocket German, the category as a whole is comprised of more than 20 products, all of which have something to offer the budding language-learner. Rosetta Stone German, the German version of one of the most recognisable brands in the industry makes it into our number 2 spot, while Berltiz German Premier and Myngle (German) offer different, slightly more casual takes on language learning. A more unusual service, illustrating how diverse this category is, is German Pod 101 – a language course based almost entirely on your iPod! Regardless of the sort of learner you are, and the amount of time and money you have to devote to your new pastime, check out our reviews before choosing a service – we’re sure there’ll be something for you there!

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