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Travel Companion Websites

Travel Companion Websites
If money was no obstacle, what would you do with your life? Some people might choose to do charity work, others might spend more time with their family, some folks would live in a mansion, sipping port. Whilst you don’t need to do any of these things exclusively, a lot of people would answer: “I’d like to go travelling.”

Exploring all the different cultures, cuisines, sites and surroundings that the world has to offer is one of the most uplifting and fulfilling things in life. Travelling can open our eyes to new ways of thinking and living, allowing us to make new friends and memories that will last forever.

Whilst it’s true that very few of us have the “money is no obstacle” option, this doesn’t stop us from packing our bags, slapping on some sunscreen and heading out into the big old rock we know as planet Earth. But wait! If you’ve travelled a lot before, you’ll probably know that trips away on your lonesome can be...well, a bit lonely. Sure, you experience all those amazing things, but having someone along to share your travel experiences can make them more memorable and fun.

Travellers are, by nature, transient, and so the friends you make along the way will change route, passing you by like ships in the night (to take a well worn cliché). It’s far more satisfying to board ships with buddies, to fly with friends, to railroad it with a new romance. That’s where Travel Companion Websites come in handy.

Travel Buddy Websites allow you to make connections online. You can talk to people who share similar interests to you, plan trips, exchange quips, and eventually meet up to go exploring. The great thing about this system is that you can take your pick from thousands of people, some of whom are new to travelling, some of whom are Marco Polos of the modern age.

You can share first time experiences or learn from the pros, arranging trips before leaving the house, or meeting up with people as you move from place to place. Consequently, finding travel friends is made much easier, and you’ll be more likely to find someone who suits your personality (trust us, personalities can easily clash when you’re locked in a small Eastern European dorm together).

Our number 1 travel companion website is Travel Buddies, which includes a mobile app letting you know when your friends are nearby, so you can quickly hook up when on the move. You can also search for a buddy based on a particular interest or personality trait, so if you’re looking for a great planner or someone laid back, you can quickly find them and meet up.

Travel Girls jumps in at number 2, providing the tools you need to meet attractive females and arrange to travel together. This can be for company or as a date, it’s up to you to discuss and decide.

TravBuddy rolls in at number 3, with superior networking options to help you learn about the countries you want to travel to, as well as make in depth plans on your routes and experiences.

As you can see, travel buddy websites can really differ from each other, offering different services and focuses for their members. So, it’s worth taking a look around and trying a few out before settling on one which suits you. Although money may be an obstacle, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying the world with a new friend in tow.

African Dating Websites

African Dating WebsitesThe Yoruba of Nigeria believe that every person on the planet has three spiritual beings as part of them. The emi (meaning “breath”) is the spiritual force which gives life, allowing us to breathe, run, work and love. Whilst emi might be very good at the first few tasks, love is sometimes harder to come by. You need a bit of luck (to meet the right person), persistence (to meet and keep meeting), attraction and that special ‘something’ which makes the sparks fly.

If you’re looking for a date in Africa, or with an African person, you might be keen to learn that the internet has a few options available to you in the guise of African Dating Websites. Emi has gone digital, and the aim is to bring love a little closer to your life.

Of course, we’re not all out for ‘the one’. Sometimes we may wish to just meet friends, go on a few dates, kiss a lip or two before we decide to settle down with someone special. You’ll find all sorts of people, looking for all sorts of relationships, on these websites.

Whilst many of the members live in Africa, some live abroad in countries such as the USA or UK. Others may have no connection to Africa, but would like to pursue a relationship with someone in, from, or with a family history based in an African nation. In contrast, you may find members who are currently living in Africa, but who wish to explore the world, making friends and meeting dates on other continents. Subsequently, whilst the title African Dating suggests that the members are all African, this isn’t necessarily true, so it’s good to keep an open mind about the possible people you might find.

The sites tend to work like this: you build a unique profile page, which allows you to express yourself and tell people a little about yourself. You will be able to upload photos, as well as potentially uploading a video to show off your best traits and say hello. From there you can search for other members based on your preferences, then get in touch with them via email, instant messenger or webcam. You’ll even find that some websites offer community features such as message boards, forums and chat rooms, as well as information on dating such as articles and blog posts.

We felt that AfroIntroductions, with its large international membership base, extensive profiles and video options, offered the most comprehensive system, with excellent value for money.

Meanwhile, South African Cupid is a great option for anyone in South Africa who is looking for dates or serious relationships, with a large client base which extends throughout its network of dating sites.

Our third most popular choice is Cloud Romance, which focuses on joining people in East Africa, with live chat options and plenty of active users.

With African dating websites, finding someone special in or from Africa has never been easier. With many sites focusing on a specific country or area, and other sites with members from around the world, you have all bases covered. Now all you need to do is find your inner emi!

Wealthy Dating Websites

Wealthy Dating Websites

“The best things in life are free” supposedly, but doesn’t life feel that much better when you’re sitting in a BMW, or basking in the sun on a private yacht? Sure, friendship, love, companionship, compassion, health (the list goes on) are important, but that doesn’t mean they’re exclusive to poverty.

If you’re more interested in champagne than sparkling grape juice, Wealthy Dating Websites might be the drink for you. Having worked hard and earned plenty, it’s no wonder that wealthy people are interested in maintaining that lifestyle, or that others would be interested in becoming a part of it.

Millionaire dating sites are generally for people who earn over 6 figures and who enjoy some of life’s finer, and more expensive, things. However, you don’t have to be a millionaire to join. If you wish to meet a wealthy member and you feel that you have what they might be looking for, the doors are open.

As we’ve mentioned, these sites are built to attract a wealthy clientele, and members who would like to get to know them. Some of the websites will ask that the richest members prove how much they earn, just so people aren’t being falsely lured into a relationship. And, whilst money is a key factor to the premise for the site, the most important element here is that the members are respectful in finding like-minded people to date.

Most of the members on Rich Dating websites are either wealthy men, or women who are looking to attract their gaze. That’s not to say that you won’t also find wealthy women, or that you can’t find wealthy members who are also seeking another wealthy member. There’s a whole aviary of fine feathered friends in there. What’s more, you’ll find members from around the world, allowing you to explore new places and meet new people.

With plenty of attractive people signed up, and a dedication to honest dating, was our number one choice in this category. The site also offers bespoke services, and whilst it costs a little more than some of its competitors, we feel it’s worth the dollar difference. is our second favorite site here, with a dedication to matching women with wealthy men. With over 13 years experience, they know what they’re doing.

At number three we have, which bases its ethos on a system of “mutual dependency”, meaning that the relationships it helps you with are intended to be a two way street: whilst one member might help bring home the bacon, the other member has plenty to offer in return.

So, whether you’re looking to share some of your wealth and enjoy the company of a partner, or you’re looking to meet someone who can support a more luxurious lifestyle, Wealthy Dating Websites have plenty to offer.

The sites we’ve explored are all simple to use, allowing you to build a profile to help express yourself, in the hope that you’ll be able to find the date you’ve been looking for. The private yacht is optional.

Jewish Dating Websites

Jewish Dating Websites
Are you at that age when all of your friends are getting engaged, married, having kids, buying houses and generally getting all grown up? Perhaps you’re past that point, or you still have it to look forward to. Yep, there’s a time in life when people start disappearing and multiplying, and all because of that little thing called Love.

Whether you’re ready to find the love of your life, or you’d rather have some fun searching for them, most people are looking for a special someone to enjoy time with.

If you are single and Jewish, looking to meet someone who is Jewish, or hoping to convert to Judaism and join the party, Jewish Dating Websites offer millions of people from around the world, some of whom are looking for the same thing as you.

Jewish Dating Websites provide a space to meet and chat with Jewish people. Some of them focus on particular areas, such as the US or Israel, whilst others have an international clientele. You’ll find sites which allow you to search for people based on their Jewish heritage, family history, whether they abide by kosher rules, or even whether they have made religious pilgrimages.

If your Jewish heritage and religion are important to you, and you want to find a like-minded partner, you’re much more likely to find them on a Jewish dating site, rather than a generic one. The benefits here, of course, are that the members who have registered are Jewish, so you won’t have to wade through a pile of irrelevant profiles.

The potential hazard is that some of the sites tend to exclude non-Jews, much of the profile information being irrelevant if you’re not particularly religious or interested in the Jewish upbringing. Whilst there are a few excellent Jewish dating websites around, you’ll also find that some of them are lacking in terms of active members or excellent features, so it’s worth keeping this in mind when taking a look around.

We felt that JDate was the best of the Jewish dates sites which we explored, having well over 15 years’ experience and – apparently – a near 50:50 ratio of men to women. Many of its members are in the US and you don’t necessarily have to be Jewish (or heavily into faith) to join.

Saw You in Sinai matches you to its members, informing you about members you’re likely to click with.

Meanwhile, anyone who is looking for free online dating for Jews can visit SuperTova, which has forums and chat rooms, as well as email, completely free of charge.

If you want to try out several, you can sign up to most sites for free, take a look around and make a decision on whether it’s worth paying for the service later, so there’s nothing to lose.

Whether your friends have started to disperse, they’re long gone or still hanging around, Jewish dating sites have a lot to offer anyone who is single and looking to be involved in a Jewish relationship. From members who just want to make friends, to others who are looking for the house, car, ring and kids, you ought to be able to find the Jewish relationship that’s ideal for you.

Muslin Dating Websites

Muslim Dating Websites
“To a lovely couple, my heartfelt wishes for your wedding. Let Allah bless you with love and happiness. I wish you many cherished moments in your blissful married life.” You sign the card and wrap the gift, straightening your hair before heading out. The ceremony goes well, heading on to a large banquet, where you sit with a table of single people. Are they trying to match-make here? The food is great, the conversation flows, albeit a little awkwardly. You’ve nothing in common with these people, and your friends – the ones getting married – are busy staring into each other’s eyes lovingly. “Next time,” you think to yourself, “next time, I’ll not come on my own.”

It’s a familiar story across the world, and though you don’t always mind being single, sometimes you’d like some company, someone to take out, to romance, somewhat to have a genuine conversation with at a friend’s wedding.

If you’re single and looking to meet Muslim women or men, either near you or from other countries, Muslim Dating Websites offer a great opportunity to talk with attractive single people with an Islamic faith. You can meet based on your interests, personalities and desires in life, setting your own tone, meeting where you prefer. Gone are the days of those uncomfortable conversations with aunts and uncles about “finding someone” or “settling down”. All it takes is a few clicks.

So what are Muslim Dating Websites? Simply put, they’re spaces online where you can talk with other Muslims in the hope that you’ll hit it off. Some members will be looking for friends, others are hoping to find someone special, potentially for life. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s out there.

The important distinguishing factor here is that the sites are designed for Muslim members, or people looking to join the Islamic faith and wish to meet people who are a part of it. You can build a unique profile page, letting them know about your life and interests, upload photos and chat about whatever you prefer. Some sites even offer dating advice, live support and events for you to meet up with other single Muslims.

Our favorite of these sites is Muslima, which focuses on tong-term relationships. It is part of the Cupid Media network, so has all the necessary features, as well as plenty of Muslim members to engage with.

Qiran finishes in second place, with excellent communication tools and over 3 million members from across the globe.

Simply Marry is a newer website, specifically for Indian members. Simply Marry is not exclusively for Muslims, but there are plenty on there. You’ll also find websites dedicated to finding Muslims in the UK, Iran, and elsewhere, each with their own perks and drawbacks.

Why not take a few minutes to build your profile, have a look around a few sites and see if anyone pops out at you? It’s not long until that next wedding comes up, and it’d be pretty sweet to take someone special along with you!

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Senior Dating Websites

Senior Dating Websites
Love can be an elusive beast sometimes. You think you’ve found it, then it slips through your fingers or away in the night. Part of the reason it can be difficult to find someone who floats your boat is that it’s not always easy to meet new people. In recent years, internet dating has become a primary means for couples to meet one another, offering a low-pressure, fun environment to chat with a wide range of people from around the world. 

These websites give you the tools and connections to allow you to make new connections with people you might never have met offline. With technological advancements you can send emails, chat in real-time on an instant messenger, arrange online calls using a microphone or even talk face-to-face using a computer’s webcam.

Senior Dating Websites are therefore a great space to engage with friendly members in the hope of eventually meeting to date. Whilst some members are looking for casual dates, many are interested in something a bit more serious and long-term, making over-50’s dating websites great for anyone over the age of 50 who is interested in getting to know someone special.

The main benefit of using a senior dating website, rather than a more generic one, is that its members are a little older. Subsequently, members won’t feel out of place surrounded by young profiles, and they can be assured that the people they are going to speak with will be of a similar generation to their own.

There are other advantages too, since websites tailor the features to their members. So, you might be able to read articles and blog posts which are more relevant to senior lifestyles, although we won’t stop you if you want to start a group discussion on the best places to go clubbing!

One of the benefits of online dating – over awkward first dates where you’ve barely spoken before – is that you can get to know someone well before you meet in the flesh. This allows you to build a rapport based on your common interests and personalities rather than arbitrary uncomfortable date-chat.

We felt that the best over-50s dating website around was Senior Match, which has a huge number of members over 50. It’s also very easy to use, with excellent customer support.

In second place, Senior Friend Finder offers a solid system for matching you with its members, with a great community feel.

In third position we have Mature Dating UK, which is a great resource for anyone in the UK, or if you’re considering moving to the UK in the future. This site also offers very competitive pricing if you’re on a bit of a budget.

We feel that it’s worth trying a few of the senior dating sites we’ve reviewed, as your chances of success will vary depending on the community activity, as well as the individual members you discover. If you’re looking for a particular feature (such as being able to talk over webcam rather than just emailing) then you’ll want to explore a little to find sites which offer what you’re looking for.

In short: if you’re over 50, whether you’re looking for friendship, dates or something more serious, senior dating websites offer an affordable way to meet people on your own terms.

Black Dating Websites

“Lollipopo ooh, my sugar sisi you look so kinky tonight, my sweet potato. See, ifunanya babe ooh my loving dayana. My love is here to stay, African lady”, so go the lyrics to J Martin’s “Fine Fine Love”. If you’re looking for your very own sweet potato (by which we mean an African man or woman to love) then we’ve got a few suggestions. No, don’t go to the grocery aisle – though people do sometimes find dates there – rather, have you considered online dating?

Black Dating Websites are more popular than ever, with an array of websites offering to link you up to black men and women from around the world. From Nigeria to the USA, Ethiopia to the UK, if you want to be involved in a lively online black community then look no further.

Black dating websites are designed for anyone who is interested in pursuing a relationship (short or long term) as part of a black or interracial couple. Some of them are region-specific, meaning that the majority of their members hail from a particular place, such as Nigeria or Ethiopia.

However, you’ll also find international sites which welcome members from all over the world. These are great if you’d like to meet someone near you or from further afield, offering chances to connect with new people and cultures, as well as providing travel opportunities.

You will find that the majority of members are black or mixed race, although some members are not black but are looking to date black members. This makes the sites less limited than you might first imagine.

Whilst some sites provide features to help you chat, others also provide more networking tools such as forums and chat rooms. If you’re interested in checking out news and views on black dating, you might also consider sites which have e-magazines or blogs.

We do advise checking out several sites and trying out any free trials on offer, as the tone of one site can vary from the next. Some are set up with serious, long term relationships in mind, whereas others are mainly for people who are looking to hook up or talk over webcam.

It’s also worth mentioning that you might find some nudity here and there, but this tends to be site-specific so you should realise which sites offer this before you sign up.

Our favorite black dating website was Afro Introductions, a site which is part of the Cupid Media family and has a huge list of members. As well as offering you this database, you can also talk using a large range of top features, including video mail.

Black Cupid, part of the same network, offers a similar set of features for less money, but with fewer members. In third position is Caribbean Cupid, again provided by Cupid Media, but with a Caribbean-specific database for anyone interested in finding dates in the Caribbean.

There are plenty more black dating websites to choose from, each with its own idiosyncrasies, so it all depends on what kind of sweet potato you’re looking for.

Asian Dating Websites

Asian Dating Websites

In the 13th Century, Marco Polo was one of the first European travellers to make it to Asia, describing his long and arduous journey through the Mediterranean and Black Sea, though Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. A journey which would once have taken months, or even years, can now be traversed through the air in a matter of hours. But one thing hasn’t changed: Asia is still considered a land of exotic intrigue, beautiful landscapes, exciting cultures and kind, loving people.

With countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand (to name a few), the Asian continent has such a breadth of experiences and people to offer any would-be traveller, or anybody who is interested in meeting people from the Eastern continent.

It will probably come as no surprise, then, that Asian dating has become a major interest for so many people. Asian Dating Websites offer a space to talk with Asian people from around the world, whether currently living in Asia, or of Asian heritage. You’ll not only be able to find members in an array of Asian countries, but also people who consider themselves to have a link to Asia, culturally or ethnically.

To make the most of Asian Dating Websites, you’ll need to build a profile page. This allows you to express yourself about who you are hoping to meet. From there, you can search for members based on your personal preferences, from their country of habitation, to their hair styles and their hobbies. The sites will then allow you to chat with these members through sending emails, instant messages or even over a webcam and microphone. From there, it’s up to you!

Some sites might even offer you help in arranging trips and visas so that you can travel the world to meet a potential loved-one. These websites aren’t just for people who are interested in finding Asian dates, but also for Asian people who wish to date non-Asians. As such, if you’re hoping to meet someone outside of Asia, maybe with the aim of travelling around a little, then these dating sites might come in useful.

Our number one Asian dating site is, which is part of the Cupid Media Network. This site offers multi-lingual options, as well as a large list of members and great communication tools.

Filipino Cupid sits at number 2, specifically helping people who are looking to date people from the Philippines, whilst Thai Cupid offers a similar proposition for individuals hoping to meet and date Thai members.

Sometimes members are interested in chatting, other times they want to exchange photos or talk on a webcam, whilst a number of them wish to meet in person. Whether you’re looking for chat, dating, or even marriage, the variety of Asian dating websites available means that you ought to be able to start a relationship with whoever you’re looking for.

Now it’s just a case of finding that perfect person! Marco! Polo!

BBW Dating Websites

BBW Dating WebsitesLove comes in all shapes and sizes, despite the media fascination with size zeros. Medieval and renaissance art shows that larger women were favoured over their thinner sisters, and there are a lot of people looking to meet larger people who consider themselves big and beautiful. In fact, this fascination still persists in many cultures, with larger men and women being considered wealthier and healthier, as well as more attractive.

In case you’ve not heard the term before, BBW is short for Big Beautiful Women, but BBW Dating encompasses a range of people who enjoy being, or being with, bigger people.

The term first came to fame in the late 1970s, when Carole Shaw launched BBW Magazine, which had columns and articles for bigger women. BBW dating has since become a popular romantic pursuit online, with a multitude of large websites catering to fans of voluptuous physiques. This variety offers you a great range of members, as well as features and prices to suit your lifestyle.

BBW Dating Sites, or Plus-size Dating (as it is sometimes known) websites want to recruit members who are bigger, or members who are interested in dating larger people. There’s little else which sets BBW dating sites apart from the more generic dating sites around, but you’re sure to encounter a friendly, fat-happy atmosphere with members who appreciate a curvier form. For many people this offers a less intimidating environment to meet, chat and date. You can find people near and far, from your home-town to across the globe.

As with any dating site, you’ll hit certain snags. Fake profiles, or profiles which have been created to encourage you to visit other sites, still persist. However, due to the specialist nature of BBW Dating Websites, this does seem less common than we’ve found elsewhere. All you need to do is build a unique profile, which allows you to show off your best traits, find and chat to members, and then arrange a date if you choose!

Our favorite BBW dating website was BBW Cupid, whose members seem to love what it has to offer. The site offers more than just profiles and chat; you can also access information on dating, personal ambitions and lifestyle.

Large Friends also impressed us with its user-friendly system which encourages you to involve your close friends in date-making decisions, as well as being able to leave comments on profile pages.

In third place we have BBW Personals Plus, which has plenty of additional features within an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere. But there are plenty to choose from, so you won’t be short on choice.

Each Plus-Size dating website has different caveats, various positives and negatives which make it different from its competitors, which is what makes the genre so interesting. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you can find it. If you’re looking to hook up, you’ll find that too. Some websites will offer photo galleries so you can show off your best bits, whilst others provide webcam options to help you get up close and personal with the people you meet. You could meet larger people from exotic locations, even planning to visit them and see new lands.

Whatever your personal preferences, whether you’re a fan of renaissance art, or something a little more modern, the world of Big Beautiful Women is your proverbial crustacean.

Mail Order Brides Websites

Mail Order Bride WebsitesMail Order Brides: the phrase conjures up images of inflatable women falling on the doormat, or even sinister trafficking trades. But the reality is often far different. There are thousands of websites offering international relationships with women who are willing to relocate to be with their partner.

If you’re interested in finding a foreign woman who is looking for marriage, Mail Order Brides websites offer a space to communicate with women and to help each of you decide if you can hear wedding bells ringing.

Many of the members on these websites hail from exotic lands such as Eastern Europe (including Ukraine, Belarus and Russia), Asia (including the Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand) and American nations (such as Brazil, Argentina and Columbia).

Foreign Brides websites are best suited to men who are looking to meet and marry a woman from abroad. This isn’t a “purchase” of course, but a way of meeting and speaking with women, so as much effort goes into communicating with a site’s members, as you’d expect with any dating site. In fact, since the members are considering marriage, there’s a greater degree of effort that needs to go into finding out if a person is right for you.

So how do these sites work? Generally speaking, you explore the profiles of women who have signed up for the sites. You’ll find pages which tell you about them, their likes and dislikes, family life, expectations and more. Because of the potentially life-changing and life-long arrangements, some sites will also offer assistance when it comes to arranging visas, meetings and so on.

Our most highly rated mail order bride website is Anastasia Date, which offers a huge number of very attractive members from all walks of life. It also includes protection from scams, should that be a concern.

In second place, Asian Date supplies a space to meet Asian women from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and more.

Cherry Blossoms holds up the trophy for third place, as one of the oldest and most established online foreign bride services around.

We could go on, as so many sites tailor their services for particular clients and their particular preferences. The world is a big place and, although you might not have had many chances to see all of it, you can bring attractive and interesting people from across to globe, into your loving home. Everybody wants to be loved and cared for, and Mail Order Brides websites provide opportunities to men and women around the world to share their love and improve their lives immeasurably.

With so many sites offering such services, it’s hard to know where to look. After all, you probably don’t want a wife dropping through the letterbox or arriving in a cop car, so it's important to take some time to choose a good Foreign Bride Website.

Whether you’re interested in getting to know women from Easter Europe, Africa, Asia, South America or elsewhere, Foreign Bride sites ought to be able to help you find what you’re looking for.

Arab Dating Websites

Arab Dating Websites
Have you been spending too much time at work lately? Too much time alone in the house? There are times in everyone’s life when it’d be nice to have another heart beat around, a mouth to talk and ears to listen. Plus all the other body parts, that’d be useful too!

If you’ve been thinking about dating recently but you’re not quite sure how to meet the right person, you might consider online dating. Over the past decade more and more people have been meeting their partners online, with specialist websites popping up every day.

Arab Dating Websites are specially designed for people who wish to date Arabs. There are websites for finding people in particular countries or cities, or even people of Arab heritage who have moved around the world. These sites will allow you to define what you’re looking for, then search for members who fit those desires. Of course, the people using these sites are also interested in Arab dates, so the ball’s in your court.

These websites tend to work in the following way: you create a unique profile page, through which you can tell members about your likes and dislikes, as well as your family life, hobbies, habits and so on. You can upload photos, and sometimes videos, to show off your best bits. Everyone else does the same, and then you can search through the profiles to find your ideal date. After that you can speak to some of the members who match your preferences, potentially arranging a date in person.

Most of the members on Arab dating websites will be Arabs, although you may also find that some people of non-Arab heritage will use the sites if they’re particularly interested in pursuing that particular relationship. So the sites are best suited to you if you’re interested in an Arab relationship.

Many of these websites also have some focus on religious upbringing and beliefs, as well as family values, should that be an important factor in your romantic decisions.

Our No1. review was awarded to Arab Lounge, which supports thousands of members around the world and is one of the fastest growing Arab dating websites. It provides excellent search features, as well as matching you to potential dates. came in second place, with more than 100,000 members and loads of free relationship advice.

Love Habibi got our vote for third place, focusing on bringing Arabs and Muslims together, with an international clientele from Egypt, the UAE and as far as the USA and UK.

If you’re looking for an Arab date, whether it’s with someone local or at the other side of the world, Arab Dating sites offer you the members and communication tools to make your dream a reality.
 They put you in control, allowing you to find your ideal match, whether that comes down to appearances, personality, outlook or a blend of all those important factors in life. It might be nice to have another heart beat in the room, plus all the other parts. Give it a go!

STD Dating Websites

STD Dating Websites
That family reunion’s coming up. You know what will happen already: Aunt X will drink too many rums, Uncle Y will insist on a party game, your siblings will skulk off into the kitchen with their partners, and then the question will start:
“so have you met anyone yet?”
“anyone nice on the horizon?”
“don’t you want kids?”
“are you looking? I know this great person, they’ll be perfect for you.”

Sigh. Yep, there sure is a lot of pressure for cohabitation, and whilst it’s not for everyone, sometimes most of us – when single – wish we had someone to share our lives with. Everyone has things to overcome, barriers to cross when deciding who to date, and the world of dating can be a daunting prospect.

So, what’s the solution? Well, you could stop going to those family reunions but, if you’re actually interested in finding a date, then what can you do?

People who are living with a sexually transmitted disease might find it even more difficult to find someone they trust and who is ready to be sexually active with them, which is why STD Dating Websites are something of a revolution.

What is an STD dating site? Plainly put, it’s a website where people who live with sexually transmitted diseases can talk, with the aim of meeting up to date. Many of the sites we’ve reviewed offer dating opportunities, but also resources and information, forums and support networks.

Most of these sites are created for members who have one or more of several STDs, including Herpes / HSV, Aids or HIV, Hepatitis (B,C), Chlamydia, Syphilis and more. This way, members can live active dating lives with people who also live with STDs, many of whom will have lived through and understood similar barriers.

These websites allow you to build a unique profile, talk with other members and arrange to meet up, all in a safe, secure and friendly environment. You can find people near you who live with the same STD, using a site’s communication tools to find out more about each other.

Our No. 1 site in this category was Positive Singles, which is the big hitter in terms of membership numbers. With more than a million members, many whom are active (there are more than 120,000 conversations going on each day), you’re bound to find someone who ticks all your boxes.

Positives Dating comes in second place, utilising the Positives Dating network, with a user-friendly interface, as well as offering equally useful search parameters.

In third place, we have STD Match, which has an international database of members, as well as having been featured on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, CNN and more.

Aside from these sites, you’ll find dating websites which are specific to particular STDs, such as websites which are solely for people with HIV or AIDS.  If you live with a sexually transmitted disease and would like to meet people who share your condition, STD dating websites are a great way to do so.

So why not pour Aunt X another rum, drag out that old Monopoly board for Uncle Y, and join the evacuee-siblings in the kitchen with your soon-to-be date?
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