Wednesday 13 February 2013

Dropshipping Services UK

UK Dropshipping Services
Dropshipping is a fantastic way to make a small income on the side of your regular career, or even start up an international business from the comfort of your own living room. Our reviews of UK Dropshipping Services help our readers find out more about this interesting business venture and decide on the relative merits of each service. For those who aren’t familiar with Dropshipping, check out our buying guide in this category to find out everything you need to know. In short, dropshipping is a sale technique that involves linking up a prospective buyer with a wholesale provider, who then go on to provide the product and ship it to the consumer. The profits to be made are determined by the mark-up on the wholesale price from the supplier (that is, the difference between the retail price and the price the product is bought from the supplier).

One of the great things about dropshipping is that users with only a small amount of internet knowledge and a bit of business know-how can start to generate a tidy profit from relatively little effort. Dropshipping websites give users access to the product catalogues, from which they can select products to try and sell to consumers. Dropshipping businesses are also low-cost, with users free from high running costs, stock costs, storage costs and more – because the business itself is based on on-demand buying and selling (and the dropshipper takes care of postage and dispatch costs). The only real cost involved is the membership fees for the Dropshipping Service itself, along with the wholesale cost of the item itself. Items that are commonly ‘dropshipped’ include mobile phones, computers, DVDs, clothing, electronics and more.

The site you actually choose to work with will depend on the type of products you’re looking to sell (and this will depend on your interests, experience and perhaps most probably, you’re eye for an ‘easy sell’). Our favourite service in this category was Pixmania Pro, an electronics dropshipping service that gives users the best chance of making a fair profit on their product ranges. With users being able to dropship a wide range of electronics and associated accessories (including Digital cameras, Camcorders, Printers, Scanners, USB Flash Drives, Mobile Phones, Mp3 Players, TV’s, Laptops and more) there’s a huge scope for profit to be made. What’s more, because the service is well established (serving more than 300,000 users, sending out 30,000 products per day) you can be sure your customers will be satisfied and thus, you’ll continue making money.

Other services we have reviewed in this category include Puckator Dropship (which supplies giftware, including collectibles, soft toys, jewellery and more); ATS Distribution (which, like Pixmania Pro, provides electronics and accessories) and Dropship Kids, which deals exclusively in children’s clothing. As you can see, there’s a lot of scope for dropshipping products in different markets depending on your interests and your nose for profit – check out our reviews today to find out everything you need to know about starting up your own dropshipping business!

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