Friday 15 February 2013

Online Website Building Tools

Website Building Tools
These days, almost every business has a web presence with most small business owners creating their websites themselves. We have evaluated a range of Online Website Building Tools to give you a head start in the process of developing your own business website (or indeed, for any other purpose). These services are distinct from Web Hosting services, which we have also reviewed, and offer users a wide range of great features and support in order to help them develop a great website that will improve their business prospects and generate a more professional image.

Most of the services we have identified in this category work as WYSIWYG editors (which stands for ‘What You See Is What You Get’), giving ordinary users the chance to create their own sites with ease. Gone are the days when only computer whizz-kids could produce their own website in a relatively short time. While computing experts may perhaps find these services a little limited (and they certainly don’t replace professional website building software) for small businesses and individual users, there are few ways of creating a website of such high quality, in such little time and, crucially, for such little financial outlay. Members base their website on one or more templates, giving them inspiration and an editable structure that helps create a professional, sleek look regardless of your level of experience. One of the best elements of many of the Online Website Building Tools we have reviewed is that complex elements, like flash design, e-commerce and other similar features are easily added to sites, making them even more professional in appearance. was our clear winner in this category, taking the No.1 Choice Award for providing its users with the most comprehensive and easy-to-use collection of tools and features. We loved the fact that users can start off by creating an ad-sponsored website completely free of charge, or (by paying a small monthly fee) create a website with associated email addresses, up to 100GB of bandwidth, 5000MB of web storage and more. When it comes to adding features to your site, users of can choose from a vast array of features and applications that can be installed with a single click – making the creation of a professional site to advertise yourself or your business an absolute breeze.

Other sites that appeared towards the top end of our listings for this category include the hilariously-named Weebly, one of the most recognizable brands in website construction; Yola, a service that lets users create their site for free (but a really professional site will cost up to $500 per year) and Moonfruit, a cost effective solution that is behind some of the most professional looking sites out there. Regardless of the type of site you’re looking to create, these products can help you on your way. Check out our reviews in this category to find out everything you need to know about Online Website Building Tools!

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