Wednesday 13 February 2013

USA Dropshipping Services Reviews

USA Dropshipping Websites
Dropshipping can be an ideal way to generate an additional income that, over time, can pay for a holiday or two or even a new car (depending on how successful you are). Our reviews of the best US Dropshipping Services help prospective dropshippers to find out more about how they can generate an income in this way and how the major players in this category operate. For those who aren’t familiar with dropshipping, it is a type of sales technique that allows retailers to link up sales ‘leads’ with an at-source supplier, who then takes over the lead and fulfils the order. This means an individual user can open a website advertising products and, when a sale is generated, pass the responsibility of fulfilling the sale onto a third party. This is exactly what Dropshipping Services do – meaning users can concentrate on building up sales without having to worry about the ins-and-outs of the distribution process. If you’re still unclear about what these services do, check out our Dropshipping Buying Guide for everything you need to know about dropshipping in general.

In our experience, the US Dropshipping market is a little more exciting than its UK counterpart (which we have also reviewed), giving users access to a wider range of products and helping to drive down prices in the industry – which, of course, helps to improve profit margins for the end user too. Joining these sites is simple and straightforward, with members having to pay a monthly or annual fee for the privilege of membership, along with the wholesale unit cost of each item they ‘buy’ from the dropshipper. What’s really excellent about these services is that, once a sales lead is delivered to the Dropshipping Service, users have no more interaction with the distribution process – the dropshipper will source, package and post the product without you having to lift a finger. Sure, the rewards are incremental and it may take a while to generate a serious income from this type of business, but for hands-off e-commerce, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

The main area of difference for US Dropshipping Services is the product range that is on offer. While many services offer a general service, others cater only to specific markets – choosing to specialise in goods from a particular industry (for example, electronics). Our No.1 Choice Award in this category went to, a true dropshipping giant – one of the largest organizations engaged in dropshipping in the world. Doba offers dropshipping retailers a vast catalogue of products (with more than a million in total) to choose from, all of which can be dropshipped straight to the end consumer in a matter of days. Although membership of the service does cost around $60 per month, this service really does offer great scope for profit if you’re willing to put the effort in, so it’s definitely worth a try. Other great services in this category include Salehoo, a kind of catalogue for dropshipping companies, and Worldwide Brands, a service that offers a colossal collection of products (8.2 million in total) across more than 8,000 suppliers.

If you’re looking for a great way to start earning a second income without too much additional stress or financial outlay, dropshipping could be for you. Head over to No.1 Reviews and read all about it today!

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