Friday 15 February 2013

Dog Training Guides Reviews

Dog Training Reviews
They say a dog is man’s best friend, but you may not agree wholeheartedly if you’re dog fails to behave itself – both inside and outside of the house. Our reviews of the best Dog Training Guides currently on the market will help you on the road to solving this problem. By giving readers advice on doggy behaviour, clear instructions on how to solve common problems and guidance on how to improve your dog’s behaviour and responsiveness, these Dog Training Guides will prove a godsend to the owner of an unruly canine. The guides themselves come in a number of different forms, from printed books and audiobooks to e-books, online forums and demonstrations and even email consultations. Regardless of the product you choose in the end, we’re sure that our run-down of the best options in this category will help you on the way to having a well-behaved family pet.

As well as differences in format, many of the Dog Training Guides we have considered in this category also differ based on the type of training techniques that are advocated by their creators. Which guide appeals to you as a dog-owner will largely depend on the types of techniques you are familiar with and are happy using on your own pet. These techniques vary from traditional ‘negative reinforcement’ techniques (whereby the dog learns to behave in a certain way based on unpleasant experiences (such as pain or discomfort) that it learns to associate with undesirable behaviours), to more modern techniques such as ‘dog whispering’ or ‘positive reinforcement’. Our reviews of products in this category give extensive consideration to the types of techniques adopted so as to help you make the right choice.

Our favorite product in this category is ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ a great course that helps you improve your dogs behaviour in no time at all. Using a combination of techniques, including correction techniques, positive reinforcement and active communication, ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ helps dog owners correct their dogs negative behaviour as well as highlighting to owners areas in which they themselves are going wrong. Customers can opt for a free 6-day course to introduce them to the benefits of this service, or opt for the full course (by either download or hard copy) which comes complete with bonus features and a 30-minute video program.

Although we were very impressed by ‘Secrets to Dog Training’, the category as a whole contains 21 products, all of which offer something different for the prospective dog trainer. Other products which particularly impressed us include Train Pet Dog, by Nancy Richards; Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Guide (written by Dove Cresswell herself, an esteemed dog trainer and owner) and The Dog Training Secret, amongst others. Regardless of the type of issues you are experiencing with your dog, we’re sure there’s something here to help you. Check out our full reviews of these products today!

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