Saturday, 22 August 2009

Foreclosure Listings Site Reviews

Brand new and exclusive to are our foreclosure listings site reviews. In the current economic climate, the prospect of losing one's home is more of a reality than ever before. However, other people's misfortune can be your gain! As the banks foreclose on more and more homes than ever before, these homes go up for auction and are often sold at a fraction of their real worth. This is where property investors and those private individuals shrewd enough to invest in realty come in, snapping up homes at a fraction of their true value, either to live in themselves, or to sell on for a huge profit at a later date. However, knowing which homes are up for grabs and getting your hands on them means being in the right place at the right time, and that's where foreclosure listsings sites come into play. These sites provide up to the minute lists of homes that the banks are foreclosing on, complete with all the relevant details you'll need to make the right choice about whether to invest or not. Membership to these sites can pay for themselves thousands of times over, if you use the information contained in them correctly.

The primary aim of these sites is to provide as much up-to-date and accurate information on the latest foreclosures and to categorize the data in such a way as to make it as useful as possible for you to find the hottest properties on the market at any given time. Our expert reviewer has analysed many websites in this category based on a number of criteria including the number of listings, the accuracy of the data and the search features available on each site and determined that Realty Trac is our new No. 1 Choice Award winner in this category. Check out our Realty Trac review to find out more! Other close runners up in this category were Zip Realty and the aptly named

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Online Meetings / Web Conferencing Reviews

Some call it web conferencing, some call it online meetings, but whatever you want to call it, our brand new web conferencing reviews on will give you all the info you need to make the right choice for your needs. We have 64 of the top web conferencing services listed in our web conference reviews category, with features lists, pricing information and a detailed review on each from one of our expert reviewers.

Our expert reviewer looked at reliability, security, features, ease of use and value for money when examining all the top services on the net that offer web conferencing, and compiled his reviews accordingly. Our No. 1 Choice Award in this category goes to Citrix's GoToMeeting service, which has an extensive list of features, impressive security and reliability, and all at a very competitive price. Citrix is a pioneer in the online services industry, and their sister site GoToMyPC actually previously won our No. 1 Choice Award in our PC Remote Access Reviews category, so we have great delight in awarding them our No. 1 Choice Award in our web conferencing category too.

Other runners-up in this category that also attained high star-ratings include Webex's MeetMeNow service, Acrobat Connect and DimDim, all of which meet high standards in providing secure, reliable and affordable web conferencing capabilities.

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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Background Check Websites

There are many types of background check sites on the net, allowing you to perform background checks on potential or existing employees, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, friends, work colleagues or whomever you choose. Often going by the name of detective sites or people finder services, these background check sites will not only allow you to check-up on people, but will also you to find people by their partial names, addresses, email addresses, age, any previous cities they've lived in or their phone numbers (using a reverse phone number lookup). By entering as much partial information as you can get your hands on, these websites will return a list of matches based on your criteria, enabling you to view criminal records, addresses, phone numbers, age, relatives, roommates, tax situation, property costs, bankruptcy info and lots more besides. For an additional fee you can even have an expert assisted search which will uncover yet more information. So whether you're looking to perform background checks on your potential employee, find a long-lost ex, or look up a neighbor's property information, these background check websites are a great place to start!

Check out our extensive background check website reviews to find out which services we recommend and which we warn you to stay away from. There are a large number of scams operating in this category of sites, so reading the reviews before you sign-up is a must!
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Jewish Dating Reviews

Introducing the latest reviews of Jewish dating websites! The most popular jewish dating sites have been carefully examined for their fuctionality, design and popularity and the results are now in!

Check out these jewish dating site reviews on for the complete lowdown, and find out why we rank JDate as our No. 1 rated Jewish dating service.
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