Tuesday 28 January 2014

UK CV Writing Services

CV Writing Services
Look out the window. It’s a dreary sight isn’t it? If only you had a new job, something where you looked forward to waking up each morning, birds singing, eggs frying, coffee bubbling away, ready to start your day a-singing and a-frolicking through the meadows on your way to the perfect job. Okay, so for most people working life isn’t all fried eggs and margaritas, it’s a way to pay the bills and keep your toes warm. But that’s no reason why you shouldn’t also have a job which keeps you awake, even exhilarates you now and then. The problem is that it’s sometimes hard to get your foot in the door, even if you have the experience and enthusiasm you’re sure an employer is looking for. Well think about it for a moment: the very first thing an employer sees of you is your CV, and if that’s a bit duff then you’re not going to cut the mustard for an interview.

We’ve all been there: you want to tell the employer what you’re all about but you don’t want to seem stuck up or self congratulatory. Just how much should you say? What shouldn’t you say? Applying for jobs can seem a world of enigmas wrapped up in mysteries, particularly if you’re a bit out of practice at writing a CV. Well worry no more, because we’ve scoured the virtual metropolis of the internet to find the best of the CV writing services that are available, all in the hope that you’ll find that coffee-bubbling job of your dreams (or something close).

“What is a CV writing service anyway?” we hear you cry. Wipe up those tears, chum, we’re about to tell you. A CV writing service is exactly what it says on the tin: you tell them about yourself, what you’re looking for, your experiences and skills, and a real-life human being (a writer no less) will write you a top-notch CV. It’s that easy. Of course there are differences between the services available, not just in terms of price but in terms of how much attention they pay to the look of the CV, the quality of the writing, how quickly they can produce it, how many extras are available and whether or not they offer you any advice for the future. What we’ve done is taken a big old look at the best of them and then written up our findings in the form of reviews. You’ll find a star rating which gives a quick impression of the key elements of our review and how each of the services performed. You’ll also find details of the potential cost of such services, as well as the various features and extras they provide. Finally you’ll find a write up on each CV writing service which provides some more detail on the pros and cons, ins an outs, bacon and eggs.

Given that you’re reading our CV Writing Service reviews for the UK, we assume you’re currently looking for work in the UK. This can be a little different to elsewhere in the world so it’s good to look for a writing service with a British focus. Our number one rated site is The CV Centre, which is the UK’s most popular CV writing service and provides four different options to its clients depending on the level of the job they want. Following this, in second place, is Visual CV, a company which provides internet-based CVs and allows you to include things such as graphs and photos. You’ll find plenty more, each with their own niche or speciality worth considering. So check them out and cheer up, it could be bacon butties from here on…

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