Thursday 18 December 2014

Movie Download Sites - UK

Movie Download Sites - UK
Remember the days when you could get the bus to the cinema, pay about £5 for your ticket, take in your own sweets and leave satisfied? Maybe we’re being old fogies here, but it seems as though going to the cinema has become an expensive way to pass a couple of hours. There are petrol and parking fees, increased ticket prices, ridiculously expensive and stomach-churning snacks.

What’s more, with modern home technologies you can watch high definition films with high quality sound, crack open a beer and get a curry delivered without leaving your laptop. And let’s face it, your sofa is way comfier than those cramped cinema seats, plus all they ever seem to play at the theatre are movies about super heroes and explosions.

If you want greater choice of movies in the convenience of your own home, you might be interested in Movie Download Websites (UK). These websites allow members in the UK to watch an array of films – from action flicks to rom-coms, from international picture house to popular horror – almost instantly. No need to drive out to the shops, no need to queue at a kiosk.

You can even choose from one-off payments to view a movie as often as you like for a few days, or monthly contracts which allow you unlimited access to thousands of movies at once.

These services are ideal for anyone who loves movies, whether it’s just one film a week or several a day. They offer films and shows for adults and children, irrelevant of their tastes. For the price of a single cinema ticket you can often view several movies over a month, so the savings can be massive.

Many film download/streaming sites work like this: you search for a film you enjoy, browse what’s popular or check out a particular genre. Once you find your movie, you can then pay to download/stream it through your system. You then have a limited time to watch it.

In some cases you can opt to pay a monthly fee and then watch as much or as little as you like. Once your time is up, the film is “returned”. The potential downfall here is that you don’t “own” a movie, like you might a DVD, but, if you love it enough, then you could always purchase a copy from a shop or online sales site.

Our favourite UK movie streaming and download website for the UK was Amazon Prime Instant Video, which offers Prime users movie and TV options, and unlimited viewing times. Films can be streamed to your computer or even your TV if it’s connected to the internet.

Netflix takes the trophy for second place, offering a diverse and ever-changing assortment of films and TV shows for a low monthly fee. iTunes came in third, with exceptional audio and visual quality, particularly well suited to owners of Apple products.

So, whether it’s film noir, an all-action blowout or something to make your heart tingle, film rental sites (UK) should be able to cater to your tastes, and – best of all – you won’t have to put up with those crazy cinema prices. Now, where was that Indian takeaway menu, we’ve got a hankering for popadoms...

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