Wednesday 2 July 2014

Home Security Systems Reviews

Home Security Systems Reviews
A person's home is their castle. And what good is a castle without a few defences? You could dig a moat or fit a portcullis, perhaps even lay a few pit traps or pour boiling tar over deviants (please don't do that!) but it's far easier and less medieval to simply invest in a Home Security System. There are now a myriad of companies offering you, your family, your home and possessions protection from would-be thieves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, whether you just want some peace of mind when you go on holiday or are out on business trips, or you want to make sure that your fortress is impenetrable, we've reviewed a range of the best Home Security Systems around to help you decide which one will be the most effective for you. 

So what exactly does a security system for the home involve? It can range from a few basic products such as entry alarms, to a 24-hour monitored service utilising video cameras and motion detectors. Many of the security sites we've reviewed offer a monitoring service, whereby the numerous sensors – when tripped – around your home will trigger an alarm in their central monitoring station. The company's staff will then be aware that something has happened in your home and will contact you to check whether or not all is well. If it's simply a case that you set off an alarm yourself then everything can be reset remotely, however if you're not in or you've been soundly asleep, they can alert the proper authorities and send the police to investigate. You may therefore be interested in finding out about the response times and the various equipment that is available to you. If your home has plenty of windows then you may wish to invest in a service that offers a package with a variety of window and door sensors. If, however, you would like a service that allows you to check on your home from your workplace using video technology, those options are also available to you. In fact you can go as far as to remotely control the locks on your home doors, meaning that you can let the kids in after school even when you're stuck in traffic. 

As you can see, there are a lot of options open to the eager home defence customer. As such it's a good idea to take a look through several of our home security website reviews in order to get a feel of what's available. You'll see that we've rated key elements of each service using a stars system, which gives a quick visual impression of how each service ranks against the others. Our number one home security website was FrontPoint Security, which has scored a very impressive five stars for its 24 hour monitoring options and remote security features, as well as a strong variety of tools and sensors. Meanwhile, Protect America came in a close second for its easy to use devices and range of packages. 

So what are you waiting for? Ready the troops and prepare the armaments. If there's an invasion coming, you'll be ready... En Garde!

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