Tuesday 28 January 2014

Deaf Dating Websites Reviews

Deaf Dating Websites
Elton John once sang “Can you feel the love tonight?” in Disney’s The Lion King, and whilst we may not be fictional lions enacting the tragedy of Macbeth, most of us are looking for someone to “feel the love” and share our lives with. If you’re seeking just a roll in the Serengeti or something a bit more permanent, in the busy old world of today it can be difficult to find someone special. Whether it’s time commitments or just being a bit bored of meeting the same old people in the same old places, entering the world of dating can be a little daunting. That’s why we’ve taken to researching specialist websites that help people to find anything from casual dates to lifelong love, for all sorts of people. Deaf dating websites are specially designed for people with hearing impairments, people who use sign language or for people who are looking for a relationship within a deaf community. So get ready for the hunt!

Deaf dating sites are almost identical to most other dating sites: you sign up, build a profile page (a kind of advert for yourself to attract other users), find members you’re interested in and then get chatting. You often have the choice between sending email-style messages, instant text chat or even webcams. The major difference is the people who sign up for deaf dating websites. It’s probably not much of a surprise to learn that they’re looking for someone who also has hearing impairments, and the sites take this into consideration when you’re building your profile. As such these sites are a honey pot to deaf users, meaning that you’ll spend far less time having to wade through profiles to find someone who is interested in a relationship within the deaf community.

When we research these sites to write our deaf dating site reviews, we take several important factors into consideration, including how likely you are to find a date and the value for money that the site offers. If you’re in a bit of a hurry then you will easily be able to identify how each site performed in each important area simply by looking at our star ratings. The more stars, the better! In the review itself you’ll find more details about the prices and the various features that the site offers (how many photos can you upload, what are the search options, can I use a webcam, and so on). We have also provided a written account of the site based on what our editor thought of it, highlighting the various pros and cons of each site for you to consider.

Our number 1 rated site was Deafs.com, which stood out because it offered a great range of features and it claims to be the world’s largest deaf dating website. In a close second place was Deaf-Match.net because it had an international clientele and is absolutely free to use. Dating For Deaf came third as it offered a good range of features free of charge, plus a good range of payment options. But each site has its own benefits depending on what (or who) you are looking for, so it’s worth checking out a few of our reviews and making up your own mind.

So comb your mane, sharpen your teeth and join the hunt. Who knows where deaf dating websites might take you…!

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