Friday 8 August 2014

Accounting Software Reviews

Accounting Software Websites

So you’ve just become self employed and the business is about to boom. Congratulations! We assume you have the products all ready to rock, the shop front’s been tarted up and you’ve got your best face on. Superb. Now how are the accounts looking? Not sure? You’d better get on that right away before the tax man knocks on your door. Now you could hire an accountant, but that’s not cheap. Or perhaps you could scribble down a few notes and hope the accounts will just work themselves out? Not a great idea. If accounting isn’t necessarily your strongest suit but you just can’t run your business without having a clear understanding of how it all works, don’t panic.

Whether you’re completely new to business or you manage accounts for a multinational company, we may have a solution: accounting software. We’ve sharpened our pencils and whipped out the calculators to bring you a host of Accounting Software Website reviews. These little gems ought to guide you to an accountancy service that will help things to run smoothly, whatever your accounting experience.

So what exactly do accounting websites do? In short, they provide software and support for anyone handling accounts. At the most essential end you just need to input your basic figures (income, outgoings, loans) and it will keep a record. However there’s much more that can be done, including the ability to help predict future profits, create and send invoices, pay your staff, track spending and even link up to several bank accounts so that its data is automatically updated.

You’ll find that most of the accounting software websites we’ve reviewed have small businesses in mind, which makes them ideal for retailers or anyone who is self employed. However there are also a few websites we recommend for larger organizations such as charities or big companies. The amount of support and the various tools included, as well as how easy each software package is to use, are very important in helping you to achieve the most with your accounts. Subsequently we’ve taken this into account when thinking about who might benefit most from each website.

Our number 1 website in this category is Quickbooks (by Intuit), which is a leader in accounting software packages and is used widely around the world. As well as providing a substantial number of useful features for professional accounts keepers and laymen alike, it also offers superior customer support to help you out when you need assistance.

In second place is Sage One, again a widely used and trusted system, they offer excellent value for money particularly for small and small-medium companies. This service also supports collaborative projects so it is a good option for anyone who works with colleagues in separate offices.

Finally, in third place we have QuickFile, which is a free accounting service using a cloud system that lets you access your accounts wherever and whenever you want. But there are plenty more to choose from, so take a good look to see which one might best be suited for you.

With everything in place it would be silly to rest on your laurels when it comes to doing the accounts. After all, businesses are created to make money! Accounting software can save you money and time so you’ll have more energy to focus on the more exciting elements of running a business.

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