Thursday 18 December 2014

Video Game Rental - USA

Video Game Rentals - USA
Okay soldier, we’re deep in enemy territory. I need to you boot up and bust out, take over that weapons hold and bring me the head of their leader. There are a dozen armed insurgents between you and him, as well as booby traps. Ready? GO GO GO! .

Video games are quickly becoming one of the most admired art forms around. Whether it’s engaging in modern warfare, reliving days gone by, solving physics puzzles or pretending you’re a slice of bread (yes, there is a game about that!), they open up new worlds and ways of viewing the world. 

Sadly, they don’t always come cheap, particularly when a game is first released onto the US market. Well, worry not, comrade, you can now rent games, play them, and send them back – all for or a monthly fee or at a discount. 

Video game rental websites offer such services, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars a year whilst allowing you to try the top titles and return them when you’re done. Our Video Game Rental (USA) reviews explore the best of these sites and what they have to offer, aiming to help you to pick the one which will suit your gaming habits and wallet.

So who are video games rental sites for? Anyone in the USA who wishes to play plenty of games, without having a giant stack of boxes slowly losing value as they collect dust. You can rent one at a time, or sometimes several at once, either downloading the content or having it sent to you in the mail. If you’re a slow gamer, then you might wish to take your time and return when you’re ready, but if you like to dash through loads of games, then you can try plenty throughout the year.

If you add up the amount you might have spent on each title, compared with the rental cost per month, you’ll should see that you’ll have saved a lot of cash and experienced a lot of games which you might not have otherwise tried out.

Our favourite video game rentals website (USA) was GameFly, with a hoard of games to choose from at a low price. In second place, we felt that Gamerang offered its members up to 4 games per month, with no late fees. Meanwhile, RedBox offer something a little different: games rentals which can be collected and returned at booths in the high street. Each of these sites offers something a little different to suit your gaming style and preferences.

You’ll find games for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PSP, Wii, DS, 3DS and plenty more, including some older consoles which you won’t always find games for. You might also be able to watch games trailers, read reviews or find out about new releases before anyone else.

So, whether you prefer storming an enemy camp or being a slice of whole wheat loaf, video games (USA) rentals have everything the budding gamer is looking for, and they could save you a bundle along the way.

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