Friday 8 August 2014

Online Book Publishing Reviews

Online Book Publishing Reviews
Everyone has a novel in them, they say. Well, they at least have a spine. Ahhh the old jokes are the best ones. If you’re a budding writer or even on your 12th novel, you may have heard about self publishing. This is a booming business, and it’s becoming an increasingly legitimate way to get your books out to the world. The global economic crisis means that publishers really have to be careful about who they publish (they need to turn a profit) so they take fewer and fewer risks, and they take on fewer emerging talents as a result. But don’t worry, self publishing is another route to take and now there are plenty of websites and support groups online to help you write and edit a book, as well as printing and distributing it. Our online book publishing reviews have taken an in depth look at a range of these sites to help you decide which one might best suit your personal style and needs.

So how do online book publishing websites work? At the most basic level you send them your completed manuscript and they’ll professionally print and bind it for you, sending however many copies you want through the post. However this isn’t the end of their services. You’ll discover that many of the publishers will offer additional services to help develop your book and bring it to market. If you’ve got a great idea but you’re not the next J.K. Rowling then you can hire a ghost writer from some websites. These are professional writers who will turn your story into a novel, biography or any genre you prefer. On the next level up, if you’ve written some or all of a book but want advice on how to improve it, you’ll find websites that offer editorial services. In contrast, if the book’s written and you’re happy with it but want someone to read over it then there are proof readers and typesetters waiting to put the final touches to your text. 

There are a range of printing options available throughout the book publishing websites we’ve reviewed. You can have something quite basic or hire illustrators to make your stories come to life. Meanwhile you can choose from different kinds of paper, colour text or images, a variety of covers and more. You really can make something pretty special and unique. Marketing a book is also a difficult process and having the right networks and contacts can help. Some websites we’ve reviewed will help to build you a network of writers, editors and publishers, whilst others will use their contacts to help get your book onto online stores. 

Our number 1 online self publishing website is, a company which provides a wide range of high quality editorial, printing, distribution and marketing services. In second place is iUniverse, with a choice of design options to really make your book something special, as well as being able to promote your book on TV. Our third highest rated online book publishing site is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, which allows you to quickly upload your text and sell it for a big cut of the profits and a huge potential audience. 

Whilst some might argue that self publishing isn’t as legitimate as conventional publishing methods, it does mean that you can target your readers and produce work they’ll love without having to be filtered out by mainstream publishers. There are also a lot of useful services that you won’t get through a publisher and you gain full control over how your book is edited and how it finally appears to your readers. Whether it’s a bestselling young adult novel, a book of poems for your family, an academic text or your memoirs to share with your friends, there’s plenty on offer here. Now it’s time to start writing the next masterpiece! Good luck!

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