Friday 8 August 2014

Mobile Website Building Tools Reviews

Mobile Website Building Tools Reviews

Unless you’ve been living in the 1980's for the past decade or so, you’ll have noticed that people quite like their mobile phones nowadays. Okay so it can get a little annoying when they’re texting or searching for a music track and they knock into you as they walk down the street, but the fact is that more and more people use their mobile phone to find restaurants, shops, discounts, services and a whole myriad of other things when they’re on the move. If you have a business, or even just a website, and you don’t have a mobile version of your site then you could be missing out on a huge number of visitors.

Now you might be thinking “but I have a site, people can see that when using their phone, it’s not an issue.” Whilst it is true that most websites will work when viewing them using a mobile device, a great number of sites will either distort (distorting pictures and shifting text) or are too overloaded with information to be quickly read on a small screen. Believe us when we say that visitors will become frustrated and go elsewhere very quickly! “So what’s the solution?” we hear you cry. Well take a deep breath, don’t panic. Our mobile website building tools reviews will guide you in the right direction.

That’s right, there are now plenty of websites which can make your website fully accessible (and beautiful to boot) when being viewed on a mobile device. What you need is a clear front page which grabs a visitor’s attention and allows them to quickly and easily find the information they need. If you’re a store or restaurant you may wish to simply provide your opening times and phone number, with a link to your list of products and menus, for example.

Mobile website building tools provide a simple way to achieve this, without the need to understand coding and digital design. In fact some of them can automatically convert your existing website within a couple of minutes, so that it will function on a mobile device. Easy Peasy. Others will give you more detailed options to redesign or create a mobile friendly website, whilst a few even offer personalised services utilising the skills of professional website designers.

Our highest scoring mobile website builder was DudaMobile. It is easy to use, providing a range of attractive templates, plus you can include an unlimited number of pages. It can also be tried for free, and its packages offer excellent value for money.

Our number 2 in this category is ActiveMobi, which offers the ability to build a site for free, plus we felt that its designs were stylish and modern.

Just behind Active Mobi, in 3rd place, is GoMobi, with a comprehensive array of features and widgets to help spice up your site. However there are plenty to choose from, each offering its own advantages and pitfalls, so it’s up to you to decide which mobile website builder is best for you.

Mobile website browsing is only going to become more popular as devices improve and people rely more and more on what they can find online. If your competitors are mobile-savvy then you need to be as well, otherwise your business or website could simply be overlooked.

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