Thursday 18 December 2014

Video Game Rental - UK
Bought it? Completed it? Bored with it? Well that was £45 down the drain, especially since a few weeks later it was on sale. Damn. But then again, you wanted to play that computer game as soon as it came out, you’d been looking forward to its release for months, right?

Well, there is a way to get your favourite new computer or console game releases quickly, without having to fork out almost fifty quid a time. If you’re someone who likes to play a lot of video games but your bank account doesn’t like the increasing price tags, have you ever considered rentals?

Video Game Rentals (UK) are available across the United Kingdom, providing a postal or digital service whereby you receive the latest games, play them and return them, paying a one-off or monthly fee. You’ll find top games for PC, Xbox360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii, a range of handheld consoles, MACs and more.

Computer games rental sites in the UK are ideal for avid gamers. You can borrow games, try them out and send them back when you’re finished. Quite often there are no late fees, you simply keep the game for as long as you prefer, getting a new one when you’ve finished with it. The range of games is also more impressive than you’ll find in many high street shops, giving you a bounty of video game fun to choose from.

You simply search through the site’s catalogue of games, choose the ones you want, and it’s sent right to your door (or, in some cases, it can be downloaded). Some video game rental sites also allow you to keep more than one game at a time, if you prefer to mix it up a bit.

Of course, renting games means that you don’t get to keep them forever, although some games rental sites do allow you to purchase the game if you love it. There’s always the option of returning the rented game, and then purchasing a copy for yourself from elsewhere, too.

Our favourite of these sites, specifically working in the UK, was GameFly UK. You can download a vast number of PC games straight to your machine, often with a great discount. This means you won’t need to wait for the post to arrive and can get playing right away.

In second place, we have BoomerangRentals, which provides console games (for 12 consoles), starting at under £4 per month. Boomerang is ideal for anyone with multiple consoles, or if you want to borrow games which you might not normally have access to.

With the closure of so many high street gaming shops, and such high purchase prices, video game rentals sites for the UK offer British gamers a great opportunity to play top games without the large price tags. Whether it’s PC gaming or console games you’re after, you could save plenty of money and have an opportunity to play a greater variety of video games than ever before.

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