Tuesday 28 January 2014

Lesbian Dating Websites Reviews

Lesbian Dating Sites
Queen Victoria famously said of lesbianism that “women do not do such things”. Poor old Vicky had her wires crossed and if she had access to today’s technology she’d soon be eating her royal words. There’s now an array of lesbian dating websites to choose from and the number is increasing rapidly to cater for the mass and variety of women seeking their services. It’s never been easier to find women who might push your buttons, and they’re only a click away.

What’s really handy about internet dating is that you can choose how you engage with someone. It’s not just the usual case of going down the pub for a drink in the hope that a new lady of luck catches your keen eye. No, with lesbian dating websites you can bide your time, seek out women based on their looks, interests or even their sexual fantasies. You also have a much greater opportunity to sell yourself, not simply based on a drunken fumble but on the things that matter to you. Although fumbles are also available.

These sites aren’t explicitly for “lesbians” per se. What’s in a label, anyway? All sorts of women use the sites, including couples, bisexual or bicurious individuals. Some are specialised for particular groups, such as femme, butch or lipstick lesbians, so if you’re in the market for a particular kind of girl who shares your mindset then you won’t be stuck, whilst others are more general and contain profiles from every kind of woman you’d want. They also offer a variety of ways to talk with women, including emails or instant chat, or even web cams if you want to make things a bit more intimate.

Our lesbian dating site reviews consider the likelihood of you getting a date using one of these sites, as well as the costs and features available. We’ve gone into a lot of depth to help you work out which site might suit your budget and needs, reviewing fifteen of the top lesbian dating websites around. Our number 1 site was GayGirlDate, a site which has more than 45 million members from around the world, so you’re bound to find a few you like the look of! Meanwhile, our 2nd place went to Lesbian Personals, which allows you access to over 14,000 sexy videos and the ability to watch live web casts.

So in just two sites that’s 45 million members and over 14,000 videos of women “not doing such things”, ay Queeny? We are not amused. Enjoy.

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