Tuesday 28 January 2014

Internet Security Suites Reviews

Internet Security Suites
So you’ve just spent all your hard earned money on a new computer. Congratulations! The world is your proverbial oyster, so fetch the oyster knife and the vinaigrette, it’s time to chow down on one of the greatest communications tools ever invented by human kind: the internet. But wait a second, what’s that? You don’t want your shiny new computer ruined by hackers and viruses? Very wise Sir (or Madam), might we recommend a glass of chilled chardonnay and an internet security suite?

Okay enough with the pseudo-restaurant banter. We were just acting shellfishly. In all seriousness, it’s pretty hard to under sell the importance of internet security. For all the great benefits the internet has to offer it also comes with some risks. Without some sort of protection then at best you’ll just be irritated with a slower machine and the occasional advert. At worst you could have your bank accounts hacked, your identity stolen and your private files deleted or corrupted. Some people make the destruction of, or access to, your personal information their top priority, but thankfully there are internet security suites available that make protecting your data their occupation too…

Internet security suites aren’t just for new computers, they’re for anyone who uses a computer and wants their information to stay safe. They are essentially complete software packages that help to protect your system from harm when you’re using the internet. Unlike software which is solely an anti-virus, internet security packages cover a much wider range of threats, including malware, hackers, email viruses and instant messager problems. They do this through a variety of methods including putting up a protective firewall (which stops dangerous activity accessing your system), performing scans (to detect problems before they occur), cleaning a system (to get rid of a problem if it has infected your system) and making security checks as you browse the internet.

We use a star rating system to tell you about how effective each product is, and the potential benefits or pitfalls it might include. We also provide a list of its features, costs and then a write-up from a specialist editor, which should give a good idea of how it ranks amongst its competitors. The top products in this category offer great value for money for a product which should protect your system and information against the vast majority of online dangers. Norton is definitely our preferred security provider here, with Norton One 2013 ranking in 3rd place due to the fact that it allows you to protect up to 5 machines, which makes it great for portable devices. In a close 2nd position was Norton Internet Security 2013, which is a more budget-friendly version of our number one product and subsequently offers a few less features. Meanwhile, Norton 360 2013 gets our number one review as it combines different protective technologies and products to give you a great range of features without impacting on your computer’s performance.

There are plenty of choices for you to check out, a smorgasbord, if you like. We’ve got extensive internet security suite reviews on each product that’s available in this category so pull up your chair and take a bite. Bon appetite!

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