Wednesday 6 November 2013

Webinar Services Reviews

Webinar Services
When you’re thinking of tools you can use in your business or as part of a development program for your staff, webinars perhaps aren’t the first thing you think of. But perhaps they should be! Webinar Services are fantastic tools that help bring people together – to share opinions, discuss issues, view presentations collectively, hold meetings, collaborate with others and more! Although this is a relatively new phenomenon, a vast number of sites and services have cropped up to begin providing webinar services to users worldwide. As always, No1 Reviews is at the fore and has checked out what’s on offer at these services and brought its readers some trademark reviews to help them pick the best service in this growing market.

Webinar Services are an incredibly engaging way to bring people together to share ideas and listen to what the main speaker has to say. You can invite select individuals, discuss their ideas, show attendees presentations and build a range of interactive elements into the discussion using the great features on offer at the Webinar Services we have reviewed. The top spot in this category was taken by Go To Webinar, a great service that offers some of the best tools and features in the business. Out of the 25 services we reviewed, Go To Webinar took our No.1 Choice award purely because we couldn’t see any reason why users wouldn’t be impressed by what is on offer at this Webinar Service. 

As well as providing clean, crisp, high quality audio and video (an absolute essential when you’re communicating with people at a distance and perhaps from across the world), Go To Webinars has a number of additional features that we thought were great. You can customize the invites and interfaces used in the service with company branding and logos, helping to make the whole experience feel a little more professional. We also loved the interactive elements that are built in to the user experience at Go To Webinars – you can invite users to “raise their hand” and ask a question, making your webinar feel and behave exactly like a real, live seminar. 

That’s not to say we didn’t find great things on offer at other services. Quite the opposite! Particular favourites of ours in the Webinars category included Click Webinar (which took our number two spot and offers some fantastic tools that help host webinars for up to a thousand participants), Adobe Connect Webinars, with its innovative “discussion pods” and the Cisco WebEx Event Center. All of these services offer free trial options, giving you the chance to experience how they would work in “real life” before agreeing to a subscription. We think this is a great way to see how these Webinar Services would work for you, so definitely suggest you give them a try in this way. 

Whether you’re going to use Online Webinar Sites for work, for educational purposes or for other reasons, we can’t think of a better way to share ideas with others. With high definition sound and video and some excellent features, all 25 of the services in this category are brilliant and we thoroughly recommend them. With so much choice, our reviews help you to understand what each one has on offer and which one is right for you. Check them out!

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