Tuesday 28 January 2014

Genealogy Websites Reviews

Genealogy Websites
Where did we come from? Who were our ancestors and how did their lives influence who we are today? These are some of the greatest and most important questions we can ask about our lives and the lives of those that came before us. Historically it’s been rather difficult to trace your lineage: files were inaccessible, lost or restricted, people didn’t have access to libraries or were even unable to read and write. Of course some of those issues will never be overcome but now, with the aid of the internet and genealogy websites, it’s easier than ever to find out who you are and where your ancestors came from. The stories of your family history really can be amazing. There’s a reason you’re alive and that is that your ancestors were able to pass on their genes. This hasn’t always been easy, people had to toil, work hard and make difficult decisions just to survive. Whether it’s the simple property information of an 19th century farming community, or a more recent military record of your long lost uncle who lost his life as a hero in the Great War, genealogy websites can open your eyes to the fascinating world of your inherited past.

So what are genealogy websites (or family tree websites, as they are also known) and who might want to use them? Well essentially they are giant databases of information about people, places and events, which you can search through. The simplest searches might just be to find a relative whose name you know but want to find out more about. These sites often contain scans of official documents, some even contain photos and pages of memoirs that have been found. Other sites allow you to build a family tree, utilising the research you’ve produced to develop a real picture of what happened to each of your family members, with real evidence to go along side it. As such genealogy sites aren’t just for historians, they’re for anyone who has an interest in tracing the events that preceded them and the people who played a vital role in their existence. This is all made so much easier by the use of the internet, which will allow you to view thousands, or even millions, of documents and facts, without even having to leave your armchair.

Of course, information is big business, and many of these sites will be looking to make a few bucks from its users. Generally speaking the prices charged are very fair, and you’ll often have a choice between paying for individual copies of documents or having unlimited access to specific genres and categories for a certain amount of time. Some sites also offer the services of professional historians, who will do your research for you, or will even send a swab to take a sample of your DNA to test as a way of telling you where your very ancient ancestors originate from. Meanwhile specialist sites (such as Jewish history or African American history) can provide very accurate information free of charge. It all depends on what you’re looking for, how much time you have and how much money you’re willing to spend.

Our genealogy website reviews take into account the most vital features of these sites to help you decide which one might offer the best service and value for you. You’ll notice that our number one rated genealogy website, Ancestry.com, has been at the forefront of genealogy research for many years and is relied upon by millions of researchers. The site is so useful that its sister sites, Ancestry.co.uk and Ancestry.com.au ranked second and third in our ratings. Beyond those you’ll also find a range of other sites that offer varieties of services and specialisations, tailored to groups such as religious sects, geographies, jobs or even by the sorts of properties they owned.

Your family history is as unique as you are. Genealogy sites offer you the opportunity to find out who you are and where you came from, utilising technology so that you can perform such research like never before.

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