Tuesday 28 January 2014

Resume Writing Services Reviews

Resume Writing Services
“Hmmm so here we have the resume of C. Ashley. Worked in their last company for 4 years, good. Experiences in one or two of the areas we’re interested in. Ah, what were their responsibilities? This doesn’t quite add up. Shame they really can’t seem to express themselves all that well. A real shame.”

That’s another resume put into the “no” pile at Imagination Industries. It wasn’t even that C. Ashley didn’t have the necessary experience, they just weren’t able to properly express it in a way that the employer wanted to hear. It can be so easy to under sell yourself in a resume, or to forget that basic bit of information an employer needs to hear, or simply to not come across that well because you’re not the best writer in the world. In this harsh economic climate if you’re looking for employment then you need to stand out from the crowd, and that means making sure your resume doesn’t get put into the “no” pile.

If you’re looking to enter the job market or simply want a change of direction, but you’re not really that confident when it comes to writing a resume, then there’s help at hand. Resume writing services offer professional assistance in creating the perfect document to help you secure an interview. The key thing about these websites is that you give them the information they need (usually in an online form or telephone call) and they then have a professional writer create your resume for you. All you have to do is communicate with them, check it over and pay the bill.

A number of these sites will also offer you the opportunity to have some careers coaching, to have your resume distributed around employers, or to have cover letters or thank you letters written and distributed for interview purposes. As such there are a feast of extras that are up for grabs if you need them, as well as interview and job application advice. We’ve looked at all the key players in this market to help you decide which one might be best for your needs. Whilst some sites specialize in a particular job specialization (such as medical staff or ex military personnel), others offer a bit of pazzazz in the form of snazzy, eye-catching templates and writing styles.

After careful consideration we felt that The Resume Center deserved our number one review spot, with great value for money and a generally superior end product. Meanwhile Pongo Resume scored very highly, raking in 2nd place with its automated writing systems which help to develop what you’ve already written into something more professional. But there are plenty to choose from, so it’s well worth taking a little time to read over some of our reviews to find out which service might help you land your dream job. Best of luck in your hunt for a new career, we hope to see your resume at the top of the “yes” pile soon.

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