Wednesday 13 March 2013

US Roommate Websites Reviews

Find a Roommate Websites
Finding a roommate online or a new place to stay can be hard work. There are plenty of roommate websites to choose from, each promising to unveil the secret to domestic harmony. So how do you choose? We’ve put together a list of USA roommate website reviews after having researched the big hitters and some of the lesser-known sites available to you. Some of them have a particular focus (such as finding roommates for pupils who are about to start college) whilst others offer a variety of services for landlords and room seekers. The site you use may well depend on whether you’re looking for a like-minded person to share a room or a group of people with whom to rent a property. They say the family of the 21st century is made up of friends and not relatives, and if that’s true then the roommates you choose to live with could have an influence on many aspects of your life.

There are clearly benefits and pitfalls to using a website to find accommodation or roommates as opposed to finding them in the offline world. Vital to this is the fact that you don’t know the person you may be about to move in with...yet. ‘Yet’ is key because a number of the sites we review offer the means to talk directly with potential landlords and roommates, a system we wholly recommend taking advantage of. It’s a scary business to move in with someone you’ve never even spoken to and roommate disagreements are one of the main reasons students cite for dropping out of college, so the more you know about someone before moving, in the less likely you’ll be to fall out. Of course a way around this is simply to move in with your already-existent friends, but this isn’t always possible. This is where the online process comes into its own. Generally speaking all you need to do is create a profile, search through other people’s profiles, contact people and properties that you like and then move in.

We assess each site based on a number of important criteria which are relevant to USA roommate website reviews. Our first consideration is how likely you are to find a roommate using the site, which is a combination of how many members it has and how effective the site is at allowing you to communicate. The site’s “features” are primarily concerned with methods of communication (can you just send emails or can you hold a webcam chat?) and important aspects such as search facilities. “Customer support” is often an afterthought but when it comes to finding out your rights as a tenant or if you’re having trouble in contacting someone, it can become invaluable. None of these sites are particularly expensive, but some offer greater value for money than others. Whilst some may appear inexpensive, the service they provide may not be up to much, whereas a slightly more expensive site might offer a much more efficient service.

We selected as our number 1 roommate and property website because it excelled in each of those criteria. In particular you might want to use the site if you’re thinking of moving abroad, as it encompasses a vast range of countries using an in depth research and matching system. In second and third position we have Easy Roommate USA and Roommate Click, each of which offer a well designed, user-friendly system with great customer service and strong membership numbers. Take a look at our reviews, we’ve researched and written them to be as helpful as possible so to assist you in finding harmony with the roommate, tenants or property you choose.

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