Wednesday 13 March 2013

USA Babysitting Website Reviews

Babysitting Websites USA
Aren’t kids great? Those little bundles of energy, running, jumping, vomiting... Okay so despite their many pleasures kids can also be a bit of a handful at times. Well luckily help is at hand! We have put together a comprehensive set of reviews for USA babysitting websites to help with any teething troubles.

Actually ‘babysitting websites’ is a little misleading because although a number of the sites we review do primarily provide babysitting services, most of them offer other avenues for domestic bliss. These range from nannying services, pet care, elderly care, housekeeping, tutors, cooks and more. You can even combine elements of each, requesting, for example, a part time nanny who is willing to cook for the kids, do a bit of housework and help with their homework! These USA babysitting websites reviews consider each site on its own merit and in comparison with other sites. Whilst some may specialise in short notice babysitting needs, others may be focused on long-term live-in au pair services. Our star rating system reflects this diversity by assessing each site’s “variety of services” , how well those services are described and how many families and carers it has to offer. It also takes into account the testimonials of previous customers to try and gain some sense of the quality of the service provided.

You may decide to use a babysitting website for a variety of reasons, and we have not forgotten or ignored the employment possibilities raised through using such sites. If you are looking to move abroad and work with children, for example, we have reviewed a number of au pair websites with you in mind. These reviews will identify the support networks in place prior to moving and after having moved. It will highlight whether or not the site informs you about issues such as potential costs to you as an employee or your rights on a working visa. Equally it considers the site’s usefulness if you’re a family looking to hire someone for care around the home by discussing their customer care services and charges for membership, as well as how easy the site is to use and understand.

Our standout winner was because it offered a huge range of services but also had large enough employee numbers to offer you some choice in who you employ. Its history / success rate (over 1 million people were provided with jobs and care) was also a big factor in its accomplishment. Similarly, offered a strong variety of services. 3rd place went to, which had a real international feel and offers very good value for money for anyone considering a caring career abroad.

The care services provided by a number of these websites are very exciting. Whilst some act as companies who you pay to provide a babysitting service now and then, others simply allow you to find individuals whom you hire privately. Either way, if you’re looking for some help around the home then take a look at our reviews, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what’s available.

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