Wednesday 13 March 2013

USA Music Download Websites Reviews

USA Music Download Sites
If you’re looking to download music then look no further! No1Reviews has gone through the top USA music downloads websites with a fine plectrum (or fine toothed comb if you prefer) to bring you the best in music downloads. It can be a complex and sometimes daunting marketplace because so many sites appear to offer a similar service, but there are subtle differences worth taking in to account before you part with your hard earned dollars.

First you might want to consider why you’d want to use a music download site at all. Well there are plenty of good reasons, but we feel that the best ones can be captured in one word: convenience. Want to play all 13 of The Beatles albums to your musically-ignorant friend? Well you could rifle through your old LP collection, grab the gramophone and drive over there. Or (if you weren’t born in the days of gramophones) throw a pile of CDs into a carrier bag, unhook the CD player and take them with you. Or, if you’ve joined the digital revolution, simply download the songs onto your mp3 player, put it in your pocket, and walk down the street. Music download sites make finding and accessing music quicker, easier, and a lot less straining on your back.

Our USA music download website reviews use a star system to give a visual impression of how good a site is. The first two categories, “number of tracks available” and “sound quality” are generally more important to real music enthusiasts. Most sites will contain the vast majority of well known songs and provide them at a quality that is fine for most people. If you’re the sort of person who wants to listen to an obscure Icelandic band from the 1970s in high definition through your gold-socketed $10,000 speakers then these categories are probably going to be pretty important to you. The “features” made available to you on each site is another important element that we review. These can range from building a list of favourite music to being able to play it through your TV at home. Another might be whether or not you download music (meaning that it takes up space on your computer but you keep it) or whether you stream music (you essentially listen to it as you might a radio station, but you do not keep the music on your computer so need internet access to listen to it). The features are very particular to your needs as an individual so it’s worth reading through the lists of features provided in each review. The ability to search for songs, technical support and the site’s ease of use are also important as they can prove the difference between a 5 minute fun online experience and a 30 minute hair-tearing-out-kill-self sort of experience. Lastly, though we know money isn’t everything, we do know it’s important. This is why we consider the “value for money” that each site offers its users.

Our favourite music site for the USA was, primarily because it offers a wide range of music through which it builds personalised radio stations based on your preferences. And the best thing of all? It’s absolutely free and without adverts! In second place we have Pandora, a system which learns what you like and adapts its content to suit your tastes. In a close third place is, which focuses on social networking to help you share music with friends and allows you to listen to music for free. There’s a wide range of music download sites to choose from so take your time, read through our reviews and decide which one is best for you. You won’t be sorry! Now throw away that damnable gramophone, granddad!

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