Wednesday 13 March 2013

UK Dating Websites Reviews

UK Dating Sites
“All you need is love”, so sayeth The Beatles, and many tend to agree. But in today’s fast-paced world of work and general distraction, it can be hard to meet someone that you ‘click’ with. One of the biggest and most effective ways for couples to meet is now online, in the form of dating websites. We’ve been busy beavering away to bring you reviews of the top UK dating websites in a bid to save you the time and effort of working through their intricacies and to help you determine which site might be the best one to help you find a special someone.

Dating websites are essentially massive databases where single people go to tell others a bit about themselves. They do this by creating a ‘profile page’ which lets people know their ins and outs, loves and hates, dreams and aspirations. Profiles allow you to upload photos (and sometimes videos) and to explain just what (or who) you’re looking for. They are unique to every single member of the dating site and you are even able to search through all of the site’s members, specifying particular physical or social attributes that you find attractive. The vast majority of these dating sites will then match you with people who they think you’d get on with and they also provide a number of tools for you to get in touch with them, from sending flirts (winks or love hearts, for example, which tell that person you’re interested in getting to know them a bit better) to having a live chat via text, webcam and/or microphone.

There might still be some stigma about online dating, but this is far outweighed by their success. You can now find dates in your spare time, either by spending a little time browsing through others’ profiles or by having various sites email you with profiles which you might be interested in viewing. We use a star rating system to show you a glimpse of the site’s virtues. Our UK dating website reviews analyse key factors such as the “chances of getting a date” (we assume you’re interested in actually going on dates if you’re using these sites!) and the value for money each site offers. Dating websites each have their own personality and a specific variety of “features” that are in place to help you in your search for love. One might focus on matching you with people based on an in-depth analysis of your psyche based on a series of questionnaires, whilst another may focus more on providing a variety of communication tools (such as video chats or games) that help you to get to know a bit more about one another. Dating is very particular to what you enjoy doing and who you enjoy doing it with, this is reflected in the ethos and general feel of each site, as well as the support it provides, so it’s certainly worth taking into account.

Our UK dating site reviews go into some detail, which you will see for yourself. Our number 1 choice was UK, one of the biggest names around for several reasons. Primarily we felt that you were most likely to get a date using this site, and that it offered great value for money combined with excellent customer service. Second prize goes to, which focuses on – surprise surprise – a more direct approach to online dating with first-rate search features. comes in third because it is Europe’s most popular dating site and offers its users an opportunity to meet people from different walks of life.

Dating can seem daunting but these websites offer a calm and friendly haven amongst the hubbub of every day modern life. Good luck and good hunting!

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