Wednesday 13 March 2013

UK Babysitting Website Reviews

UK Babysitting Websites
Every parent needs a bit of help now and then, whether it’s someone to look after the kids for a night out or a person to offer a hand with picking them up from school and doing a bit of cleaning around the house. Although we use the phrase UK Babysitting Websites, this category actually covers a greater variety of services which are available to UK families who are looking to hire someone to help with every day family life.

A “babysitter” is generally considered someone above the age of 16 who comes to your house and takes care of your children whilst you’re out (and maybe eats all the food in your fridge!). Their work is short term (a few hours, perhaps every week or so) and often paid at an hourly rate. Many of the sites we’ve reviewed in this category will allow families to post jobs for babysitters or allow babysitters to advertise their services using a personal profile, which a family can respond to. But these reviews aren’t focused on just babysitting, we also scoured the internet for websites that offer long-term contracts, live-in positions and more. Take, for example, our au pair website reviews: some sites are set up to link employees with families who are looking for someone to take a more active and intrinsic role in their family. Au pairs are often live-in employees (meaning they live in your house and are provided with a private room and a personal wage) who will spend a lot of their time looking after your children and home or running errands. There are also other sites which offer tutoring, nannying, cooking and cleaning services, so it’s worth checking out what exactly those entail before signing up with any one in particular.

There are great benefits to using our UK babysitting website reviews over, say, the classifieds in the local newspaper. One of the key benefits is that we have compared the top sites used in the UK to discern which qualities and pitfalls they have. You won’t have this sort of competitive comparison in a newspaper advert. Secondly, because the internet is interactive, you may be able to read feedback from customers who have hired individuals previously. A number of the better websites we review will also provide good customer support, meaning that you can contact them if you have any issues along the way. We’ve used a star system, as well as a written report, to tell you what we think of each website and to help you decide if it meets your individual needs. In this category we have focused on the “volume of registered users” and the “quality & content of ads/listings” because we feel that these two qualities are vital in offering you choice and quality. If a site has very few registered users then the choice of employees available is limited. Equally, if the quality of their adverts is substandard, then you won’t be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not they would suit your family dynamic.

Our top babysitting website for the UK market was because it offered babysitting, housekeeping and elderly care. We also felt that its strong emphasis on child safety and very competitive rates made it reliable and excellent value for money. In second place is Childcare, for its high volume of users and informative, personalised advertisement options. Easy Aupair takes the bronze medal because it offers a professionally run and extensive database, matching for families who are looking for au pairs from around the world. These websites, and many others that we have reviewed, offer a great service to ease some of life’s daily stresses and to help you enjoy your family life.

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