Friday 9 January 2015

Travel Companion Websites

Travel Companion Websites
If money was no obstacle, what would you do with your life? Some people might choose to do charity work, others might spend more time with their family, some folks would live in a mansion, sipping port. Whilst you don’t need to do any of these things exclusively, a lot of people would answer: “I’d like to go travelling.”

Exploring all the different cultures, cuisines, sites and surroundings that the world has to offer is one of the most uplifting and fulfilling things in life. Travelling can open our eyes to new ways of thinking and living, allowing us to make new friends and memories that will last forever.

Whilst it’s true that very few of us have the “money is no obstacle” option, this doesn’t stop us from packing our bags, slapping on some sunscreen and heading out into the big old rock we know as planet Earth. But wait! If you’ve travelled a lot before, you’ll probably know that trips away on your lonesome can be...well, a bit lonely. Sure, you experience all those amazing things, but having someone along to share your travel experiences can make them more memorable and fun.

Travellers are, by nature, transient, and so the friends you make along the way will change route, passing you by like ships in the night (to take a well worn cliché). It’s far more satisfying to board ships with buddies, to fly with friends, to railroad it with a new romance. That’s where Travel Companion Websites come in handy.

Travel Buddy Websites allow you to make connections online. You can talk to people who share similar interests to you, plan trips, exchange quips, and eventually meet up to go exploring. The great thing about this system is that you can take your pick from thousands of people, some of whom are new to travelling, some of whom are Marco Polos of the modern age.

You can share first time experiences or learn from the pros, arranging trips before leaving the house, or meeting up with people as you move from place to place. Consequently, finding travel friends is made much easier, and you’ll be more likely to find someone who suits your personality (trust us, personalities can easily clash when you’re locked in a small Eastern European dorm together).

Our number 1 travel companion website is Travel Buddies, which includes a mobile app letting you know when your friends are nearby, so you can quickly hook up when on the move. You can also search for a buddy based on a particular interest or personality trait, so if you’re looking for a great planner or someone laid back, you can quickly find them and meet up.

Travel Girls jumps in at number 2, providing the tools you need to meet attractive females and arrange to travel together. This can be for company or as a date, it’s up to you to discuss and decide.

TravBuddy rolls in at number 3, with superior networking options to help you learn about the countries you want to travel to, as well as make in depth plans on your routes and experiences.

As you can see, travel buddy websites can really differ from each other, offering different services and focuses for their members. So, it’s worth taking a look around and trying a few out before settling on one which suits you. Although money may be an obstacle, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying the world with a new friend in tow.

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