Friday 9 January 2015

African Dating Websites

African Dating WebsitesThe Yoruba of Nigeria believe that every person on the planet has three spiritual beings as part of them. The emi (meaning “breath”) is the spiritual force which gives life, allowing us to breathe, run, work and love. Whilst emi might be very good at the first few tasks, love is sometimes harder to come by. You need a bit of luck (to meet the right person), persistence (to meet and keep meeting), attraction and that special ‘something’ which makes the sparks fly.

If you’re looking for a date in Africa, or with an African person, you might be keen to learn that the internet has a few options available to you in the guise of African Dating Websites. Emi has gone digital, and the aim is to bring love a little closer to your life.

Of course, we’re not all out for ‘the one’. Sometimes we may wish to just meet friends, go on a few dates, kiss a lip or two before we decide to settle down with someone special. You’ll find all sorts of people, looking for all sorts of relationships, on these websites.

Whilst many of the members live in Africa, some live abroad in countries such as the USA or UK. Others may have no connection to Africa, but would like to pursue a relationship with someone in, from, or with a family history based in an African nation. In contrast, you may find members who are currently living in Africa, but who wish to explore the world, making friends and meeting dates on other continents. Subsequently, whilst the title African Dating suggests that the members are all African, this isn’t necessarily true, so it’s good to keep an open mind about the possible people you might find.

The sites tend to work like this: you build a unique profile page, which allows you to express yourself and tell people a little about yourself. You will be able to upload photos, as well as potentially uploading a video to show off your best traits and say hello. From there you can search for other members based on your preferences, then get in touch with them via email, instant messenger or webcam. You’ll even find that some websites offer community features such as message boards, forums and chat rooms, as well as information on dating such as articles and blog posts.

We felt that AfroIntroductions, with its large international membership base, extensive profiles and video options, offered the most comprehensive system, with excellent value for money.

Meanwhile, South African Cupid is a great option for anyone in South Africa who is looking for dates or serious relationships, with a large client base which extends throughout its network of dating sites.

Our third most popular choice is Cloud Romance, which focuses on joining people in East Africa, with live chat options and plenty of active users.

With African dating websites, finding someone special in or from Africa has never been easier. With many sites focusing on a specific country or area, and other sites with members from around the world, you have all bases covered. Now all you need to do is find your inner emi!

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