Friday 2 January 2015

Black Dating Websites

“Lollipopo ooh, my sugar sisi you look so kinky tonight, my sweet potato. See, ifunanya babe ooh my loving dayana. My love is here to stay, African lady”, so go the lyrics to J Martin’s “Fine Fine Love”. If you’re looking for your very own sweet potato (by which we mean an African man or woman to love) then we’ve got a few suggestions. No, don’t go to the grocery aisle – though people do sometimes find dates there – rather, have you considered online dating?

Black Dating Websites are more popular than ever, with an array of websites offering to link you up to black men and women from around the world. From Nigeria to the USA, Ethiopia to the UK, if you want to be involved in a lively online black community then look no further.

Black dating websites are designed for anyone who is interested in pursuing a relationship (short or long term) as part of a black or interracial couple. Some of them are region-specific, meaning that the majority of their members hail from a particular place, such as Nigeria or Ethiopia.

However, you’ll also find international sites which welcome members from all over the world. These are great if you’d like to meet someone near you or from further afield, offering chances to connect with new people and cultures, as well as providing travel opportunities.

You will find that the majority of members are black or mixed race, although some members are not black but are looking to date black members. This makes the sites less limited than you might first imagine.

Whilst some sites provide features to help you chat, others also provide more networking tools such as forums and chat rooms. If you’re interested in checking out news and views on black dating, you might also consider sites which have e-magazines or blogs.

We do advise checking out several sites and trying out any free trials on offer, as the tone of one site can vary from the next. Some are set up with serious, long term relationships in mind, whereas others are mainly for people who are looking to hook up or talk over webcam.

It’s also worth mentioning that you might find some nudity here and there, but this tends to be site-specific so you should realise which sites offer this before you sign up.

Our favorite black dating website was Afro Introductions, a site which is part of the Cupid Media family and has a huge list of members. As well as offering you this database, you can also talk using a large range of top features, including video mail.

Black Cupid, part of the same network, offers a similar set of features for less money, but with fewer members. In third position is Caribbean Cupid, again provided by Cupid Media, but with a Caribbean-specific database for anyone interested in finding dates in the Caribbean.

There are plenty more black dating websites to choose from, each with its own idiosyncrasies, so it all depends on what kind of sweet potato you’re looking for.

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