Friday 2 January 2015

STD Dating Websites

STD Dating Websites
That family reunion’s coming up. You know what will happen already: Aunt X will drink too many rums, Uncle Y will insist on a party game, your siblings will skulk off into the kitchen with their partners, and then the question will start:
“so have you met anyone yet?”
“anyone nice on the horizon?”
“don’t you want kids?”
“are you looking? I know this great person, they’ll be perfect for you.”

Sigh. Yep, there sure is a lot of pressure for cohabitation, and whilst it’s not for everyone, sometimes most of us – when single – wish we had someone to share our lives with. Everyone has things to overcome, barriers to cross when deciding who to date, and the world of dating can be a daunting prospect.

So, what’s the solution? Well, you could stop going to those family reunions but, if you’re actually interested in finding a date, then what can you do?

People who are living with a sexually transmitted disease might find it even more difficult to find someone they trust and who is ready to be sexually active with them, which is why STD Dating Websites are something of a revolution.

What is an STD dating site? Plainly put, it’s a website where people who live with sexually transmitted diseases can talk, with the aim of meeting up to date. Many of the sites we’ve reviewed offer dating opportunities, but also resources and information, forums and support networks.

Most of these sites are created for members who have one or more of several STDs, including Herpes / HSV, Aids or HIV, Hepatitis (B,C), Chlamydia, Syphilis and more. This way, members can live active dating lives with people who also live with STDs, many of whom will have lived through and understood similar barriers.

These websites allow you to build a unique profile, talk with other members and arrange to meet up, all in a safe, secure and friendly environment. You can find people near you who live with the same STD, using a site’s communication tools to find out more about each other.

Our No. 1 site in this category was Positive Singles, which is the big hitter in terms of membership numbers. With more than a million members, many whom are active (there are more than 120,000 conversations going on each day), you’re bound to find someone who ticks all your boxes.

Positives Dating comes in second place, utilising the Positives Dating network, with a user-friendly interface, as well as offering equally useful search parameters.

In third place, we have STD Match, which has an international database of members, as well as having been featured on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, CNN and more.

Aside from these sites, you’ll find dating websites which are specific to particular STDs, such as websites which are solely for people with HIV or AIDS.  If you live with a sexually transmitted disease and would like to meet people who share your condition, STD dating websites are a great way to do so.

So why not pour Aunt X another rum, drag out that old Monopoly board for Uncle Y, and join the evacuee-siblings in the kitchen with your soon-to-be date?

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