Friday 9 January 2015

Muslin Dating Websites

Muslim Dating Websites
“To a lovely couple, my heartfelt wishes for your wedding. Let Allah bless you with love and happiness. I wish you many cherished moments in your blissful married life.” You sign the card and wrap the gift, straightening your hair before heading out. The ceremony goes well, heading on to a large banquet, where you sit with a table of single people. Are they trying to match-make here? The food is great, the conversation flows, albeit a little awkwardly. You’ve nothing in common with these people, and your friends – the ones getting married – are busy staring into each other’s eyes lovingly. “Next time,” you think to yourself, “next time, I’ll not come on my own.”

It’s a familiar story across the world, and though you don’t always mind being single, sometimes you’d like some company, someone to take out, to romance, somewhat to have a genuine conversation with at a friend’s wedding.

If you’re single and looking to meet Muslim women or men, either near you or from other countries, Muslim Dating Websites offer a great opportunity to talk with attractive single people with an Islamic faith. You can meet based on your interests, personalities and desires in life, setting your own tone, meeting where you prefer. Gone are the days of those uncomfortable conversations with aunts and uncles about “finding someone” or “settling down”. All it takes is a few clicks.

So what are Muslim Dating Websites? Simply put, they’re spaces online where you can talk with other Muslims in the hope that you’ll hit it off. Some members will be looking for friends, others are hoping to find someone special, potentially for life. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s out there.

The important distinguishing factor here is that the sites are designed for Muslim members, or people looking to join the Islamic faith and wish to meet people who are a part of it. You can build a unique profile page, letting them know about your life and interests, upload photos and chat about whatever you prefer. Some sites even offer dating advice, live support and events for you to meet up with other single Muslims.

Our favorite of these sites is Muslima, which focuses on tong-term relationships. It is part of the Cupid Media network, so has all the necessary features, as well as plenty of Muslim members to engage with.

Qiran finishes in second place, with excellent communication tools and over 3 million members from across the globe.

Simply Marry is a newer website, specifically for Indian members. Simply Marry is not exclusively for Muslims, but there are plenty on there. You’ll also find websites dedicated to finding Muslims in the UK, Iran, and elsewhere, each with their own perks and drawbacks.

Why not take a few minutes to build your profile, have a look around a few sites and see if anyone pops out at you? It’s not long until that next wedding comes up, and it’d be pretty sweet to take someone special along with you!

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