Tuesday 5 November 2013

Online Tax Filing Services Reviews

Online Tax Filing Services
No-one enjoys filling out their tax return. It’s complex, time-pressured and, more often than not, an administrative nightmare. Finding all of your receipts and invoices, working out how they all fit together and then trying to decide how to present the information and what reliefs and exemptions you’re entitled to can be incredibly stressful. As a result, it’s not a huge surprise that a range of successful and impressive online tools have sprung up to help users fill out their tax returns. We have reviewed the best US Tax Filing Services so that you know exactly where to go when you want to throw your calculator against the wall. Eighteen services in total are covered in our reviews in this category, ranging from our number one premium service HR Block to free services such as Tax Brain or Tax Slayer.

The Tax Filing Services we have reviewed offer a number of different services and features, from vanilla tax filing with the IRS to helping you process and apply for tax refunds from previous financial years. The sort of service you need depends on how complex your financial affairs are – if you have multiple jobs and businesses, own (an perhaps rent out) property and have other investments and financial products, then using a good online Tax Filing Service can save you time and money (and is considerably cheaper than hiring an accountant or tax attorney).

Our number one service in this category is HR Block, a service that tries to take the hassle out of tax filing. With a combination of both free services and premium services, HR Block is a great choice regardless of whether you’re a waitress, a self-employed tradesman or the director of a large company as the tools are more than flexible enough to fit to the needs of every specific user. The free service offered works for those with simple tax returns only, giving users the tools they need to prepare, e-file or print their returns (for filing later) free of charge.

If you need more advanced services (and many will), HR Block has a great range of subscription tools that are perfect for the job. Upgraded membership allows you to view and import old tax returns to speed up the filing process, use a wider range of filing options, receive guidance from professionals and get access to a vast range of guidance services to help make filling out your tax return a breeze. If HR Block isn’t quite for you, we also reviewed a wide range of other services that will help users file their tax returns. Intuit’s Turbo Tax, for example, made it to our number two slot and offers a wide range of great features that help to demystify the online tax-filing process. Other services also offer more unusual or individualised features, such as Tax Slayer, with its guaranteed maximum refunds promise and excellent deductions calculator, and eSmartTax, which aims to take the headache out of tax returns using simple “yes” “no” questionnaires. 

Which service you choose in the end will probably be based on how complex your affairs are and, as a result, what particular features you need. Regardless of which service you choose in the end, No1 Reviews should be your first port of call. We have extensively reviewed all of the major operators in this market so that you can make an informed and quick decision about which US Tax Filing Service is right for you. Pick a good one – a good tax return can save you a fortune!

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