Tuesday 5 November 2013

Live Chat Support Software Reviews

Live Chat Suppport Software
If email marketing services are about winning new customers, Live Chat Support Software is about keeping them. It’s a known fact that customers who feel there is someone to talk to about their queries, questions, problems and complaints feel better looked-after and as a result, are more likely to stick around and not defect to a rival brand. Live Chat Support Software gives users who run their businesses online access to the sort of tools that major corporations use to provide on-site live support to their customers. With tools like these, it’s never been easier to ensure your customers’ queries are answered and, as a result, they keep coming back for more!

As you can expect from No.1 Reviews, we have done the research to find the best products in this market, tested them out to see just what they have to offer and written up all of our findings in our trademark easy-to-read fashion. Taking the number one spot in this category is Provide Support, beating thirty other Live Chat Support Software products to the top spot. Starting at just $15 per month, you can integrate this software into your own site with considerable ease, meaning this new feature on your site can be up and running in the blink of an eye. 

Provide Support is a great software choice for those running websites of any size. A versatile tool, you can upgrade your subscription with Provide Support to provide support for a greater number of users and integrate additional features. Building this functionality into your site is simple and straightforward, with website users seeing a “live chat” link on the site as they surf around. You or your advisers can pick up and respond to their messages whenever you like (it’s normally best to advertise set hours where you will pick up messages instantly for live chat) and the interface that your customers will use to communicate can be branded using your company logo and colours, providing an integrated solution. In terms of the way the software works, customers who have used instant chat services like Yahoo Chat and MSN Messenger before will be familiar with the layout and how to communicate with your advisers. Provide Support packages are available for websites of all sizes, with the cheapest package providing access for 1 operator at a time and more expensive ‘enterprise’ packages allowing ten or more users access at any one time.

Although Provide Support took our number one spot in this category, it’s far from the only option available. A range of other services are on offer too, including big names such as Zopim, 123 Live Help, Bold Chat, Live Person and more. Another great service that also made it into our top ten in this category was Velaro. Velaro offers tailor-made plans and packages for businesses of all sizes and has a number of special features, such as co-browsing, allowing users to be guided through the process of filling out forms and purchasing items at an online checkout. 

If you presently don’t offer customers a dedicated Live Chat Support service, now is the time to look into providing one. Most of the software we reviewed in this category can be quickly and easily integrated into an existing site, even by those with only minimal technical knowledge, and the benefits of doing so are obvious – by keeping your customers happy, you can be sure they will return time and time again! Follow the link to find out everything you need to know about the best software on offer in the Live Chat Support Software market!

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