Tuesday 2 June 2015

Photo Sharing Websites Reviews

Photo Sharing Websites
We remember the days before digital cameras were everywhere. The days when you had to take your camera film to the shops to be processed, returning days later to find out whether or not you’d held your finger over the lens. 

Then you’d order copies, making sure not to open the little black tubs and exposing the films to light. Another wait, then you’d pay your huge printing bill and send the snaps off to family members, where they’d get lost en route in the post.

 Ah, those were the days. Or, perhaps they weren’t quite as brilliant as we remember. It’s hard to deny that photography has become a much simpler process since the advent of digital cameras, and that sharing your photos has become much more efficient.

If you’re an avid amateur or a seasoned professional photographer, you may want to share your pictures with friends, family, or even the public. If so, you’re probably going to love Photo Sharing Websites.

What is a photo sharing or online photo album website? Simply put, it’s an online space to upload, edit, store and share your photographs. Whilst some of these sites focus on editing tools, others allow you to link up with social networking sites to share your snaps. There are even places to sell your photos online, options to print them or even convert them into photo products (such as mugs or t-shirts). 

Now that anyone can pull off a few decent photos, checking them on their digital screens and adapting the images online, there are a lot of sites wanting to help you to store your snaps. Whether you want to create a personal gift for a loved one, or simply store your millions of photos online, photo storage sites are great services.

Our highest rated photograph sharing website was Phanfare. Phanfare allows you to upload high quality photographs and videos (of up to 20 minutes each) as well as offering some great editing tools. 

SmugMug comes in second, with unlimited storage space and millions of members, with an iPhone app which lets you create a geographic timeline with photos. They also offer printing options where you can produce gifts. 

The widely-used Instagram takes our third top spot, offering free services and some great apps, and geotagging. It’s a simple but effective tool that really works to help you share your digital photos.

If you’re stuck in the pre-digital days, don’t worry. Those old photos aren’t lost, either. You can scan them or have them converted to digital files, meaning that your treasured photos can be sent to friends and family via email or through one of the websites we’ve reviewed here. After that, you can keep adding to those memories, building family albums as a way to share your more recent experiences and remember the older ones. 
If you enjoy taking photos, whether it’s just on your phone or using state of the art photo equipment, there are plenty of storage and sharing options to take advantage of, many of which offer free features. Whilst some cater for everyday snaps, others are much more targeted towards artists or professionals who wish to play with their work and share it with appreciative audiences.

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