Tuesday, 2 June 2015

CV/Resume Writing Software Reviews

CV / Resumé Writing Software
Everyone knows that getting a new job is never easy. Never mind the whole ordeal of learning about the new position, actually obtaining an interview in the first place can be a bit of a mine field. 

It’s often the case that dozens or even hundreds of people apply for just one position, so how are you meant to stand out from the crowd? Well, the first thing an employer sees, before they even get to speak with you, is your resume. 

As such, it’s vitally important that your resume sells you as a potential candidate for the job, and that’s where CV and Resume Writing Software comes in handy.

A resume or CV is something most people don’t have to write very often, and they’re glad of it. In reality, bosses and employers see hundreds or thousands of CVs and have to sift their way through the pile. Even if you have the skills and experience they’re looking for, if you can’t write those down in the correct way, your resume might end up on the trash heap. 

Curriculum Vitae Writing Software tends to work like this: you’re asked a series of questions about your life, employment, skills and otherwise. Afterwards, the software uses this information to write your resume for you. You can then easily switch or delete sections, add new bits of information or choose options which will rearrange the information to make it more suitable for a particular industry or job. 

The software might also make suggestions on how to write a particular phrase so it sounds more professional. Additional features might even include a personal CV website, or an app for your phone so you can alter your resume to suit a job you’ve seen when out and about.

ResumeCompanion received our number 1 review because it helps its users out with their resume, plus a range of other documents including cover letters. You can even create and download a basic resume for free. 

In second place, the ever popular Pongo offers do-it-yourself resume building features, plus a team of skilled resume writers if you need additional support. 

EasyJob took third place, with a free software package and a whole host of documents which are career-specific, giving users an opportunity to see how a professional resume should appear.

Anyone can use resume building software, whether you just want a tool to change the appearance of a document or you need a complete overhaul. Even if you think your CV is top notch, you might have forgotten vital pieces of information, or could benefit from a bit of interview advice. 

This is all available through CV building software, with plenty of online help and advice for job seekers, including mailing lists and links to employment agencies. 

So, if you (or someone you know) are looking for a new career, resume writing software is always worth a second look. Now straighten that shirt, check your breath, and go get that job! Good luck!

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